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So I've Been Here 2 Years - My GS Story :P

Yes, it's my 2 year anniversary for the day I first joined Gamespot! :o Well, it is as I'm currently typing this. Knowing how fast I type my blogs, it'll probably be the day after once this thing is posted. :P

It doesn't feel like it's been that long.

Okay, so I know I said I would make a video for this blog, but I don't have time right now, and I didn't get a chance earlier today since I was out of the house most of the day. So I'll make one for my next blog for the 4 times I got tagged. :P

But right now, I'm just gonna make a blog that kinda sums up my two years here on GS, along with all the unions I've been a part of, and all the good friends I met here. It'll probably end up being pretty long, sorry about that. :P Then we'll see where I go from there. :P


July 31, 2008. I log onto Gamespot like I've been doing for about a year now. I always go here ever since my friend Joseph told me about it. Up until now, I never really thought of making an account on here. But I saw how a lot of people were exchanging friend codes on the Wii Forums, and I suddenly wanted to play Wii games over WiFi with someone. :P But I didn't have many friends added on WiFi, so I made an account to make more friends over WiFi. :P 5 minutes later, koopa_shell was born! :o

So, soon after joining, I found out about unions, which I thought would be the best place for making friends to play over WiFi against. Soon enough, I joined a small union called Wegank and Bob's Epic Gaming Union. I met a few people, but never got to know any of them really well. A few days later, I joined the Conduit Union and the Great Nintendo Gamer Union. Upon joining the second one, I met bak1234567890. He was the first person here on GS who I became good friends with. But I didn't become good friends with him right then. At that time he was just more like an acquaintance.

So after a few months of barely posting in unions where I barely knew anyone, I found a certain post in the Union Recruitment Board. It was a thread made by papermariofan57 asking for charter members for his new Nintendo union. Being the big Nintendo fan that I was, I decided to join. I could tell by Paper's response to my post that he thought I would probably not be very active, since my post count was less than 100 and I was already a part of GS for a few months. But he let me be a charter anyway. And that's when I pretty much started posting regularly, and I pretty much forgot about only joining GS for getting friend codes.

So I think it was later on that night, that the Big Nintendo Nations union was formed. I met a lot of people there who I became very good friends with. Paper, the leader, was a great friend to me then, and is still one of my best friends today. :) He's always a nice person. He seems to never get mad, even when one of us poked fun at his grammar. :P I also met DapieguyofDoom, Frankie123457, Tal-Pal, jak10, FireEmblem_RD, RandomWarrior, and 255Utah, who were all great friends. They acted pretty random too, especially Frankie. :P Super_Fly was a pretty awesome guy, too, and a great designer. Unfortunately, I don't talk to these 5 guys anymore, and Super_fly and Frankie were banned. :(

As the union progressed, a lot of Paper's friends steadily moved into the union. I talked with bak a lot about gaming, especially the Conduit, Metroid, and Sonic. Mightychir was always talking about random stuff that made me laugh. I also met Desulated here. I didn't become good friends with him at first either, but I did later.

About a month after the start of the Nintendo Nations, I received an invitation from bak to join the Zelda Universe Union. As soon as I joined, I met Gregdawg, who I instantly got to know really well. In fact, Greg promoted me to officer the day after I joined, even though I never asked to be one. I also met boardn720 here, who was one of my best friends, and still is a good friend with me. Greg, boardn, and I would have gamenights playing MarioKart or Call of Duty at least twice a week. I also met GreenFire, shyguy, and bbkkristian here, who made the union even better.

As time went by, more people joined the ZUU, including Desulated and Slyfur. The main thing I remember about them are their passionate hate for Navi, and how they pretty much declared war on bak for being a Navi supporter. :lol: Despite me being a Navi supporter as well, I still made good friends with both of them. Des talked a lot about games like C&C, which I really liked back then. And Fur, I don't know, I think I remember she acted kinda random. :P Either way, both of them are still some of my best friends today. One day, I received an invite to the Forum Games Union from Fur. Interested in the small union, filled with what appeared to be a lot of random threads, :P I decided to join.

Upon joining, I met the leader, Marrium1 (later known as Mr_Jenkins), as well as BrunoBRS and Courtney817. Marrium was probably one of the most random users I've met on GS. From what I remember, he always seemed to be arguing with Fur and making fun of Bruno. The assortment of threads in the union finally made sense after meeting him. :P But he's a cool guy nonetheless, and one of my best friends. Bruno seemed like the calm, quiet, laidback guy of the union. And Courtney was probably the friendliest and nicest person I've met on GS. who is another of my best friends here. About a week later, Courtney's boyfriend, Aidan129 joined the union. He was also very friendly, and one of the funniest people I know on here. He also likes talking about himself. :P He's another one of my best friends here.

