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Just a Quick Update

So I see I haven't posted a blog in awhile so I figure I better just get a little something posted to keep with the times. School's started back up which kind of sucks for me. I had to leave my old school for very complecated reasons but now I'm the new kid in a different county. So far I still don't really know anyone to closely but I do have quite a few acquantices I talk to in the hallways andin class and such. I plan on joining lacrosse so that I get involved in school events and what not. Should be fun.

As far as gaming goes, I've been pretty idle. I've been playing Shadow Compex a lot, love that game to death. Well worth $15. I finally got around to playing God of War 2 so I'm also thoroughly enjoying that. It has a very epic feel to it, great fun. Lastly, I'm playing a lot of Halo 3 online. I love all things Halo so this should be expected of me but this is the first time I've really felt attached to Halo 3 like all the other Halos.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well!

Xbox Live Update Preview

So I've been looking forward to being able to get the new Xbox update before the general public and finally today I got the notification that I could log onto Live and receive it. I promptly did just that and played around in it a little bit. I've gotta say, it's pretty nice. I'm a huge Netflix user and the new UI in it is great. It lets me see all of the most popular movies in all the specific genres and all the most recent movies added just in general and either just play them from there or add them to my instant queue. I think this is a great new feature because I hated having to go on a computer just to add the movie only to switch back to my Xbox to watch it. The new party feature is a nice novelty too, I've had times in the past when it would have been really cool to have the feature so I am now really excited to have it implemented in.

I really only care about the new features in Netflix but they are some other little goodies for other people. There's now an avatar marketplace with some cool things, my favorite is a remote controlled warthog from Halo, great fun. I personally don't think the avatar marketplace will really succeed because there's not much of an emphasis on avatars anywhere on Live so I don't see why anyone would be willing to spend money on them. But hey, if you like it than all the more power to you. There's also this one new feature where it marks how long you've been a member of Xbox Live on your gamercard. This is a cool little thing and Microsoft teases at exclusive goodies for more elite members of Live, but who knows, I won't hold my breath.

Of course there's the basic things like updates that your subscription is running out but that's something that really should have just been there from the start. Overall I really like how all the little things come together and it makes a nice little package. Who knows, maybe when Twitter, Facebook, and Last.fm are all added the Xbox will become the Topbox that Microsoft wants it to be. It does seem like it's headed on that path at least.

Awake, Again

Seriously, if there's anyone who plays some Xbox Live late at night send me a friend invite I could use some people who are up late to play with.


So there quite a bit of hardships in my life right now and I would go into detail but I feel as though this just is not the place to do so. Instead I'll very quickly sum it all up. The world's economy is crashing and this has personally affected me and my family in several ways, including me enlisting into the Army in High School so I can help pay bills, the unseen scars of being raised in a broken home are beginning to show themselves in the worst of ways as I gain independence and make my own decisions based on what I have experienced so far in life. These scars manifest themselves as some very serious trust issues, anxiety problems, and just overall a pessimistic outlook on people and life in general. I don't judge you so please don't judge me. All these things have deep underlying reasons for them, some from the past and some are still currently issues for me to tackle but I am not making problems for myself nor am I purposefully mkaing myself weak.

Anyways, one of the issues I have developed is severe clinical insomnia and I usually get about 4 hours of sleep a day at most, and that's usually from 1 in the afternoon to 3-5. This means I'm up literally all night, for example it's almost 6 and here I am posting a blog online. So, what do I do with my time? Well anything really. Recently I've been playing BF:1943 online or just watching random movies on YouTube. Some of the videos I come across I find to be very relaxing, or touching, or unique, there's just something special with some of them and I figured why not just write up a blog for some of them and post them here? Even if one person was to read all this and checks out what I post (props to you) than I'll feel like it wasn't a waste of time for me to do this.

To the good stuff. First off, this is a cover of the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon by a women from the UK named Ana Free. I'm not a fan of KoL or really the song itself, but for some reason I really enjoy this cover and thought I would share. I also wanted to share this slide reel that focuses on the normally unseen side of what it's like for our troops. Anything involving the military really hits home for me. I'm a Junior in High School who is going to Basic Training in a little under eight months while all the while still finishing my Junior year and completing my Senior. I have known countless marines, soldiers, airmen, and sailors. They've become my friends and have shaped me into the person I am today, and with knowing these people comes the sadness of hearing that they were not fortunate enough to return home from deployment. Some of these men left behind wives and children, high school sweat hearts, crying and confused mothers. It's real. It's hard to see happen, and even harder to know that I'm about to start a path that could potentially turn my name into just another statistic for no one to really care about. With that, even if you do no support this war, this government, this country, just please support your troops. They are people just like you, some with the same thoughts and ideals as you, and need every bit of support possible to keep them going through the day. Think twice when you see a member of the armed forces at the airport and maybe go up and shake their hand and thank them. Let them know that their sacrifices do not go unappreciated.

Have a nice day!


It has been one hell of a long time since I was active on Gamespot. I think it's been around two years or something since I last made a blog post or even just updated my games lists. I could sit here and talk about how I've spent those two years, the memories I've made during those two years, the boring stuff. But that's just way to cliche and I really doubt anyone's going to be reading this anyways. So instead I'll just keep things short and sweet. I've been doing quite a bit of Xbox Live gaming lately, Mainly Battlefield 1943 and Halo, and I'm rediscovering BF2 on PC trying to rank up into the higher ranks. Good stuff. Keeps me busy. If anyone wants to play some Live some time send me a message and just let me know.