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A proper "Goodbye"

For those of you who have noticed the lack of my presence, which I'd be surprised if anyone has, I'm pretty much done with blogging/posting on GS. I just lost interest all of a sudden and have been playing games more frequently instead of just talking about them. :P

I may comment on blogs, but even then it'll be seldom. If anyone posts at Head-Fi, you may see me posting there occasionally, if you do, feel free to send me a PM saying hey.

That's about all I've got to say.

Goodbye Gamespot! I'll miss everyone! :cry:


It's My Birthday!

Today is my 17th birthday! :D Now I can finally buy M-rated games at stores without the cashier asking for a parent to confirm that I can buy it. Anything else one can do in the US at the age of 17? :P

I've also recently received Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, so I've been enjoying that. Later today my parents are giving me FF7: Crisis Core as a gift, I'm looking forward to playing that. I'll also be upgrading from my current Zune 30GB to a Zune 120GB, as my 30 has ran out of space. Now just to make it through school for the day...

Back from Vacation...

I'm back from vacation now, well, have been since Saturday, but I've just gotten around to making a blog now. I had a great time at Wildwood getting on roller coasters, going to the beach, walking on the boardwalk, and much more. I also bought Guitar Hero On Tour and Ninja Gaiden 2 when I got back. On Tour is alright, with the occasional hand cramps, but I expected that. NG2 is awesome. I can definitely see myself replaying this game quite a few times.

One last thing...here's a video of fireworks I took while in Wildwood.

1 Week Vacation

I just wanted to let everyone know that later today I'll be leaving to go to Wildwood, NJ for a week, so I won't be around to comment on blogs until August 9th.

See you later, Gamespot.

The Bomb has EXPLODED!

The Giant Bomb, that is. So far the site is awesome and definitely worth checking out if you didn't know about it.

For anyone creating an account there, I'm still kornholio360, so friend me up! I'll still post blogs and in unions here, so don't worry about me leaving either. :P

A video from last year in Wildwood...

If any of you remember a blog of mine I made last Summer with pictures from Wildwood, NJ, I have a video that I recorded when I was there. I finally got around to taking it off the DVD and converting it to an AVI, so I decided to upload it to youtube.

And the video is....Fireworks! :D

Knives Out

I want you to know
He's not coming back

Look into my eyes
I'm not coming back

So knives out
Catch the mouse
Don't look down, shove it
In your mouth

If you'd been a dog
They would have drowned you at birth

Look into my eyes
It's the only way you'll know I'm tellin' the truth

So knives out
Cook him up
Squash his head, put him
in the pot

I want you to know
He's not comin' back

He's bloated and frozen
Still there's no point in lettin' it go to waste

So knives out
Catch the mouse
Squash his head, put him
in the pot


I just felt like posting the lyrics to Radiohead's "Knives Out", so, as you can see, I did. :P

Summer time

Today was my last day of school for the year, finally. :P So now that my Summer break has started, I'll be playing games much more often, as well as catching up on movies I have to see. Unfortunately, I won't be going to Europe like I did last year, but I'll still be going to Wildwood, NJ, as usual. In the mean time, I'll be looking for a Summer job I suppose.

What are everyone's plans for this Summer?

5 things you probably didn't know...

So slorg_king, DazKurupt, and Creeping_Wolf just tagged me. :o

1. I was a paying member ($5 a month) on Runescape a few years ago...which I played for quite a while. Made it to level 70something. :cry: So much time...wasted to a crappy game. :cry:

2. I don't care what you did last saturday, what happened at someone's party last week, who gave you what last week, what I can never guess what happened to you yesterday, etc.

3. Even though I have a Gamecube, I never bought SSBM. :o

4. I love sushi.

5. I made a key for the gamespot foum emoticons shortly after I started posting, thinking it would help me, and never had to look at it after I uploaded it. :lol:

Now to tag some people...I choose RicanNerd189, gta_bandit, Greenwhitegreen, Louis-D, and gameeer1.