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My first e-book!

Hey guys, I recently published my first book called "Memories from reality". It's a collection of twelve short stories telling a tale of delusions, paranoia, dark humor and the visceral reality that's around us inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick and my imagination (of course). I hope you check it out.

Smashwords, $1.99 -

iTunes, $1.49 -

Barnes & Nobles, $1.99 -

The ApocalyPS3 and driving lessons

Once upon a time there was this dumbass kid, yours truly, who was extremly bored out of his skull. Dunno what other people do for fun this days (blow up stuff), but this young adult wanted to get his butt kicked in Modern Warfare 2. So he fires up his PS3, enters the game and....HOLY MOTHER OF SPACE MONKEYS! PSN won't connect. Ok Freakazoid, calm down, must be your ISP screwing with you. Nope, my laptop is connected. Well then let's ask man's best friend about this.

- Mister Google, wth is going on here, dude?

- Dear Ma'am, Sony f*cked up your PS3. Go be an hero.

Oh noes, what to do? So my idiot brain comes up with the great idea to go play MotorStorm in singleplayer. Now, MS was my first PS3 game, but I kinda played it for like...3 hrs max. Thing is, I suck at driving, I don't have a drivers permit, don't own a car, quited driving school after 4 hrs, and almost ran into a fence while at it. So I SUCK AT DRIVING! Big time. Aaaand...aparently I suck at DRIVING GAMES too. Ok, the keyboard helps a bit, but damn! driving with the SIXAXIS (w/e) is like driving the real deal. I bump other cars, splash my car into rocks, and don't let me go into driving motorcycles. After playing for sometime, my mom comes up to me and says I gotta go take anger management (yes, still living with ma mom). So I might just go back to driving school to just finish this damn game.

I wonder if they will let me be a mercenary just 'cuz I'm awesome at MW2.

Bad Company 2 Beta on PS3

BC1 was of the hook. It has destruction, cool weapons and a damn funny singleplayer story. Was on the PSN Store today, and my eye cached a glimpse of a soldier. And I, being the war nut, wanted to find out what that was. Taadaaa! BC2 Multi Beta. All nuns rejoice, it's killing time. So first impressions huh? Feels like BC1, pretty much sounds like BC1, the engine was improved along with the destruction capabilities of Frostbite. The new class system is pretty sweet, but I wonder who had the bright idea to let the Recon guy get shotguns....

Since it's a beta, I wonder how many people will be on PSN after the launch? 'Cuz you know, it's not just on the PS anymore, Xbox 360 fanboys alongside the PC owners will get a version too. BC1 multi was wildly fun, and damn! it still is. Dunno if DICE made the right decision about introducing the whole "Destroy the whole building" thing. I mean, in BC1 there were some games which spanned like half an hour, and the terrain was just full of holes from all the heavy action it seen (hehe heavy...action hehe). Imagine a conquest map that is constantly pounded by artillery. The Defenders won't have any place to hide at some point.

Modern Warfare 2

Quick post: finished MW2 today on my PS3, and if someone wants to do some Spec-Ops mission leave your PSN name and i'll hit you up. GET SOME!

Our first game: Negative Space


Negative Space is a topdown, 2D, SHMUP made for the GDRo Contest (Romanian Game Development community contest). Total time spent developing it: Around 30 hours. It only features 3 levels, including an Ending Boss fight. The gameplay
is overall simple.


- Arrowkeys or the D-Pad to steer your ship.
- Space or gamepad button 1 to fire.


The first 2 levels can be considered quite simple, hence the enemies don't
actually shoot you. You can consider them as being kamikaze-drones.
You goal is to kill as drones much as you can in order to boost your warp
drive, while trying to avoid getting hit and loosing life (you will sooo
need it for the Boss). The are no power-ups in the game, so don't try
and play chicken with the drones, expecting some magical box-like
thing will drop out of the… um "window" and heal you (HAEL ME!).

The 3rd level is the Boss fight. Keep in mind this is my first SHMUP.
I don't know if it is hard enough or not. It's not quite an Ikaruga-like
bullet Hell, but that's what I could do. Maybe I'll enhance it later if you
guys get to beat it without problems.


