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The best shooter of all time? Well, depends on your poinbt of view!

Every time i am looking for reviews about a certain shooter trying to decide if ill buy it or not, im constantly finding comments stating that this game is better than that one or that cod sucks and bbc rules. Well i thougth its about time i gave my opinion and stated a very important fact that must numbskulls out there seem to be forgetting.

This simple fact is the kind of shooter the producers made, and thats because no shooter is made the same, cod is a game for the lone wolf, and thats why it nevers as many players or a class system, so that each player can make their characther the way they want, while battlefield is more of a tactical shooter with the class system that makes players depedant of one another and the life system that makes possible healing and support. Personally i prefer cod for the fact that i like to have lots of customization and because cod is the only game in which the guns actually have a personlity, actually have a feel, but then again i also like battlefield for the fact that is a sandbox and as its amazing changeable battlefield all due to the amazing destruction mechanics. Their both great games none the less but the fact remains, no game is better than the other, either each one is better than the other depends entirelyon ones liking if your more into team play and like big maps with lots of tactical potential then go with battlefield, but if you just like a fast shooting experience with lots of options and extras then go with cod.

Also i just want to state this, yes cod is filled with run and gun **** who somehow ruin the game, but that doenst mean that the game is bad, so stop freaking criticizing the game when its you, the players, who are ruining it.

With that i say farewell, and please keep nasty hate comments for yourselfs.

PS3 vs XBOX 360

Finally i had some time with my cousins Xbox 360 to properly give my opinion, MY OPINION, in this long and ongoing debate that as been going on for as long as i have joined the great gaming community. But before starting wanna state this, this review ill make covers only the software part of the consoles and thats because i think the hardware is irrelevant, because no matter which hardware ich console as the games for that console will always play on top performance, so you people better shut up on one having more processor or graphic board because it doesn't matter.

First when we turn on the consoles we arrive to welcome screen of each consoles and thats where ill start, starting with the ps3 we have the xross media bar, this is a simple column divided in topics like games, music, video, network or friends, it doesn't get more simple than this, every time you plug in a device such as a pen, mp3 or psp an icon will pop in this menu, one for ich column, so for example if you want to see the music in your psp you go to the music column and open the icon which will display all the readable music files in the psp same thing for videos or photos, simple and cohesive, and also if you wanna copy any of it into the hdd simply press triangle which will display all the options available for said items and select copy or even copy many so that you dont have to be copying one on one. Also you have the option to access the Internet using the console browser or visit the PSN which will allow to buy content directly to your hdd. Now the Xbox as similar starting screen also divided in different columns you have thing like games music or video and here is where unfortunately i have to point some flaws, and believe me when i say i am not criticizing because i am a ps3 gamer, i like both consoles equally and if i had the money i would buy the xbox as well, the first flaw i noticed is how long the console takes to read content in pens or mp3, one time i was trying to open my mp3 to show my cousin the musics i had and it was ridicules how long it took every time i opened a folder, almost a minute, for ich folder, come on, also when i tried to copy a music to the hdd i couldn't find out how to do it, up to the point in which i gave up entirely. For the rest i dont have any complaints, ich console ans equally simple options screen and both consoles have the option for multiple users.

Now i just want to refer the ingame options screen thats opens when you press the respective console middle controller button, the ps3 has two ingame options screens, a quick press will let you acess the xross media bar which in my opinion is utterly useless since when you select something you always have to abandon the game, and a long press which will take you to a quick and useful screen which will allow you see the controllers battery, change the controllers order, turn the respective controller off or turn the whole system off all together, its useful and again simple. But even with all this simple and useful menus the ps3 still loses to the Xbox in game screen, which allows access to all the dashboard functions like xbox live, trophies, and even the music player, which works even while you're playing, that for me was a real killer since i love to hear music while i play. But as there was a killer detail there was also a real mood killer detail, that being the fact that you cant change the order of the remotes in mid play, and that became particularly annoying when my cousins wireless remote ran out of batteries and the xbox refused to put the wire controller he had as the first remote so we could continue playing. Nonetheless the xbox still wins here.

Finally as a last detail i wanna refer the controllers, in terms of general shape and button layout theyre are the same, with the exception that in beetween controllers the dpad and movement analog exchange place, but while the ps3 controler can feel noisy and sometimes sligthly uncomfortable the chunkier and noticibly quieter xbox controller feels much better.

Final verdict if i had to choose now between the ps3 and the xbox 360, ignoring the games or hardware they have, i still would choose the ps3, for the simple reason that in the xbox microsft was able to make everything seem so complicated, like i said the menus in the ps3 are much more accessible and the xbox many times feels confusing and it can be hard finding what you want. Another factor that weighted on my opinion was pricing, yes the xbox model is cheaper than the ps3 model but when you think of all the extras that you'll have to pay extra in the xbox maybe than difference is deceinving, like the wireless adaptor that is sold separately for a 100 bucks, 100 BUCKS, come on, and also a new hdd costs around another 100 bucks and you have to choose in between the hdd available by catalog, wjile in the ps3 any sata 2.5 inch disk will do and you get to choose the memory. These factors are really important but the killer factor was the pricing for the xbox live, 50 bucks a year, o please, it doesn't look like much 50 bucks a year but if you look long periods youre looking at an extra 100 or 150 bucks just to have online play, had all that up and you have a piece of hardware that will set you back over a 500 bucks, and when you think that the ps3 also as a blu ray cd reader and wireless Internet included than you would know that maybe the ps3 is the better deal.

Still this is my opinion and for no reason should my opinion weight on your decision because i think that if you wanna buy a console what you need to see is which games you like the most, because in the end they're both just videogame consoles, the rest is extra.

Need for Speed Undercover: Dudes, just ****

Recently have been playing Need for Speed Undercover, man i really try to see what that game as of good, but man it just sucks!! It as some nice graphics i have to admit it, but man, you dont need to be a NFS pro to see that game sucks! When you start you see the cutscene that tells you about your undercover job, but thats probably it, i mean after the cutscene youre just droped in the world with a **** **** car and there you go, start racing. The races dont appear in the gps map, which makes driving trough the city without be always loking on the map difficult, also when youre on bumper view mode, theres no mirror to see whos following you, also when you are near a race the only thing that tells you so is the "start race buttom" on the bottom of the screen. But the worst of all is the races, i remenber in carbon there being like kind of bumpers to see where you need to go and you could clearly see the street even on bumper view but in this one its so confusing, you can go against so many things, and you just need to crash against a car once that you lose the race, thats because the first car is so **** that even a good video game driver gets pissed off just because you cant pass in front of the other cars. And not only in the races, the whole game is very confusing, besides racing, its very difficult to know what to do. My overall of this game is like 3/10, and thats just because it as some nice graphics.