Heroes of Order and Chaos

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Anybody here try this game? Its out for Android/iOS.

I've recently started playing HOC (android,) and I've gotta say its pretty good. I don't really play that much games on my phone, but this one just sucked me in. If anybody is looking for a LoL or Dota substitute, definitely give this game a shot.

First Blog! Yay?...

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Sup, everyone! Welcome to my first blog! :)

I've been with GS for about 5 years now, so I thought its finally time for me to start a blog. :P

To start things off, let me introduce myself... Uhmmm... err...*long pause*... I'm not very good with introductions, so how about you guys just ask me whatever you want in the comments section and I'll answer it. :lol: Dont hold back on the questions now, this is your only chance to get to know the ever elusive ksire :P

Next, lets celebrate a little to commemorate this first blog.

Food? Check

[spoiler] pizza.jpg800px-2007feb-sushi-odaiba-manytypes.jpg

bucket-copy.jpg [/spoiler]

Drinks? Check

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beerwall1.jpg [/spoiler]

Music? Check

[spoiler] 609px-Majesty.svg.png