Bacioiu Ciprian (Twitter) – Coding

Liquid Petrified Team members (LPS twitter)

Victorovschi Victor (DA link) – Graphics

Mihnea Avram, that's me (Twitter) – Storyline

Dragan C. – Audio

Download: link

My Indie Game Deving Team

For all those that don't know (meaning all), I'm the Project Manager and Game Designer for a small romanian based indie game deving team, that goes by the name Liquid Petrified Studios and was founded 2 years ago by me and GhostShell. At this moment we have 7 members, and are looking for more.

Our first project, FragZone, is a fast paced FPS combining the ranged combat of Quake 3 and swordplay of Jedi Academy. We have numerous melee weapons and combos, like running on a wall horizontal and cutting a guys (or girls) head off.

So if you are interested in more here are some links:

Main site - (our forum has an english only board, so you guys can use that)

Twitter -

Our 2D galleries -

I would love to hear some oppinions so feel free to leave some comment. Cheers.

Shooting lightbolts out of my arse is fun

You can probably guess what is this blog post about. No, not Zeus, as much as I want to be an egocentrical god maniac. It's about inFamous. Yep, I finished it (like 3 weeks ago), but I am too lazy to write so that's why you are reading about it today. I played it for like a week non-stop, my brain fried, but I've done it. Good Cole has ended this story, and Bad Cole is coming into the picture. I must say, the story is quite good, the ending pretty much blew my brain on the walls. It has a...let's say Heroes twist in it. I give it a 9.30. Too bad it hasn't got a multiplayer component.

Now I'm curently obssesing in Atlantica Online, some GTA 4 on my PS3, Lost Empires on my Nokia :P.

Looking forward this summer and autumn for some awesome games, like MAG, Demon's Soul or Brutal Legend \m/. My laptop hasn't got any power in it's veins, so even Ghostbusters isn't working on it. I might get a job for the sole purpose to get a **** desktop, but then I won't have any time to play them. Solutions?

Microsoft is making us happy mainstream idiots

I watched the E3 Microsoft conference live (btw something went wrong and it started with a 20 minutes delay, shame!) and I have to say that Microsoft is giving us MS (multiple sclerosys). I mean did you see the new and improved "control"? What the hell? I want to chill out with a controller in my hand, not jumping out windows to hit a damn brick. And NO, I don't want to change tires manually in a racing game. And Peter Molineux, he looks so old, came again and promised all sort of stuff, like he did for Black&White and Fable. And we all know how that ended up. No offense there old man, but Fable was enjoyable, but mediocre. And now what? You "invented" a boy that talk to you? Marvelous. I can go pedophiliac on some Xbox 360. Be real. If I want to talk to a friend, I open the door and walk to him. Maybe it's just me, but I want games far away from reality; swords, lasers and elf maidens. Once again, Microsoft takes one step forward in the industry, making us drooling idiots jumping around like puppets. What happened to old school games?

I want a fat princess

After doing a speed run in Killzone 2, I have to say that this is one of my fave games ever. Well it doesn't beat Baldur's Gate 2, but it's so fun to play. The multiplayer got me really good. I just love gathering badges and ribbons. It's like my weakness when it comes to games.

On my PC i've installed Dead Space again, and this time I'm gonna finish it, instead of just leaving it on the shelf to gather dust ;)).

I'm looking forward to many games in the future, but I've got to say that Terminator Salvation is gonna be so awesome. Gotta get RUSE as well, me being a WW2 RTS whoe (if that makes any sense at all). Of course Fat Princess captured my filthy imagination, but as far as I could understand, you can get it only on PS Store, and living in this dumphole of a country, Romania, means that i can't get it anytime soon. :cry:

Oh and I has 11 emblems! :D

My new PS3

So yeah, i turned 21 in December and i got a PS3 as a birthday and Xmas gift. I was browsing the shop for a Wii at first, but i said "hey what the hell" and got the PS instead. It suck cuz the 80 gb version has Fifa 09 with it, and i really hate sports on consoles and PC. So i got MotorStorm also cuz it was really damn cheap (i know, right?). After that i decided to check the prices for other games. And FFS they are not cheap.