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New year new times

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Happy new year to all of my buddies on here n Happy new year to everybody else too :D ahh well back to work tomorrow:evil:, stiill guess im ready to go back before me n gf really get on each others nerves lol. and at least we got some great games to look forward too this year , what are you guys n gals most looking forward too then, peace out for now bye:P

OUR baby due today

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well our baby due today and still no sign of he/she:roll: i hope things get moving soon because he/she has only got about 6 hours to hit the due date lol. and im so excited,and my GF HAS THE THE USUAL ACHES N PAINS THAT COME WITH PREGNANCY, so she would like he/she to come also.:P im just so excited and my GF keeps saying shall we just go on ps3 haha. guess there not a lot i can do but wait,and let nature take its course:? but the wait is killing me.


when will our baby come....

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well not long now before our bundle of joy comes into the world *fingers crossed be here this saturday:roll:. and what a life changing event it will be for the both of us, and were both so excited,but i must admit the wait is killing me lol and i know my GF is getting very tired and full of aches n pains as she reaches full term, bless her:oops:. but as we both know the wait and everything will be all worth it in the end. and i hope i can get my son/daughter into video games at a good age for he/she to enjoy them LIKE ALL WE DO ON GS ;)

just sat here waiting......

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for infamous to be realeased i dont think its been over hyped yet, which is a good thing imo. so im just hoping were all gonna enjoy this game and its a real gem i hope you lot enjoy it too:idea:

MGS4 ITS MIND blowing

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Well finally got my hands on this game, and what can i say thats not already been said about it Epic, a materpiece,a work of genius, i could go on forever,:D but people already plating it already know all this. all my other games will have to take a backseat until i complete SNAKES FINAL BATTLE.:P


well i got COD4 at last

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Well i was gonna wait a bit too see if the game would come down in price anywere, but geez it still going for like 40 quid on ebay. and couldnt find it cheap anywere else, so got the COD4 game of the year edition for £37.00 from asda yesterday:D[not a bad price i thought and should tied me over till MGS4 comes through my letter box] but my girlfreind says its for farthers day and i cant play it till next week hmmm well what she doesnt know wont hurt her lol now were did she hide it lol:roll:

Thought i wud try something new

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well got:P a copy of rainbow six 2 of ebay for a real good price, never played any of em before so thought id take a shot in the dark (so to speak lol) never be afraid to try something new thats my moto anyway (and the boys seem to like it anyway:D) and it give me someting to do while waiting for MGS4 to come out. and mbe make the wait pass faster :cry: (well i have to try something the waits killing me lol) thats all see you guys around

mgs4 the wait is killing me

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well i wonder if anyone reads these things haha just a quick one really to say im just waiting for mgs4 to come out, just like rest of us ps3 oweners then really. haha but this game has got to be GOTY hopefully anyway this game is gonna b bloody fantastic and show eveyone one what hardwork,sweat and dedication can achieve carnt wait to play it the countdown begins

its about time too.....

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haha well wot can i say iv actually got round to finishing DMC4 :lol:and what a game it is. mind u ive had it since launch so how come i didnt fin it faster.there would have been a time when id have had it done in a couple of days three at the most.8) so whats the reason for me taking my time on this game and before anyone says anything its nothing to do with a lack of gameing skills:D

its probably a lot to do with finding time god i carnt believe im saying that oh and the fact i have kids dont help lmao:D cos everytime i fireup the ps3 my son is sat next to me goin DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD can i have a go DADAD DAD DAD DAD DAD WHENS IT MY TURN still i love him so i give in and surrender my controller to himand he sat there with a big smile on his face. but i guess that comes with been a dad. now i best start god mof war2 which i got of ebay the other day and theres no way im letting him play that no matter gow much he nags:cry: and the same goes when mgs4 comes out does that make me a bad dad hope not hahaha well thats all for now see u folks around

uncharted drakes fortune

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well wow wot a game i carnt believe how quiet this game seems to b in the states hows it doing in the gamecharts there we brits ust carnt ge enough of it even though the lead character has an american accent strange that dont u think