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My first long review

I just finished God Of War 3 and decided to make my review longer than usual. If u do see my other reviews u would see i keep it really short, just a imho review that's it. But being a big GOD OF WAR fan meant I had to make this one different from the others.

PS - My blogs including this one is also a testimony to my short reviews and writings:P But my review on GOW 3 is a testimony to my intense loyalty towards GOD OF WAR games and KRATOS as always.

Xperia Play R U Gonna Get It?

From the day I got my PSP,de ole PSP 1000, I knew/hoped that it would be made into a phone.Now that day,after waiting for many years, is nearing. So I just wanted to hear ur thoughts bout it disregarding its insane price.

And also anybody here pre-ordered or gonna get it in de first month?

The God Of War Month

Hope the title catches the attention of GOW fans. Well neways the primary reason,dating a few years back,for me to get a PS3 was to play and complete the epic game but when I did finally manage to get it I somehow drifted into other games. But now I'm finally all geared up to complete the saga and when I did start off it hits me that it's been ages since I completed the first two so I've forgotten a bit of de storyline.And here's what I did I got myself GOW Collection and I'm already into 2 hours of the first game and I'm lovin each nd every minute of it, it's a blast from the past. I plan to finish all 3 games by the end of this month. Hence I call it as The God Of War Month,also coincidentally all three games and Chains Of Olympus have released in march itself. Guess Santa Monica studios love this month.

PS - this is gonna piss of all Red Dead Redemption fans, I exchanged RDR for GOW along with some extra bucks, but t'was kinda a sweet deal coz it's almost like I got GOW Collection for free or I made somegreen from the extra bucks I received.

EDIT - 14/03/11 - Finished God Of War 1 on 13/03/11.Took about 10 hours,had to switch from normal to easy mode:( guess i gotto improve on my skills:P

Started God OF War 2 on 14th

20/03/11 - Finished God OF War 2 on 20th, agian had to switch from normal to easy mode-i really suck at gaming now-gotto improve on my button mashing skills:P.

It was worth playing both the games that I enjoyed way back in the golden era of The PS2 and yet it keeps me hooked even now. Guess not much's changed from school me to present me:P. Any God Of War fan should really play the collection to experience a full blow from the past. All geared up for God Of War 3 FINALLY.

21/03/11 - Started God Of War 3 WOOHOO :D

28/03/11 - Finished God Of War 3 today morning and it was/will always be epic. What a month it was. I'mso thrilled at finishing it after all these years.Will post the review shortly:D

I just noticed

I noticed that GS has removed the PS2 tag from the site, have they really stopped making games for the PS2 completely:(

And just yesterday I was changing the PS2 lens , brings back a lot of memories infact I visited GS often for the PS2 than anything else, and yet I got loads of games to finish on it. U had a great run for many years during which u kept me nd many loyal gamers here entertained and will continue to so even if GS thinks otherwise. I will miss thee....

A tribute to the greatest console of all time, here's a bunch of links that made heads turn during its era-







A news that came out just now -


There are more obviously, pls put the links if u got it

Adieu to U PS2, my tween nd teen life was great only coz of u.I shall keep playing more games on thee for many years to come:) Anyways thanks for a great ride.

The Top 10 Games That Require Insane Skill To Complete


9.Zombie Ate My Neighbors(GEN)

8.Mega Man(NES)


6.The Adventures Of Batman & Robin(SNES)

5.Comix Zone(GEN)

4.Spider-Man &Venon:Maximum Carnage(SNES)

3.Urban Reign(PS2)

2.Ninja Gaiden 3:The Ancient Ship Of Doom(NES)


As u all might kno this is GameFAQs list nd not mine.The only game I've played out of this is Urban Reign nd I'm proud to say that i finished it in bout less than 10 hours wooooooooooohoooooooooo

Neways wats ur take on it, got any other games u like to add

Bought The PS3..........YAHOOOOOOO

After a long wait I finally got the PS3. But it'll be while before I start the games:(,yet its keepin me freakin happy by just looking at it..........YAHOOOOOOOOO:D

BTW my PSN ID is "SamVSTheWorld" inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World.Love the name, I think I gotta copyright it or the next tagline for multiplayer platforms would be "it's You Vs. The World" or is it already used:question:....hmmmm then my bad:P