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Divinity Original Sin is amazing!! Simply amazing!

Pick up the new Divinity Original Sin game if you can, best rpg in years!!! Seriously, it is fantastic!

Like a cross between Ultima, Fallout and Baldurs Gate, but with better combat than all of them imo.

Only weakness I can think of after 45+ hours is the story is not on the level of say NWN2: Mask Of The Betrayer,etc.. But with everything else being done so well its not a big deal. Amazing combat, amazing gameplay, fantastic music, wonderful art design, filled to the brim with content, wonderfully crafted game world and its got an extremely high fun factor once you learn what the game has to offer. Breath of fresh air in a very staggnant rpg genre.

GTA5 is amazing, ARMA3 is fun to, 7 Days To Die is crazy...Star Trek is HORRIBLE

1. Not much to say other than the new GTA 5 is simply amazing, GTA is back people and back with a masterpeice. Improved in so many ways when compared to GTA 4 which overall was dissapointing to me. This is back to GTA being super fun again, I expected SA2, what I got was the best of all the gta games and MUCH more. GOTY so far.

2. ARMA3 is pretty fun to, downloading 50 user made missions had a blast playing 11 of them and also had a blast on the Online RPG mod for arma3 called Altis Life. In the game during the day I roleplay as a apple/peach harvester/seller and later on I steal weed and cocaine to process then sell.

3. 7 Days to Die is a game for PC that is in very early stage (Alpha 1.1) and it is a mix of Dayz, Minecraft/Terraria, Fallout and State of Decay/Walking Dead, with a tower defense aspect at night. It is an indie game and early vids didnt look very good but god damn it is a fun game witha  ton of depth. During the day you scavenge and get stuff to craft goodies (everything in the world is craftable into something). You can build, craft, shoot, hunt animals and so much more. Highly reccomend checking this game out even in its early stage it is a blast in COOP.

4. Stay the hell away from the Star Trek game, I am sure most of you already know to stay away but for those who don't... STAY AWAY!! I had a copy as my buddy was reviewing it and boy is it bad! Warz/Big Rigs bad!

All these good games atm (GTA5, Rome II, ARMA3, 7 Days To Die, Outlast,etc..) and we still have Takedown (from original rainbow six devs) and BF4 coming very soon! Aswell as the new consoles later this year and of course all the godo kicsktarter/early access games that will be out soon (Project Eternity, Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland2, Grim Dawn) Good time to be a game I must say!

Outlast Playing Now + Now Streaming!

Just a heads up for those who care, I am starting to streamin pc gaming so feel free to check by and check out some videos/streams!

It will be a bunch of different games, right now I have the new Survival Horror game Outlast that I did a part #1 for on twitch tonight. 7 Days To Die. Prison Architect, Rome II, Payday2, ARMA3 and many more will be played. And of course upcoming games like BF4, Amnesia II, Project Eternity,etc.. when they come out Ill be streaming.

If you would like to play some games with me sometime and steam just let me know on here or on steam/twitch! Would love to get a bunch of people together for some 7 Days To Die and stream.




Review for Payday 2


We all love surprises, don't we? I love it when a game, movie, or album surprise me in a good way. Payday was a game that had some great ideas but overall it fell short. I mean, who wouldn't want a great co-op bank heist game?

For the sequel almost every single aspect is improved upon, and then there is some new aspects introduced as well. Everything just feels a lot better to me in this game, sort of like Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Basically, you get a team of friends together and rob banks, steal expensive paintings, stick-up four stores, cook meth like Walter White (and then sell it), and much more. Things never play out the same twice in this game. One mission you might get out okay, then later on, on the same mission and same difficulty, you might get destroyed. Rooms, cops, civilians, and drills are in different spots each time and that really adds to the replay value of these heists.

After each round you get to pick one of three cards which either have a new mask (or customization choices such as material, patterns and colours), mods, or money. It gets very addictive collecting everything and anticipating what you might get next.

Teamwork is HUGE in Payday 2. You must work together to accomplish objectives, shoot enemies, and much more or you will surely fail. There are also some RPG elements in this game like the skill trees, experience points, upgrading, etc.

Hours and hours will pass as you and your friends have a blast; whether its short missions like the bank or longer missions like the painting heist. Controls are spot on, the sound is good, the gameplay is awesome, customization is top notch, and most importantly, its fun!

If youre a fan of the movies Heat and Dead Presidents, and the bank heist by the Joker in The Dark Knight, then I think there is a good chance you will like this game. I love the way missions can unfold completely differently: sometimes you do them stealthy without killing and sometimes shit hits the fan and it becomes an all out fire fight in the streets. Having put in over fifty hours on the game and thirty-five hours in the beta, I am still not bored.

Now, the game is not perfect but any issues it does have are small. The graphics are not the best ever (although there is some nice art design and lighting), and there are some bugs that can take away from the experience.

I always enjoy seeing devs improve upon games that have a lot of potential, and that is exactly what has happened here. If they can continue to support this game with free updates and DLC down the road this franchise could turn into a monster. I would love some missions in other countries like say Brazil, Canada, Japan, Thailand, etc.

Heads up... Payday 2 is awesome!

I was not a big fan of the first game, thought it had some great ideas but overall was not that good and could ahve been ALOT better. Honestly it is very improved in all aspects, sort of reminds me of Borderlands 1 and 2, first I thought was alright but the 2nd was a ton better. Lots of custimization, great combat, good coop, addicting leveling up, good level design and its just a blast to play.

Pick up a copy when it comes out, you won't be dissapointed! With a few friends its hours and hours of great fun. Been in the beta the last 4-5 days and its been tons of fun. Let me know if anyone wants to do some of this up when it comes out! We will be playing it on steam and using skype.

Who is excited for Breaking Bad finale?

New and final season of breaking bad will be starting in the near future, who is fans of the show? They have really set it up for an exciting last bit. For me I am super excited, looking for Breaking Bad, Sons Of Anarchy and Homeland to hold me off until Game Of Thrones. What do you think will happen in the last episodes? I have a feeling that some bad bad things are gonna happen hehe.