While I was joining all these new unions and making new friends, I still regularly posted in the Big Nintendo Nations. But by this time, it was starting to go down in activity. After trying many times to bring activity up, Paper just decided to make a new union, called the Guide and Discussion Union, which I was also a charter member of. The union grew quickly. I got to know mario_brawler and smokingsbad. They were both awesome friends, and smokings was insanely funny, but I don't talk to either of them much anymore. But I also got to meet the awesome regent, Cloud765, PolskaKing, silent-hero, Zeldarocks, and Nightmare in the union's early days. (It's getting late, and I can't name all of you that I met in that union, so be sure that you're all awesome!) I also met Munchgun in this union, who is definitely one of my best friends here. He's very funny, friendly, and just a nice guy.

It was around April when I was invited to the Catz Clan union. I can't remember who it was. though, who invited me. Most of my friends from the Forum Games union were part of this union as well, so it wasn't hard to decide whether to join or not. :P The first person I met was twilightlullaby. She was another one of the friendliest and nicest people I met here. I also met Dragon66116 who didn't talk much, but he was a pretty funny guy and a great friend. Later on, RikusGirl joined the union. She reminded me a lot of Fur, it was kinda scary. :P As for the union itself, it was like off-topic chaos. :lol:

Not long since that point, Dragon made an off-topic union called the Magic Cafe Union. There I made another good friend, LittleGreenDog. Besides her, though, everyone else in the union was someone I already knew. There was also a union devoted to Aidan that I joined. I met Red and deception there. Deception posted a lot of random things, but he's a nice guy. Red, he had a dirty mind, (:lol: ) but he was still a cool guy.

Not much happened for the next few months. I didn't join any unions of importance or meet new people. Up until early this year, zeldafreak joined the Guide and Discussion Union, who is a friendly guy and always has funny videos to show people. :P He is one of best friends on here too. SuperfastSonic, Greenfire, deception, mariostar, oceanbacon, and DrAwesome also joined the Catz Clan, and all of them are awesome people. 8) I was also invited by LGD to her new union a few weeks ago, where I met omegagland, a guy who's just cool to talk to.

There are some of you I didn't meet through unions as well. Like nintendoecx, I met him through 255Utah over xat.com. He's an awesome guy and another one of my best friends. And so is BlazikenTails, a friendly and funny person I met through blog comments. And to all of you who I didn't mention, just know that I think that you're all awesome. :D If I had the time to put all of you in this blog, I would.


Okay, so I want to apologize for this blog being so long. I didn't expect for it to be that long. :oops: It took me like 4 hours to type.

If some of you didn't read the whole thing, I honestly don't blame you. :P

Alright, so next blog, I'll do whatever it is I have to do for the tagging game, but in video form! :o

And before closing this blog, I just want to thank all of you for being great friends. :)

...now I'm going to bed.

World of Color

Okay, so last night I went to Disney California Adventure, right next to Disneyland, for some special previewing of some show. We do this a lot, since my mom works at Disneyland, and the employees always get a chance to watch shows or get on rides before they're open to the rest of the public.

So I was expecting this"World of Color"show to be like the rest of the shows we've seen before. These shows are always pretty cool, but I never think they're that great. All I wanna say is that what I saw last night was freakin' trippy. :P I'm not usually impressed by these kinds of things, but I really liked this one. Usually their shows are just like fireworks. This one was a water/light show with like 10 different Disney movie themes. The different jets of water would shoot into the air with a bunch of different color lights shining on them, and often a giant screen of water would be used to project clips from the movies.

It looks a lot better than how I'm describing it. :P I just wanna say, if any of you ever get a chance to see the World of Color show at California Adventure, you should.

And another thing: Expecting Lakers to win tonight. 8) :P

The only thing good about summer...

...is that there's no school.

Everything else about the summer sucks! :x And by everything else I mean the weather. I despise hot weather. And here in the LA area, summer day temperatures usually range from mid 80s to mid 90s. Not only that, but its more humid than during the winter, especially in the mornings. :x

But at least I don't have school... for 3 weeks. :P Then I go to summer school for a month and a half for some AP prep courses. At least its only two 2-hour classes.

