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My Brain Hurts.

I just got out of intensive care. The doctors said I almost didn't make it, my Spanish teacher makes me want to quit life. That's right, I wrung my brain out so hard for mid terms I was hospitalized. No, not really. But feel free to lend me an oxygen mask. In the past two days I've had three tests and two quizzes (which, for Spanish, I studied the completely wrong content). The simple joys of life never cease to amaze me.

One of the classes I studied my bum off for is Geometry. Now I can't look at my profile picture without seeing a triangle and an altitude and it's really pissing my off. I'm working on getting a new on. I just scanned a decent picture of me with skis but I've always had troubles getting them on to Game Spot. Wish me luck.

Speaking of me with skis, I have my third ever race tomorrow. As far as ski racing goes, there are two different kinds I participate in: slalom and giant slalom. It's like the difference between Saltines and Ritz crackers. They're considered the same but one's better then the other. Tomorrow's race is a slalom and I'm not looking forward to it. Last time, I let my emotions get the better of me and tried to ski with techniques beyond my ability. I crashed and was disqualified. I'm no John Marston but I'll be shooting for redemption. ;)

As for gaming, there's been little to none at Korino's house. I'm scared to look at my to do list (I think laundry is on there, because the load I did last week is still sitting there), but I have lusted for a good old game of Pokemon. So I relapse into buyer's remorse for selling my Game Boy SP and Sapphire version and dusted off my GBA and Silver. I get half hour in, took a break, came back the next day and... no saved game. I repeated, and still no dice. I looked it up online, and it sounds like a dead cartridge battery that's going to be a pain in my still worn bum to replace. Nintendo, you break my heart.

Edit: I think I uploaded them properly... I guess you'll know when you see Mr. Georgeous smiling back at you :lol:

Can I Write a Blog in Ten Minutes?

No. I can, however, right an excuse for one.

My last blog was at the end of September. Woah. I didn't really mean to stall for that long, but my life's taken a turn in a totally new direction lately. That last blog was about how love songs sound good (blah blah blah) but yeah, I entered a relationship with my girlfriend, Emily. They say opposites attract, so maybe that explains our relationship. We aren't completely opposite, which could justify our increasingly... complex relationship (more of that later, when bed time isn't creeping up on me like a forgotten Demon Waffle). So she's always busy, leading a life without a schedual and filled to the brim with activities.

Being around such a character made me look at my life. I realized how many oppertunities were flying by, and starting reaching for them. Currently, I am on my school's varsity ski team and a season's pass holder to Sunday River (a ski mountain I am going to tomorrow morning, hence the bed time), and extremely interested in both enrolling in an after school club where I could qualify for a trip to Grand Canyon National Park (at my parent's expense) and helping out with my school's next play production. Spread schoolwork on top of all this and my life is picking up.

So I really do apologize for my abstance and this two bit blog. I really hope I can rekindle the friendships I've established here and work on the profession I'm considering (journalist for National Geographic and/or Outside magazine. Long way to go, I know. But hey, set the sights high right?

Love Songs Sound Good

It's weird. When you're not in love, all the love songs sound like autotuned white noise. When you really really like someone, they all sound perfect. Well, right now they all sound perfect :)

I've been so swamped in everything (I'm taking a billion honors courses) I just don't feel like playing video games. I bought Halo Reach a week ago and haven't logged much more then two hours into it. It's not a bad game, I just don't have any interest in playing.

AlmightyMax posted a blog about the awesome sights around his city. I couldn't think of more then two in my entire state (both ski mountains), so I've been trying to think of one place I could go if I could go anywheres. I can't decide between the moon and Austria (in the winter). Where would you go?


The big winter hits are just rolling in, so it wont be long until I come out of my little gaming hibernation and start struggling to balance homework with play time.

My sister's off to college. There's food in the cabinets! I'm a happy guy.

