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The Yuri Squadron episode 99: Speculation

"Sorry they couldn't show today, Everyone," Kody said. 

"Don't worry about it," Amanda said. "We'll meet them later. Well, I'm going to head home and study. I'll see you guys later." 

"Later," Kitty said. 

The group dispersed for the day. 


"What do you think they're like?" Kitty wondered. 

"Kody's friends?" Melanie asked. "Well, they're yuri fans and Kody's friends with them, so chances are pretty high that they aren't homophobic, at the very least." 

"That's good," Kitty said. "I bet they're nice." 

"You always try to see the best in people," Melanie said. "What if one of them is Suzy and she's using Kody to get at you?"

Kitty stopped in her tracks, her face going pale. "Do you think that's possible?"

Melanie shrugged. "Maybe, I wouldn't put it past that woman." 


"Check," Debora said.

Mischa studied the board. He made his move quickly. "Check." 

"Nice try," Debora said, moving her piece. "But I'm safe." 

"For the moment," Mischa said. 

"I just hope the new people aren't as crazy as your roommate," Debora said.

"He's just eccentric," Mischa said. "Besides, you should be more concerned that one of them may have seen us together. We've been careful not to get touchy around the group, but we haven't been particularly subtle when no one we know is around." 

"That's not funny," Debora said. "Besides, it's not like we've been going to the usual Hoi Polloi hangouts." 

"That is true," Mischa said, he made a move. "However, we have no proof that they are among the Hoi Polloi." 

Lina got up from her position by Mischa's feet and trotted to the door, wagging her tail. Leonard walked in. 

"I have returned!" he cried, Lina jumped on him. "What are you two doing?" 

"Playing chess," Mischa said and speculating on what type of people Kody's new friends are."

"Maybe they're prime minion material," Leonard said. 

"You can't have any more minions," Mischa said. "You've used your quota already." 

"Curses!" Leonard said. "I'd better build a bigger base." 

"Sometimes I think you two have your own language," Debora said, making her move. "Get out of that one!" 

Mischa studied the board carefully. "You mean like this?" He made his move. 

"You found the one safe maneuver," Debora said. "I'll get you eventually, though." 

"It is possible," Mischa said. "But the match is far from over." 


What are Kody's friends like? Will they confirm anyone's worst fears or just be normal students? Will they even show up this time? And is the 100th episode going to be just an ordinary one or is something special going to happen? Where did Leonard's rainbow lead anyway? These questions and more may be answered next week in Soniczero's blog. 

Head Writer: Ktulu007

Assistant Writer: Soniczero1993