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I think I have been through every browser, of course it started with Firefox, then Safari (god knows why) and here I am on Chrome

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Quite simply with the increased popularity and of the accessibility of console gaming companies have decided to cater for the consoles and subsequently PC gamers get the crappy ports and its not even like the console games are any good

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Another Logitech, G500, reasonably cheap, not as high DPI as big money mouses but honestly past a certain count you can't detect a difference (unless you are use to it)

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Waiting for streaming to be included then either dual boot with laptop or virtual box, could be quiet useful

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I currently own the Logitech G500 which I have to say is a pretty nice mouse, 5200 DPI (I think) very comfortable, has grips and weight cartridge and quite cheap. Also has other nifty features. I recommended it highly.

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I literally have no time nor oxygen for this person

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Yeah, I chose the free 2-3 day delivery on my controller from them and I received it on the same day that I got my PS3 (ordered on the same day with next day delivery), even provided tracking. Great service

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Cheers guys

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If you subscribe for say 3 months, don't enjoy your stay and don't renew your subscription then say 2 months later a game you want comes up and you resubscribe will you lose the games you had during your first time or would you lose them?

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Seemed to be something wrong with their servers :/

Found the exact same bundle for £199 at GAME, then order an extra Dualshock from ShopTo. However I got an email from GAME this morning saying it had been dispatched now considering orders above use DPD I expected it to arrive today, however I haven;'t even been provided a tracking number for my parcel, keep looking out the window hoping to see a van pull up

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