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Got my driving licence

Haven't made a blog in a while and thought this deserves a blog post.

So yeah I just got my driving licence(B licence).

I passed the test yesterday(well technically two days ago since it's 15/08/2012 0:09 am now and I passed on 13/08/2012) but only "officially" got it today(or technically yesterday xD). I would have got it right after I passed but I needed two small pictures of myself(idk what you call those) but only had one and the place where you take them was closed which is why I had to wait a day. >_>
But that doesn't really matter, it's not like I was going anywhere.

Anyway I can now officially drive where ever I want on my own. :cool:

Except there is one tiny problem, I don't have a car yet nor can I afford one atm.:|

Time to look for a job and save up some cash.

But I can wait, it's not like I'm in some dire need of a car or anything. And I can always borrow my dad's car if allowed/possible/necessary.

When I finally buy a car it won't be an expensive one, probably around 3000 euro at most(depending on how much I have saved up when I finally decide to buy one anyway). It's a first car after all.:o

Not sure yet which one I'll buy though.
Here are some options that I have checked out:

Hyundai Tiburon - The previous model, the one that was released in 2003 I think. It looks cool and sporty which I like. Since I can't afford a Porsche 911 this might just be a good alternative. xD
But they all cost more than 3000 euro though. The cheapest one is around 3200. :/
But there are quite a few between 3000-4000 euro which I think is still ok and by the time I finally buy a car the prices might drop a little more.

Opel(Saturn?) Astra - The previous model, I think it got released around 2005. It looks like a good modern all round car.
Their price is similar to the Hyundai.

Volkswagen Golf IV - This is the car I wanted the most(for my first car) but after checking out other cars I lost a lot of interest in it lol. It's still on the list though but as a "back up" if that makes any sense.

Jaguar - I've seen a lot not of not so old ones with nice interiors but that's about the only reason why Jaguar is on the list. I highly doupt I'll buy one though because driving one would probably make me feel old(No offence to any Jaguar driver here of course. Jaguar just doesn't seem like something a young person would usually drive(imo) but they're still good cars though) and most of them come with automatic transmission(D.gif). Not even sure why it's still on the list but you never know...

Mercedes - This is one of the more likely options. I've seen a lot of not so old ones for a decent price and even the older ones(like from 1998 or 1999) look pretty cool. If the insurance and stuff isn't to high I might just end up with a Mercedes for my first car. :cool:

Bmw - Not much to say here, pretty much the same stuff as Mercedes.

So yeah those are my "main" choises for now. But that might change because you never know what the future bring...

Anyway I think that's about it for this blog.

See you guys later I guess.

Final 2011 blog!

So yeah this year will be over in a few hours so I decided to make one final blog for 2011.

It's been a while since my last blog but I'm sure that's ok, right? :o

Anyway I'm not sure what to blog about but here it goes...

2011 was a good year.



...I got a gym membership card which is good. Lol.

It will expire next october.

So I've been going there for 3 months now. I haven't lost much weight but I can lift a lot more than I could 3 months ago. Now I gotta start watching my food to lose some fat and get a 6 pack. :o

I started doing spinning this tuesday. It was my first time spinning, pretty cool. I'll try doing it 2 times a week.

Got exams in 13 days, hope I'll pass. :|

I have to pass! :x

I also have some bad news. A month(or so) ago my watch broke. I got that watch for my birthday I think 2 years ago. I sent it back for repair, waited a week or 2(or 3) and got this:


I got pretty pissed. I'm sure you would get pissed off too if someone gave you back something different right?

When I asked them why they gave me that watch they said that mine couldn't be fixed so they gave me a new one. I said ok that's cool but then give me one that is the same as mine and not some inferior watch that is half made of plastic damit! :x

That watch costed 105 euro. Ok it's that much compared to some watches but it's still a lot! :x

But I think I know why they gave me that one by mistake, it has the same model number or same or whatever as mine. Or close to it anyway...

So I gave it back and told them to give me one like mine. That was a week ago. Still waiting...

Here is a pic of what mine looks(or looked) like:

I've been wearing a watch for years. Going out without one just doesn't feel right! :x

Anyway that enough about the watch.


I'm going to buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. :D

Been a while since I last played a hack & slash. The first Sigma was awesome. The story was pretty much non-existant to me but the gameplay was a lot of fun.

But that not the only game I'm going to buy. :o

I'm also going to get Killzone 3. It's about time for me to find out what happens after Killzone 2! :x

But I won't be playing any games till the exams are over. :/

There is going to be a lot of studying. :|


Tonight I am going to party. :o

After that I'm going to study a lot and only leave the room for food and snacks and a short break every few hours or so(or the brains might overheat and explode :o).


I think that's about it for this blog. Don't really have anything else to post.

So yeah...

Happy new year!


Since this is the last blog of 2011 I decided to post a few pics for entertainment. :o
Hope you like them. :?
Was going to post more but I gtg. :/

See you guys later. :cool:

I got an awesome new HD TV!

The Philips 32PFL3606H/12:

32 inches, full hd, and stuff(there is always google if you're interested in its specs :P).

Only 299 euros. :D

It's for in my room, I'll mainly use it to play on the ps3.

Finally got rid of the fat SD tv(gave it to my bro).

Now I can finally see everything when playing a game. xD

When I played on the fat one you couldn't see everything on screen, and sometimes things were really hard to read. Glad I got rid of those problem.

