Been a while

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whew .. haven't been here in AGES. Change of Gamertag too. Been blitzing through 360 games and Wii too .. loving every second of my life as a gamer, and still managing to Snowboard, Windsurf and go out when I'm not. Feels good to be back

1000 points in 1 day

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Well I got given Kameo and PGR3 recently (read the post below to find out how) ... traded PGR for Tomb Raider to keep my g.f. happy. Completed Tomb Raider in about 8 hours or so and started playing Kameo, and now I have 1000 gamerpoints more!!! The system is SO messed up. Take Pd0.... you get a bare minimum of points for an achievement like "1000 melee kills" (30pts)... not too hard to get but it takes time (I still don't have it) and a pathetic reward... or you get 50 points for completing level 1 on Tomb Raider with NO limit on difficulty setting ... (don't worry I played through on Hard, and I'm glad I did this game is so short). No wonder some people have 10,000+ while others have less than 2,000 with such an un-balanced system.... Your score just depends on your taste in games.... not on how good you are

... for tomorrow I get wet!

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Well there's only 1 day left until the "Xbox 360 Waterballoon challenge!!" I have no idea what to expect other than to get wet and to get a free 360 game (which is awesome) .. might be lame, might be a pretty good way to spend my last weekend in Sydney (other than in the pub and on the beach, which I'll do anyway) Then it's off up the Gold Coast before getting on a plane back to England... this has been the longest summer of my life! I'll post pics ... I'm sure there's a demand somewhere for people wearing wet t-shirts ... Have A Look!

I shot myself in the foot

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.. metaphorically speaking. Looks like my character in Oblivion is so geared up to be a warrior with a blade that now I can't do jack with magic. I only just got my skills high enough to "unlock easy lock on touch" ... wow! Wish I'd made a battlemage or something with high magicka, SO many spells around, "summon skeleton"! summon zombie!! you don't even need to do the fighting!.. or am I wrong? are mages not that hot?

Oblivion Diary : The END

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Still loving Oblivion but I'm so bored of doing this. Lvl 10 (or was it 11?) now and I still don't see any real benefit to levelling up. I have loads of spells that I can't use because my magicka is too low or my skill isn't high enough, but I can't raise my skill level as they all require 25 min' ... which sucks, I need to find some weak spells. I'm working on the Mages guild with that in mind, hopefully one of those guys in a dress can help me out! .. I just opened up a pillar with 4 spells and am now battling wave after wave of Slimers from Ghostbusters ... lame Best Achievements Today =
Evoker : Mages Guild
Footpad : Thieves Guild
(footpad? anyone? .. what the hell is a footpad?) ***** 32 hours clocked in 1 week, damn...

Oblivion Diary : Day SIX

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Dark Brotherhood gets easier the further along you go??? What's that all about? Last 3 quests are totally easy .. Joined Thieves guild. Bought a house and some crappy furniture to go in it, mainly to stash all the weapons I've accumulated and that always weigh me down. and finally I slashed up a few people at the Arena. I have to say I don't think the whole "leveling up" system really works, everyone else improves at the same rate as you .. so what's the point in getting better? Best Achievements Today =
Gladiator : Arena
Listener : Dark Brotherhood
Pickpocket : Thieves Guild
... 28 hrs, this game still PWNS!

Oblivion Diary : Day FIVE

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My girlfriend discovered Hardwood Backgammon on Live Arcade today = minimal time on Oblivion. Oh well, I advanced 2 ranks in the Dark Brotherhood and got a kick-ass new horse. I always seem to have so many awesome weapons that I never want to throw any away. Still have a pathetic Magicka level. Best Achievements Today =
Silencer : Dark Brotherhood
Level 8 now ***** I decided I'm going to rent a bunch of EA titles when I get back to the UK, yeah I know it's lame, but my Gamerscore is so low, and all because the games I play aren't super easy, not fair. I'll rent 5/6 sports titles and be done with it.

Oblivion Diary : Day FOUR (and a bit)

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Well the more I carry on with this the more I realise that side-quests might get you some cool items but they do nothing for your achievements or to acctually further your advancement ... I think I counted 20 last time I checked, that I had running. STILL haven't really bothered with the main quest; I reckon tomorrow I'll focus on getting high up in the Dark Brotherhood, then the Mages Guild, then Fighters Guild ... rather than doing them all at once. Best Achievements Today =
Journeyman : Mages Guild
Myrmidon : Arena
lvl 6 now ... struggling with low magicka and low skills for magic, best I can do is "weak fireball" .. lame I know, serves me right for spending all my time with a knife in my hand I guess

Oblivion Diary : Day THREE

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Bit of a day off, probably 3hrs max. Went out last night but the bug's got me so I sat down with it anyway. Carried on with the main quest a bit, I still reckon the side quests are better. Best Achievements Today =
Closed an Oblivion Gate: Main Quest
Apprentice : Fighters Guild
Bloodletter : Arena
******* To all those people saying in their threads "I beat Oblivion in 15hours", well you wasted it my friends. I spent 10mins today using 'grab' to pick up some raw steak and then smashed up a shop with the floating meat! So much fun, you don't get busted as you don't steal anything, and it does NOTHING!! So to all the "gamers" who are playing this game to beat the main quest only .. you're missing out

Oblivion Diary : Day TWO

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So now I'm in the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and the Dark Brotherhood .. still not bothering with the main quest, and don't see myself picking it up for a while. Think I'm Eliminator in the Dark Brotherhood ... I got offered to become a vampire, so however far that is .. I said no. Mages guild I have 2 recommendations ... Fighters guild... I forgot, but it's 1-2 missions in. I have about 3 side-quests running too, something about a Ninroot (got 4) .. and others. Looking to join the Thieves Guild ... don't know how to join, I'm guessing you steal stuff and get caught?!?! .. Not going to look it up So far my only beef with Oblivion is the many many loading screens and the stutters you get when riding a horse full pelt through the country ... other than that it's flawless. Lvl 4 now ... this game is Huge and always getting bigger! about 11 hours played Best Achievements Today =
Eliminator : Dark Brotherhood
Associate : Fighters Guild
Associate : Mages Guild
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