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#1 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -

I have a Henry!Brady that went through theif-->assassin and he's great, but I don't know which way he should go next...

I want to make him part healer, so either Trickster, War Monk, or Sage but I can't decide which.  Anything but sorcerer, I have too many of those.  Any suggestions?


Right now his skill set is: Galeforce, Lifetaker, Lethality, Locktouch, Movement +1.

#2 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -

I loaded my old file because I haven't beaten the game, and I'm incredibly confused...


I have 6 party members, but Crono isn't one of them, I have no idea where he went.  Can I get him back?

Also, I try to go through the final dungeon, but the Queen's first mutant beats the crap out of me...so could someone tell me a good place I can level up?  

Also which party should I use?  Currently I have Magus, Ayla, and Frog, with Marle, Robo, and Lucca on reserve.

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P.S. Google failed me.

#4 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -

Letting the timer hit zero and then having to wait to try again doesn't count as an alarm, does it?

#5 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -

The one across from the LIMB clinic.  Every time I try to hack it I get shot at, but I can't find the code anywhere.  Anyone know the code or where I can get it?

#6 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -
ah, c, i was hoping to get a new one, but the replacement they're going to send me is just another refurbished 80gb cuz thats what i bought...and yea, apparently i didnt even have a warranty and i was about 10 days out of the return policy, but they took it anyway. It took convincing, but they took it.

when i get that replacement im gunna go buy like a 10 year warranty or something lol.
#7 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -
Let the series end before driving it to the mud... I doubt a Metal Gear game would ever get 10s at both GameSpot and IGN...metalgear-solid

... ... ...that reminds me of something....


"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

I agree. It should end on a good note. MGS4 has tons of replay value anyway. BUT, he should definitely make another series with similar elements. Like hammerspacing heavy artillery!
#8 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -
hot damn thank god. lol. and i started considering paying 5 bucks for internet browsing on my wii to keep me busy while i waited, when on the ps3 internet browsing is free. now i only have to wait a few more days! thanks! my mind is at ease :P
#9 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -
It froze on me once while I was playing Persona 3:shock: Masterbeat2

i love persona 3! i can't wait for the 4th one!

but yeah, mine froze during the resistance demo and then when i turned it back on i got no audio or visual for an hour or two. after that the process would repeat with different games/demos/sometimes during the main menu. I wonder what happened....good thing i get a replacement.
#10 Posted by kutabare91 (350 posts) -
what could he make another MGS game about?

according to that one cutscene, 2 more are in production, but idk about that.

i hope he makes more.
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