I'm getting a hdmi cable in 2 days, buying it from a friend.
Wonder if that cable will make much difference...
Eh guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Oh and one more thing...
I saw a ****ing Rolls Royce yesterday(or 2 days ago can't really remember xD)!
At first I didn't recognize it because I'm not used to seeing a Rolls Royce(never seen one irl) especially not in this city so I was like "damn that's one big awesome looking car right there, what brand is that?"

When it drove past me I recognized it and was like :o

Those things are pretty rare.
Atleast where I'm from anyway...

So yeah I think that's it for this blog.
See you guys later.

I'm back.

So yeah got my internet and tv back.

It wasn't so bad. :o

Expect that I had to do some stuff for school which required internet but I just went to a friends house.


I like this house more than the old one.

There is more room and stuff.

We still have some work to do like painting and stuff like that but we'll do that later.

One day one of my ps3 controllers started acting weird. It would only work when I connect it with the ps3 and keep it connected. :?
I thought it was broken and was like ****. I decided to just put it somewhere till the internet is back then maybe I might find a way to fix it or something.
Then a few days later it started working again like normal. O.o
Weird thing....

I got GT4 when I got my ps2. With GT4 came a sticker that looked like this:

I sticked it on my door in the old house.
When we moved I forgot to take it off.
Now it's gone. :(
I want it back! D:

While I was offline I practiced with Raiden(in Mortal Kombat). I think I got pretty decent with him. Now I can finally test my skills online. :o
So far I've been mostly playing with Reptile since release. I think it's about time to play with someone else.
I won't be ditching Reptile though, he's still my main.

So yeah I think that's about it for this blog.
Duno what else to say.
See you guys later I guess.

Moving to a new house :o No more internet/tv till the 10th D:

So um yeah we're moving to a new house(only a few blocks away but whatever) and we won't have internet till the 10th of october. D:

So yeah I won't be online for a while.

Now I'll have to go to the library when I need to find stuff for school on the internet. :/

Gotta fix the damn 3G on my phone.

Also isn't the BF3 beta releasing in a few days? Guess I'll be missing out on that one.

Meh it's just a shooter anyway and I already know more or less how it will play so whatever.

I didn't downloaded the Assassin's Creed beta either. The game looks the same as the other games so I didn't bother.(Not hating on it, I'll buy it some day.)

Oh and same goes for tv. No more tv till the 10th. :/

Meh I'll survive.

Anyway I gotta go now so see you guys in a few days. :P

Back from first day at school :o

So yeah school just started again.

I'm studying IT.

This year they'll be teaching us how to program in Java. Next year too, and the year after that aswell lol. I'm not sure if Java will be the only language they'll teach us. I think I heard next year they'll teach us C# but I'm not sure. A dude explained it once but I forgot everything he said lol(It was 2 months ago I think).

So far I only have programming experience with Visual Basic and Web Developer. Nothing to advanced but it should make learning Jave easier(I hope lol) since I know the basics and stuff.

We'll also learn how to work with databases(have a little experience with this), learn about computer hardware and stuff liek that, algorithms, ... you know IT stuff.

There is also match, english and french. Math and english ok but french? Speaking french is cool but I hate learning it. It's so boring! D:

Next year we'll have economics. -_-
Well I don't really mind it as long as they don't show us to much theory. Man I ****ing hate theory.

But anyway yeah today was the first day at school.
I used to go to school with my bicycle but my new school is a little to far so I have to use the train lol. I don't mind using it but it sucks when school is over and you have to wait like an hour till your train is here. :/

Anyway everyone in my ****is new to me. But I've made 2 friend today. They seem cool.

We didn't do much today. It was just introduction, what we'll do this year, a little intro, you know stuff like that.

I hope I'll make it at the end of the year. I'll require a lot of studying which is not something I'm used to lol but I'll do my best!

I hope I'll still have time for Karate and games. :P
I want to try and get black belt next year which is going to be hard but I'll try.

I want to finally get some work for the weekends, I think it's time for a new desktop and a HDTV(I have a SDTV atm. :/) and I want to go to the gym again which costs a lot.

But anyway gtg so that's it for this blog. :o

See you guys later. :D

I have passed 10K posts!

So yeah I just noticed I finally passed the 10K mark. Right now I have 10029 posts I think.

I always thought I'd be gone by the time I get that many posts, guess not. :o

Oh well, it was a nice surprise. :D

It's official, I am now hardcore. 8)


Now the question is...will I make to the 20K mark? :o

Oh and I'm also almost level 40, which is cool. :P


To celebrate my awesomeness everyone gets a free home made cookie:

But only if you can defeat the monster first, ofcourse.

If you can't then I'll give you one of these instead:

But if you can defeat the monster you can have both. :o

I'm going to Gamescom!

I'm going there tomorrow and won't be back till the day after.

Yes that's right I'll be there for 2 days. :o

My first game event! :D

*is excited*

So going to check out the Vita and Battlefield 3!

And all those other awesome games. :D

Exams are over!

Man finally lol.

And to celebrate I bought myself the ps3 headset and (FINALLY!) Battlefield Bad Company 2! xD

But before first time use the headset has to charge 4 hours. :/

Oh well I'll just play Bad Company 2 singleplayer while I'm waiting. :D

So happy now. :D

Can't wait to try out my new headset! :P

So my exams are starting tomorrow...

So tomorrow I have my first exam.

There are 8 in total (last one on june 21st).

Man I really hope I pass so I can finally leave this school. It's getting really boring there.

If not then my parents will probably kill me. :o

Oh and once the exams are over I'm going to do some serious gaming. If I won't I'll never catch up. It's now over never.

So yeah that's it, just letting you all know lol.

Man if only I wasn't so lazy my grades would be way higher... Oh well as long as I pass I don't really care.