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Wii, Ps3, 360 war!!!!

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Which one is better in your opinion Wii, Ps3, 360? Discuss in the comments section.






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Hi! Yes I'm still alive, but what should I wright about? Any suggestions?

Wii friend codes

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8009508027567867 is my wii friend code p.m me if you want to exchange friend codes.

Xbox 360

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So I might get a xbox 360 and what games and accessories should I get?

Tapwave Zodiac

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Do you know about Tapwave Zodiac? There are two Tapwave Zodiac 1 and 2.It can do every thing a psp can do but with better graphics and a touch screen!!! To bad mine broke and the company shut down... does any one know where I can repair it? I have Tapwave Zodiac 1.

Xbox 360 or Psp

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So I'm thinking of getting a psp or xbox 360 so which one should I get If anyone wants to give me there xbox 360 or psp please PM me. You can post on what systum I should get.

About Me

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Well I'm a total Animal Crossing Fan. Ireally don't like Legend Of Zelda that much but I do like Mario Games. My first Video gamewas Super Mario Sunshine.I have a Nintendo Wii,Nintendo Dslite,Nintendo Gamecube Ps2,And Tapwave Zodiac1. I really wish I had a Xbox 360 Eight, So any one wants to give me there xbox 360 eight,coreor premium please pm me.:):D.