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Omicron Squad episode 47: Capture.

Omicron carefully approached the fence. Michael signaled for a halt. 

"Jitters?" Alexa asked. 

Michael shook his head. "I'm going to shut down the alarm systems for five minutes." He brought a miniature computer from his bag and began his work. 

"I thought the idea was to fail," Yuni said. 

Alena put a hand on her shoulder. "Can't make it too easy." 

"Exactly," Michael said. "We have to make the mission appear legitimate so that they don't suspect anything when we fail. Got it." He handed the computer to Sirvanna. "Take this. If you don't hear from me in thirty-five days gather everyone and play the file titled 'Will.'" 

"Got it," Sirvanna said. She placed the computer in her pocket. 

The group hurried forward. Ines and Alena brought down a couple perimetre guards and secreted them in the bushes. They went inside. 

"Plant the explosives," Michael whispered. "Hurry." 

"Got it," Ines said. She ran at significantly less than her best speed, but still faster than any normal human could have hoped to move. The explosives were all planted in a hurry. That's when the alarm went off.

"Get out!" Sirvanna cried. They bolted. Sirvanna electrocuted several guards who stood in the way of their egress. Bullets flew after them. Ines caught any that threatened to hit. Yuni blew a hole in the fence and they hurriedly made their way through and towards the jet. Michael tripped over a protruding rock. 

"Help!" he cried. 

Sirvanna turned around and moved towards him. Ines grabbed her. "Forget it," she said. "We have to get out." Ines took Sirvanna in her arms and ran. 

Michael watched them go. Several guns cocked behind him. He slowly put his hands behind his head.

"Did we just catch who I think we caught?" 

"I think we did."

"Yeah! It is him!"

"Command is going to love this." 


Katelyn was the last to hop aboard the jet and they lifted off hurriedly. 

"Well, we did it," Sirvanna said. "We got him caught and we made it convincing." 

"Yeah," Yuni agreed. "It was a total success. So... why do I feel so terrible?" 

Alena wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. "It's okay," she said, in as soothing a tone as she could manage.

"No one feels good about this one," Sirvanna said, turning Michael's computer in her hands. "We may have just given him a death sentence. Even if it's what he wanted... Even then..." 

"It's not easy to accept," Ines finished. She slid her hand into Sirvanna's.