So anyway yesterday was my first day of vacation. Thursday was my last day of school. I had to go in at 10:30 to do my Music final exam, and I got out at 11:45. :D It was easy as hell. 8) I wish I could say the same about the rest of my exams. :P I aced my Religion and my Bilingual Spanish final (without studying 8)), but my English final was pretty tough. I had 5 or 6 essays I had to write, plus some questions on a Scantron. I suck at essays. :P And my Honors Biology exam was brutal. Even the smartest sophomore in the whole school thought it was hard. And he has like an encyclopedia built into him. He can even win a game of chess in less than 10 turns. And he thought it was hard! I wouldn't be surprised if I got an A on that test, but I also wouldn't be surprised if I failed. :P

Anyway I made a new sig yesterday. :D Wanna know what inspired me to make it? Probably not. But I'mma tell ya anyway! :P

It was this music video (strong language warning :o). I just saw it yesterday, and I loved the song, so I made a sig based on the video. Tell me what you think of it!

That song is actually off of Xzibit's album coming out later this year. Normally, I'm NOT a fan of modern rap. But based on the two songs released from this album already, I'd say that Xzibit is one of the very few rappers that still make good music. Snoop Dogg's not good anymore. Eminem's last album makes me think that the same is going to happen to him. I don't know about Dr. Dre's upcoming album. I know he did a song with Jay-Z, so I might be losing my faith in him too. :P But definitely this year, I'm getting Xzibit's and Ice Cube's new albums. 8)

Okay, no more rap. I know most of you can't stand it anyway (for some strange reason). :P

I don't usually watch basketball, or any sport for that matter, but I always watch it when the Lakers make it to the Finals. Some Laker fan I am, huh? :P This year, they're gonna beat Boston! :x And Kobe's gonna get his fifth ring. 8)

LosAngelesLakersEveryoneelsesucks.jpg lakers image by rayray323_2008

Let's go, L.A.!! :D

Nearly Finished!

Last Thursday was my last day of classes! :D It was supposed to be Friday, but I skipped school on Friday to go to my sister's 8th grade graduation. 8) The only thing I have left is the Finals this week. Just 5 more tests and I'm done with school! The only thing I'm complaining about is the fact that the English final is the very first one we take. :x I hate English class, and I hate writing even more. It's mostly because I have a hard time putting my ideas into words. The other exams should be pretty easy, though. Especially since I already did my exam for math as I mentioned in my last blog.

By the way, nobody was able to finish that math test! Not even the smartest people in the class. I'm guessing I got somewhere between a high D and a low C. We weren't give the amount of time we needed. My teacher said he would curve the test, though, since he designed the test to last 2 hours when we only got an hour and a half, so that's a big relief.

I woulda blogged about this earlier, but on Thursday afternoon I was too lazy, Friday I was at my sister's graduation, Saturday I was at my friend's house, and today (technically yesterday since it's 7 past midnight currently) I was too lazy to blog until now. :P And tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's house for a party to celebrate my cousin coming home for summer from MIT. She's freakin' smart! :shock:The only one in the family who's smarter than me. :P We had a small "party" for her today too at my dad's house by having sopes for dinner (there's no authentic Mexican food in Boston, so whenever she comes home she wants my grandma to cook). Sopes also happen to be my favorite Mexican food. 8)

lp_sopes.jpg image by foodhoe


Anyway, even though the regular school year is almost over, I'm going to have to start cIasses during the summer only a few weeks after. :cry: I have to take prep cIasses for APUSH and AP Chem for next year. I also really need to take Driver's Ed since my carpool that takes me to school won't be able to give me a ride anymore once the regular school year starts again. On top of all that, I also plan on signing up for summer basketball. But I'm debating whether or not to stick to that plan since I should probably spend that time on trying to get my license and studying for my other two cIasses...

Anyways, with school stuff aside, I need to know if any of you who have any of the DS Pokemon games has a Buneary/Lopunny at any level and any gender they would like to trade me. I need it to breed a Sneasel with Ice Punch as an Egg Move. :P Or if you have a Piplup, Cyndaquil, or Turtwig at any level. I have some other starters I can trade for them. Or if you want something else for them, just ask. My SoulSilver FC is 2837-2998-1584. If you have Live Messenger add me: javier_ruiz84@yahoo.com to trade. If not, just send me a PM. ;) And if anyone else wants to add me on Messenger, go ahead.

Aight well, I gotta go to sleep since I have to wake up at... whenever the hell I want to! :P

Why Now?!

