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Going to Canada.

I bought a plane ticket to go hang with Grandparents at their house in Canada for a week. Probably won't be on here for a while. Be back in a week!

Weird Glitch

Some weird glitch has somehow erased all my blogs..but I'll keep posting them anyway! So, not much new other than the fact that I'm addicted to world of warcraft, and Summer School blows. anyway, keep reading...adios...

EDIT: The glitch is gone. woohoo!

A very good song.

Nightrage - Scathing

A really good song I heard on the radio the other day. I hadn't heard NR's new album till I heard this song..needless to say I bought it right away! If you enjoy this listen to spiral as well as anything off their 2nd album. Ciao.

I haven't blogged in a what..?

My life has been extremely uneventful. I got into the top band in Jazz, which made me happy. That's about it, other than finding a new favorite game: F.E.A.R. I've beaten it, along with the first expansion, Extraction point, and I'm now playing "Perseus Mandate", preparing for "Project Origin". Well....that's about it. And as a reply, no I don't sing for Jazz (that's for my band that I started, which didnt go down as well as I thought...), I play Sax and Clarinet.

Jazz Audition the school year ends I'm gonna try out for my new College (I decided on going to UCSB) Jazz Audition. I have everything prepared but I'm scared. Anyways, not much else.

Not Much New...

The past week or two has been pretty uneventful. This Thursday my school "Ellington" Band, or in other words top band is going to Reno. That'll be pretty cool. On the subject of music, my band has had a practice in which we got one of our songs down. Not much else to report, so enjoy this:

Blog #....I lost count?

I realized that one of my passions in life is music. I LOVE music. I love listening to it, making it, playing it, and just letting it flow through me. I can appreciate almost every kind of music except for the genres that take no talent and have no purpose other than to make money off the masses. I'm starting a band, which is going to be an Alternative Metal project called "Malignant". I'm just gathering all of my Senior friends and we're gonna play some shows. I've already written 7 songs for the band. I'm also composing a Classical Chart called "Wavelength" which I'm sending to CSUN to have their band play. If they like it, I'll get a cut of the "Box-Office" fee, and a free showing. If possible I'll get a vid of my band and I playing at the end of the year "Battle of the Bands" or whatnot before I graduate. I'm the vocalist by the way.

Anyways, in other news my girlfriend and I are still together. We've been going out for about 7 or 8 months. I really love her :)

My grades are almost too good. So, in other words I've really rebounded form my depression at the beginning of January. I'm in a constant state of euphoria now. Also, i was accepted to UCSB (UC Santa Barbara) in which I'm thinking of going to. My first choice (Seattle University) still hasn't replied.

Life flippin' pwns, and expect a blog by Monday or Tuesday.

School and 2k Posts.

Well, the main reason I hadn't blogged in a while was because of school. Senioritis got really bad on me, and I started getting D's and F's. By the end of the first semester I had about a 3.5 GPA (Which I had finally gotten due to making up a ****load of work). I finally got it under control last month and my GPA now is a 3.9 soon to be a 4.0.

I was also busy beating a lot of games :P. I finished Assassin's Creed, COD4, Condemned 2, Condemned: CO (I hadn't beaten it yet), and Mass Effect. Now I'm just playing Rock Band online which is damn fun.

Also, as a side note I reached 2,000 posts. Considering I'm a lvl 28 with 2k posts it's kinda sad, but whatever. :P

Anyways, expect another blog up no later than next Sunday. Ta! Ta!

Yes, It's Been A While.

Hello all of my very few blog followers. The reason this blog has been late in coming is for various reasons....

1.) The departure of Jeff, Ryan, and all my other favorite editors made me lose hope in the site for a time.

2.) Girl Problems... (Everyone's got em`)

3.) Finals and School: Band has been a pain in the ass, and finals were hellish, considering they're the last set I'll be taking until the end of the year (In which I'll graduae from HS...W00T!!!)

4.) Lethargic-ness: I've just been lazy.

Anyways, I'm gonna start up on blogs again, involving the rest of my favorite artists, my trip to Hawaii, and information on my s-called "girl Problems". Thanks for wiating all of you (2 people). I love you guys.

PS: I'm not leaving Gamespot, after pondering it for a while.

Favorite Bands List (7-5)

Well, it's finally here! Please comment, and I'm open to your opinions. Enjoy....


Foo Fighters

After the end of one of the most controversial bands in history, Dave Grohl, the drummer of Nirvana, decided he wanted to change his way of playing. Forgetting all his grunge influences from the 80's band, he formed a new band, in the year after Nirvana's break up. Their name? Foo Fighters. The "Foo" are an alternative rock band, and that, off the bat is already a turn-on. The Foo Fighters have a great sound. Grohl's guitar changes from acoustic to electric a lot, so many of their songs are either softer, and more subdued, or flat out hard rock. Having spawned 6 studio albums, and a bounty of live albums, including a DVD (Skin & Bones) Foo Fighters have grown to be quite a popular band. With their newest release, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, they have released an unforgettable single "The Pretender". All-In-All, the Foo Fighters are a sensational band that you should definetly check out if you haven't already.



What else can you say about Megadeth, other than that they're an amazing Thrash Metal band? The answer is, a lot. After departing Metallica, Dave Mustaine,a superbguitarist,started a new band. The result? Megadeth. After a couple albums, they released "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", this album was the first to get me hooked on Megadeth and is a great starting point for future fans. One great thing about Megadeth is their exceptional use of Snarling, and their great guitar solos. Ah, yes, the music. Megadeth has released a plethora of albums, and I've only found 6 or 7 songs hard to sit through. Being an exceptional guitarist himself, Mustaine has started a great band. Only fault I have with Megadeth is that they can't play exceptionally well live.


Blind Guardian

Blind guardian is a power metal/speed metal band hailing from Germany. What makes them stand out fromthegeneric metal bands we hear on the radio every day, but never pay attention to because they're so horrid, (Rant, sorry :()you ask? Their sound is very good. Above average? Nope. Amazing. If you ask me their sound is absolutely amazing, and their newest album, "A Twist In the Myth" got me hooked. No matter what you say, I still believe blind guardian is an amazing band. consisting of 4 members, Blind Guardian has a great sound, their singer Hansi Kürsch, has a great voice. Their guitarists are also great. Having performed live with other very good bands, blind guardian can actually play live! They're very good live, in my opinion, and if you haven't already, check them out!

Well, I'm open to opinions, so please, comment!