School started about two weeks ago. I really wanted to get into both flash animation and web design classes, but the schedule system was new and mine got screwed up. When I finally got the opportunity to claim the classes they were filled :x Now I have to wait a whole 'nother year to get into one :cry: Stupid unmastered technology preventing me from mastering technology :evil:

My parents are thinking about getting Netflix. They will, but things like these take forever with them. I must say, I wish they'd hurry up.

I think I might try snowboarding (a little) this year. I ski a lot, but I've always wanted to hit the terrain park with something other then race skis.

They better not family-ize DJ Hero 2. The first one was great.

:arrow: BassNectar is a great artist

I Really Should Play More Singleplayer

I finished Red Dead Redemption today, and it had one of (if not, the) best video game ending I've ever played. I struggled to get to the end, but it was undoubtedly worth it. I really only wish they'd made things more linear. I loved the freedom but it became a drag.

If anyone has any single player expiriences they would care to share, I'm all ears!

Flashing Lights

Less then half an hour ago I saw an ambulance with it's lights flashing pass through my neighborhood, and turn down the dead end street my grandmother lives on. The moments I spent speed walking to the corner were some of the worst of my life. I had no idea who needed the ambulance, I simply knew my 80 year old grandmother lived at the end of the street. I was blessed with a bitter sweet relief when it was at someone elses house, although I felt horrible for them. I went down to check on my grandmother, and she wasn't even there. She helps out at our city's church on Saturdays.

Crazy stuff. I hope my neighbors are alright. :|

I have no idea of how to transition from that, so I'll just move on and say that my summer job is over. I worked as a Counciler in Training (CIT) for the Parks and Recreation. It was certainly interesting, and even though certain times presented more cons then pros I know I'll be going back next year. I'll be getting paid more then almost any other over-the-table job a person my age can get, and it's undoubtedly interesting to work with kids.

I've also discovered the spectacular site http://www.kongregate.com/. It's a bunch of flash games, but it's part of the GameStop networks and all the games I've been playing are quality (unlike Addictinggames.com, which has deteriorated into absolute junk). It's definately worth checking out. I made an account, Korino55 so feel free to look me up. I also have a Steam account under the same name, although I rarely use the latter.

My summer adventure ends September 2. Wish me luck as a sophomore!

My Internet is as Inconsistant as ATT's Signal

My internet was down for the weekend, so I apologize for the (fashionably) late appearence to your blogs. My WiFi stopped working. I really should have gotten a ticket from the front desk to see some grumpy old man hunkered up behind his fortified desk, but instead I spent countless hours toiling away. After getting fed up for the last time, I convinced my dad that the wireless connection to the computer was more trouble then it's worth. So we drilled a hole from the basement to the computer room. It payed off though, the LAN connection is twice the speed.

I've been testing Steam out a little more, and I've found that the increased speed helps a lot. I still want a gaming computer, but they're just so damn expensive!

Anyways, I've been doing nothing all day long but wish I went golfing enough to have a chance to try out for the school team (golf has gotten big around my school, but I've only been to the driving range once). Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for ski season to arrive. :roll:

On the gaming front, I got back into Red Dead Redemtion. I had avoided it for quite a long time simply because I spent far too much time doing side quests. I had logged over ten hours, but didn't have more then 30% completed :shock:. Now, I'm strictly playing the main objectives and it's gotten a lot better. I think I ruined any chance at a replay, so after I'm done it's off to GameStop.

