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Shouldn't all this text disappear after 31st March, when it will no longer be a GOTY as dlc expires and only regular game stays ? Some master mind stood behind this clearly.
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I'm just afraid of noob flood since it's f2p and hype it gets. GW1 was really good before it got more popular, hardest missions were doable even with randoms back in the day...
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Thanks for help, I will go then with Batman and FEAR for now. I've played the first witcher but sadly both laptop and desktop could run second one (and I'm not so sure about it) only on lowest settings. And thanks for reminding me about Divinity 2, Risen, Two Worlds, I've heard about them but somehow they slipped from my mind,
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I'm finishing KOTOR and I cant say I've enjoyed it that much, combat's pretty pathetic and there are no quest pointers (been lazy lately) maybe if every planet wasn't sliced into 9000 zones I could live without them. So right now I would like to play kinda more like 2008 PoP, but I'm also looking for games that I could play when I wont be so tired of vast and elaborated gameplay. Some that I've found by myself: (would like to hear what u have to say) FEAR (1st one) - although I suck at FPS, is it worth checking it out then ? Newervinter Nights / Drakensang - do they have quest pointers ? :P Batman AA Dreamfall - won't it make my mind boil? ( I liked Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, didnt use in game hints that much but it was nice feature) NFS HP / Shift 2 - I've recently played Grid and it really pissed me off because when either comp hit me or I hit comp I was instantly losing handling and comp wasn't Magicka - heard it's pretty bugged Played in recent past: Baldur's Gate 2, Dragon Age 1, Bionic Commando remake (loved it so much), Limbo, VVVVVV, Grid, KOTOR :P, Mass Effect (have 2nd waiting on shelf) Feel free to give your's suggestions.