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kuku_monroe_Mcb Blog

Music Concert

Ok, im from Venezuela so you will probably won't have a clue about what im just about to say, anyway, here it goes. Last saturday (3-18-06) i went to a concert (the buena vibra festival) with a cousin and 2 friends to see Papashanty Saundsystem, which i knew little about, but its a really nice reggae/hiphop mix with social social conscience lyrics. But before that another group performed, called Naci Moreno, which translate into something like "Born black". It's a reggae/ska band from my city and i got to listen to their music that night, and i recommend it (even if you dont understand spanish at all). I was shocked about the quality of the bands, it was really nice, and they totally inmersed the public in this amazing atmoshphere of love and energy (even though some people were just high, and i mean, maryjane-high). Here are some songs that you should listen: Naci Moreno - Mi Bien Naci Moreno - Naci Moreno Papashanty Saundsystem - Musica De Paz (This is the one playing in their homepage) Papashanty Saundsystem - Por La Raza Papashanty Saundsystem - Roots Papashanty Saundsystem - Wo Noo Nooo [Video, 7-8 megs i think] [Sorry for not posting all papashanty's songs but they aren't available online, but you can check the other Naci Moreno songs in their website] Oh, and tell me what you think ^^

Banner Contest

After a long time of waiting they finally picked some of the banners i made!! Included the one for Live for Speed, Nethack, Sam & Max Hit the Road and Full Throttle. Too bad they didn't pick my Maple Story banner... which, is cool actually, the one they picked is nice. But the GunBound banner they chosed its just crappy (my apologies to the one who made it) and IMO the one i did looks so much cooler. Anyway, thats just my opinion. Hope they take a second looks at my banners, or use another one that's better. Oh, and also, i also got this Artistic Genious Emblem :P Artistic Genious Emblem

New Gamespot. v2

Im pretty proud of gamespot staff, now the page actually loads right in Opera, and i can see the videos and everything with no problems. BUT (theres always a but), there are still somethings i hate about the new screenshots system. Which i guess IE users dont care about because they just see 1 picture at a time. But for us (Opera & FireFox users) its stupid to be hitting a buttong for a picture, then wait for it to load (PLUS THE BIGASS AD ON THE SIDE). I can still remember the good'ol deays when i could just click a thumnail and open the damn screenshot in a background page (repeating this about 50 times) to check all the screens. But now, gosh.. the dame java script that makes the screenshot window to load can be open just 1 time.. and of you want to check 2 screens simultaniously you are screwed. Now, i hope they are saving that bandwidth i used watching all the screen for those new shinny video and flash ads. Now, gamespot is just a text-only page for me.. and i just stoped giving a damn about the screens. Thanks a lot, Gamespot staff. 1up, there i go.


If theres anyone reading this, i feel sorry to disappoint you. Nothing here for now, but please, come back later. Thanks