I had to get sick now. :x I get a cold at least once a month during the spring, but why now!? I would normally just skip school with a cold this bad, but I have my final exam for Precalculus tomorrow, which I'm not gonna miss. I have to take it early since it's a senior class and all the seniors graduate this week, so the rest of us sophomores and juniors in the class have to take it earlier than our other exams. It's also the class that I have the lowest grade in: a B- . :cry: :P

I just hope my cold doesn't affect my performance on the test. I'm nervous enough as it is. I know most of the material really well, but I'm afraid that I'll do poorly for some reason like a good number of my other tests in the class. Plus I'mm still really shaky on trigonometric identities, and angular speedwhich I fear might be a good portion of the test. I hope not. :|

Hopefully during lunch, after my test, I can convince the nurse to let me go home if I'm still feeling bad. :P

I'll get to miss the stupid-as-hell music test if I do. :D

Well, I'm going to be getting 5 hours of sleep for tomorrow. 8) G'night!!

Another Procrastination Blog

I did it again.

I waited to the last minute to do a paper! :x

Thank God I'm about 80% done with this one. I just need something to keep me from falling asleep at my desk. Actually...it's not even a desk, more like a nightstand. :P

I have to do an APA research paper on the science experiment I mentioned a few blogs ago. Based on the result, plants in the presence of magnets and magnetized water have a 50% chance of growing bigger than a regular plant,and a 50% chance of not growing at all. :lol: I'm sure that's not really true, something just went wrong I'm guessing.

All I have left to write is the conclusion, reference list and the abstract. If I'm too tired I'll just save the abstract for the morning. Hopefully my mom actually wakes me up in the morning. It seems like every time I plan on finishing stuff in the morning, she doesn't wake me up and I wake up late. :roll:

On to something else...

Ever since Easter, I've played over 100 hours of Pokemon SS. :| I have a lv. 1 Treecko, Totodile, Torchic, and Carmander if anyone wants to trade. I'll get Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Chikorita, and Mudkip soon. If anyone has some hard-to-find pokemon (especially a Beldum :o) I'll trade. Even if they're not that rare or if they're at a low level, if I don't have it yet, I'll trade for it. :P

My brother recently got his own DS, so now I don't have to share with him! 8)

Man, after this paper, I pretty much have nothing big left at school. Just some stupid project for Spanish. I have to make a video of me interviewing someone with a job I would like, but it has to be in Spanish, even if the person we're interviewing doesn't speak Spanish. :| We have to translate, which is easy, but freakin' pointless. The only person I know who is a computer programmer is my teacher, who doesn't speak spanish and I don't like him very much. :P

But besides that, I only have 14 more days of school, :D not counting the 3 half days I have to go during June for testing.

Alright, well I'm not feeling tired right now (I will be in a few minutes though, :P) so I'm gonna finish my conclusion and reference page and get to bed.


I Can See My Teeth!

I got my braces off today! :D It feels so good without them on. I've had them for 2 and a half years. It should have been only 2, but my mom always scheduled appointments during my basketball games, and had to reschedule like 4 times. :roll:

I'm so glad it was in the afternoon, which means I got to miss half of English class (:D) and all of Pre-Cal. But now I have to wear these freakin' retainers for a year at least.I can't even talk right with them! :x

Anyway, it's late, and I just wanted to blog about this before I go to bed.

....'kay then, bye. :P

Spring Break and I Got a New Laptop

Yeah, I'm on Spring Break! :D It's currently13 minutes past the start of Day 3. 8) 9 More days after this one.

Too bad I'm not going to go anywhere for the break. And I have to do a science experiment for Biology. My friend Ricardo and I are doing an experiment on the effects of magnetism on plant growth. And I have to make an advertisement for an imaginary Supermercado (supermarket) for Bilingual Spanish. And I have 90 problems on inverse trigonometric functions for Precalculus. And I have to put together an autobiography for English. :x

At least I don't have to actually be at school. :P I get to go to sleep later and wake up later. I don't wake up too late though, since I always get a headache when I wake up later than 9:30. :P Maybe I'll get to go fishing during the break. :D I haven't gone in a long time...

I'll also be able to play videogames again in 3 more days. The first thing I'm doing when I get back from church on Easter morning is playing my DS. :lol: Maybe Advance Wars.

I also got a new laptop today! :D So my mom's boyfriend moved in with us from Samoa, and he gets lot of income since he was in the military. So we're actually like... middle class now. :P So today my sister and I each got a new laptop. 8) Though it's going to take some time to get used to, it's a lot better than my old PC. This laptop has 4GB of RAM and a 450 GB hard drive, compared to the PC I've been using which has 256MB or RAM and an 18GB hard drive. :lol: That's almost like16 times faster and 25 times bigger! :o I was able to run Skype, Windows Media Player, MSN, Windows Explorer, and 2 tabs in the Internet while transferring all the music from my MP3 player into my Music folder all at the same time! :shock: I was never able to do that before. :P

It also includes a built in webcam.