I'm so very bored right now, which makes me glad that I got a job for this summer. Speaking of my job, I have a strong suspicion someone's been taking my time card as a "joke". There are some councilers that are complete tools and treat CITs like freshmen on a varsity football team. Therefore, I was suspicious when my card dissapeared for the first time but though it may have just slipped under the table and out of sight. When it appeared the next morning, I thought "oh, someone found it and put it back on the table" so I clocked in with it. Then when I went to clock out, it was gone... again. I really hope it shows up again, otherwise I can't just go to the leader, I have to go to my boss. I hate time cards and scummy people :x

Oh, I almost forgot: Singularity was amazing. I finished it in TWO days, which is absolutely unheard of with me. I must say though, it was a little violent for my taste and it came damn close to copyright infringement. It used Bioshock's engine so the overall appearance looked like that, the advanced technology attached to your wrist shoots orange and blue objects, the two characters that help you are a young woman and a professor, there's a whole train section where your fighting a monster who's soft spots glow orange... the list goes on. Even with all the similarities, the game still had fantastic (and scary!) moments.

Out of curiosity: What time do you eat dinner? Although my life has become hectic, the average time I eat is 5:30. And have you heard of such a thing as peanut butter and jelly?


Mr. Max tagged me for the likes/dislikes and song chains going about! I do, however, want to make sure everyone knows: my iTunes library is years old. I've bought a few CDs here and there, but I haven't pumped serious money into it for a long time. I really just listen to Slacker Radio on my iPod (really the only reason I'm keeping my iPod. I love Slacker, and you should too!). Anyways, the rules are below and all the people I tagged are in the comments. Now, I know this stuff can get dry so I highlighted the interesting song-answers.

1. If someone says, "Is This Okay?" You Say?

Obsessed - Mariah Carey

2. How would you describe yourself?

Cookie Jar - Gym C1ass Heros

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?

Airplanes Pt 2 - B.O.B.

4. How do you feel today?

Roger That - Young Money

5. What is your life's purpose?

Billioniare - Travie McCoy

6. What is your Motto?

The Way I Are - Timberland

7. What do your friends think of you?

Riot - Three Days Grace

8. What do you think of your parents?

Come Close - Saosin

9. What do you think about often?

Worth Dying For - Rise Against

10. What is 2+2?

Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado

11. What do you think of your best friend?

Pop - 'N Sync

12. What do you think of the person you like?

Run This Town - Jay Z

13. What is your life story?

Habitat - Mos Def

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Pimpin' All Over The World - Ludacris

15. What do you think when you see someone you like?

I Think They Like It (Remix) - Now That's What I Call Music!

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Under Control - Parachute

17. What will they play at your funeral?

London Bridge [Radio Edit] (Oh Snap) - Fergie

18. What is your hobby/interest?

Loose Control - Missy Elliot

19. What is your biggest fear?

3 A.M. - Eminem

20. What is your biggest secret?

If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez

21. What do you think of your friends?

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

22. What will you put as the title?

Boston - Augustana

Now for three likes and two dislikes:

Garrett likes:

  • Skiing. From grade 3, I've been hitting the slopes religiously. I go with the school's ski club with friends and it's incredibly awesome. No, incredibly awesome doesn't cover it. It's my favorite sport with some of my best friends unwinding on a Thursday night. I also go every Sunday with my father. Skiing provides you with amazing oppertunities and a surprising amount of variety and beauty. You can go downhill or go cross country and everything in between, or just sit and let the land take your breath away (until you need it to warm your hands). I don't always realise it, but I'm extremly lucky to live so close to mountains. I'm thinking of trying out for the school's ski team, but it's a lot more of a challenge and I'm worried it could take enjoyment out of the expirience.
  • Literature. Although I've been reading less and less, and book prices have steadily been rising I love a good book. I've always been a strong reader, and It's helped me a ton. I've always used decent grammar without realizing it. I got the fourtune to sleep through all the english c1asss up to highschool because I read so much I knew what was up (how to properly form a sentence, how to write a letter, etc.). To be honest, I didn't know what a proper noun was until my second year of middle school :P.
  • Fireflies. I saw my first one ever in fourth grade. My sister has been riding horses since she could walk (no exaggeration), so I've always been a part of the farm oriented lifesty1e even though I live in the city. Well, everybody at the barn where she was was going on a trip to a farm in Vermont. Of course, my mother couldn't leave me home alone with my dad at work all day so she dragged my along for the four hour ride. The first night I was there, I saw a little twinkle in the woods. I rubbed my eyes, thinking it was just a house light or something. Then I saw another, and another. I moved from the campsite into the field and before me were more then I could count. It was like something from a fantasy novel; a sea of twinkling lights. I spent the whole night with the other kids playing in the field.

