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My 360 went down

So 360 went down, Not sure what happened to it. I took it to a shop for repair and they said it couldn't be fix. It's dissapointing seeing as I didn't play it much. I feel this gen isn't built to well at all. I was thinking of getting another but may wait till next gen to see what it has to offer.

Xbox live

So today I got 2 pre paid cards for Xbox live and with the one microsoft e-mailed me that made 3 months total, So I figured I would try it again I really don't play online but since they were free don't have anything to lose.

Breaking news

I just purchased a Wii with A 2 year warranty for $110 buck on EBay (Factory refurbished) only a couple games I want but the niece and nephew will love it.

2 New Games

2 new games I've purchased. Call of Duty WOW and Tiger Woods Golf 2011. I'm also buying Gears Triple pack soon.


So a quick blog on my new pick-ups. I recently purchased the Halo helmet I already own the Killzone one. I figure they will look good sitting next to there consoles. :):) I will post a picture when it arrives. :)

Batman A/A

So I just completed Batman Arkham Aslyum and what a great game. I have had this game still in the plastic since about 2 weeks after it was released, and just got around to playing it. Fantastic game they could have had a better boss battle with Killer Croc but other than that great story line. Now to play it on hard and find the re-mainng Riddler trophy's and other hidden stuff.

Posting Problem

So about 2 to 3 weeks ago I downloaded internet explorer 9 and then started to notice I couldn't post in the fourms or post a blog. Tonight I d/l'ed Google chrome and well as you can see I posted this blog. To confirm this I start Internet Ex and it doesn't work. Start up google and here it is. So has anyone else had this problem.

Black Ops

I finished the single player campaign in black ops and I must say the story was (in my opinion) very fun to play. I enjoyed the game from start to finish lots of action. I can't speak of the on-line multiplayer as I have not even tried it. I didn't beat it on the hard level but I will try to soon. I got the game when it came out and till last week never removed the plastic wrap. So what did everyone else think. Was it agood game? Did you enjoy it? IF not please explain. Single player comments only please as I haven't play on-line.

Just finished 2 games today

So today i finally beat MW2 and Killzone 3> I started MW2 ages ago and just never got around to finishing till today I love the story all around great game. And as far as Killzone 3 one of my all time favorites and I haven't even tried the multi player yet. but again the game play and story were fantastic. (My Opinion)


If you are tracking me and I haven't track you back please let me know. Can never have to many friends to talk about gaming with. :):)