:o Who's that guy? :P

I keep accidentally hitting something. There's a lot of touch-sensitive stuff around the keyboard, so sometimes a different program comes up, or I accidentally go back a few pages on the Internet. Luckily, it saves whatever I'm typing, or else I would never finish this blog. :P

:o It just zoomed out, and I don't know how I did it! I didn't even hit "control" or "+". I think theapostrophe key did it. :?

Anyway, I gotta go to bed now. This blog took a lot longer than it should have thanks to my low experience with laptops. :P

And before I forget, to those of you who know Munchgun, his new name is "Mu-Ma-Maxwell". Yes, the "Mu-Ma" is part of his name too. :P

One Week Left!

I have a week left until I can finally play video games again! :D

I gave up video games for Lent, meaning I can't play video games starting the day after Mardis Gras all the way until Easter. And Easter is only a week away! I'll finally be able to play Call of Duty Reflex, Dead Space, Spirit Tracks, and Bowser's Inside Story again. I still have to finish all of them. And I've been wanting to buy SoulSilver so that I can play that on Easter too. My brother already bought HeartGold. He chose Chikorita as his starter, I think mainly because he knew I would pick Totodile as mine. :P With Dead Space, I'm pretty close to the end, so that'll probably be one of the first things I do.

I also have only 2 days left of school before my Easter break. I actually get more than 10 days off for once! Now I get 12. :P Including the weekends. But I think my school should just give us the whole week off instead. Only 2 school days just means having each of my classes once. -_- I have a Music test tomorrow too. I'll just BS it like I always do and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about. :lol: My teacher's an idiot, I always get around a B or something. But for all my other classes, there's not much we can do. Just give us the whole 2 weeks! :x

...Alright, well I think I'm done here. Bye!

Its Past Midnight. I'm Bored and I'm Procrastinating.

It's about 12:30am as I'm starting this blog. I'm blogging 'cause I'm bored. I don't usually blog out of boredom, either...

I should be doing an essay for my Computer Hardware class. We have to choose a video game system and explain how it changed over the years in terms of hardware and technology. Like the processor, graphical capabilities and all that stuff... I just don't want to do it. I'm seriously so bored I'm just going to type about random stuff...

So I'm posting with Munchgun right now in the TGADU trying to research the PS3 and write a blog at the same time. :o By the way, you should join that union, the Guide and Discussion Union. Very fun off-topic discussion union.

I'm listening to Michael Jackson right now. 8)

Oh, yeah, I finally made a new banner and blog header to replace my old Christmas ones, as well as a new avy and sig. :PI was home sick on Tuesday so I had time to finally do it. :D I was originally going to make all my designs in an abstract lightingstyIe but that didn't turn out good, so I decided to use four of my favorite rappers. Dr. Dre in my avy, Xzibit in my sig, 2pac in my blog header, and Mos Def in my banner. 8)

I think I'll post some of my favorite songs by them for the very few of you who may be interested in it, and just to annoy the rest of you who aren't. :lol:

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' But a G Thang(My friend can rap to this song like crazy)

2pac & Dr. Dre - California Love

Dr. Dre, Xzibit & Eminem - What's the Difference

2pac - Ghetto Gospel

Xzibit - LAX

Mos Def (& Talib Kweli) - Thieves in the Night

Well, it's about 1am now, and I still don't feel like finishing my essay.I still have 2 pages left to write. I might do 1 and a quarter page, and fill the rest with pictures. :P

Ever since the Chilean earthquake, I've been worrying a bit about the big earthquake that is supposedly going to hit Southern California, where I live, soon. :?

Ummm... I bought some new earphones today! :D

Oh I just remembered, my basketball team finished season a few weeks ago. We got first place in our league. :D Our varsity team got last place though. :P

Some of you already know: I really hate my music teacher. And so does everyone else at my school. We started a petition to get rid of him. Someone even tricked him into signing it. :|

I'm bored, I ran out of ideas to write down, Munch left, and there's nobody to talk to on MSN... :|

Dammit... it's 1:45 now. I guess I'll finish my essay now.

Comment on my new designs, and join TGADU!Y'know... if you want to. :P

Sorry about this pointless ramble, I was just really bored. :P