Garrett dislikes:

  • Drama. I'm probably one of the most easygoing people at all the camps I work at because I hate when people get upset. If a kid is doing something others wouldn't do, I decide if it's really worth yelling. Is the child at risk? Will anything be damaged? Will it be for better or worse in the long run? 9/10 times nothing bad comes from it and, if anything, the child got a positive expirience. I use the camp setting because it's what I'm thinking of right now, but it really happens everywheres.
  • My hands. They're always clammy, and I absolutely hate it. It sucks too, because when they get cold really fast it's hard to warm them up.

That's it! Thanks for reading!

I Wonder If My Cat Makes Cake...

On Saturday I spent my well earned money on a 42" Insignia Plasma TV. I posted about the LED we have upstars, but I moved my operations downstairs to I wouldn't interfere with my mom's favorite shows (including: Say Yes to the Dress. Those people spend days looking for thousand dollar dresses. It's nuts). Anyways, the bubble TV I was playing on was dated and games weren't showing up well. Bad Company 2 was the worst, as I couldn't read any of the writing or see icons. Now, I honestly feel like I'm walking down the road with mortar blasts going to either side of me. Along with my Turtle Beaches, I get an incredible gaming expirience. I spent for the TV fairly guilt free because I had saved a good deal of money from when I had a paper route for nearly three years in elementry, but now I'm going to save up for college and other "important" stuff I value less then a TV :P

I'm thinking about college a lot because my sister is going to one in New York in August (watch out, Steed). It's about four hours from here, so it's considerable driving but not nearly as wretched as it could be. I've always thought of going to college for graphic design in a modern place with a great roomate and a water slide from my room to my classes. When I visit the college I know I'll be in for a surprise.

My job is going ok. I just switched from my first camp to the second, and it's sitting kind of heavy with me. I was just getting to know names of kids and councilers, but now I'm moving to be the new kid again. To make matters worse, my two CIT friends that are working there are rotating together while I'm stuck with the slacker who's afraid of work and the girl that dates older guys and comes into work with a hangover.

We were assigned an extremely depressing book, A Long Way Gone, to read for summer reading. It's about a boy my age trying to escape war and terrorizing rebels. If it were a game it would have to stretch to stay at an M rating. I think it's putting a damper on my mood lately. Thanks, teacher I haven't met yet! :roll:

Anyways, let's end with a good note, huh?


You have to love a kitten offering desserts.

I went to work...and liked it!? O_O

Yeah, I'm using the "Business" category for this one.

All this week I've been going to orientation as a CIT (Counsiler in Training) for my summer job at the Parks and Rec where I'll be learning hands on how to take care of 100 kids per camp. Even from orientation, I can tell this will be the best summer I've ever had. That may be a bold statement for others, but all my past summers have been paper routes or wiffle ball with a whole lot of sitting around. Although I've had to sit for up to 27 hours already, it's for the job (learning how to care for children) so at least I've been paid. The first day they paid us to watch Toy Story 3 as a team bonding activity, paid us for an ice cream break, and paid us to slip and slide to escape today's heat.

Next week I'm going strawberry picking, having a regular day at the camp, and going to the beach. I honestly can't wait! The only thing I'm worried about is how I'm going to get to all the different camps. Because I'm new, they're rotating me: two weeks at every camp. There are four camps and I don't have a car, so it's going to be trickey to figure transportation out.


I really must say that Red Dead is no fun anymore. All the quests are getting dull and repetitive, and a climax was really weak. I feel compelled to write a review for it.