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I'M BAAAAAaaaaaack!!!

Hey everybody,

Well it's beenabout a year since i was on last,and I'm sure i've missed a ton of stuff,with the unions and friends.Soif you still remember me wright a comment or something just to let me know i still got Buddy's on here who remember me:D.

My first Blog header come look.

Well there it is above this blog:D,do yall like it?,it's my first GIMP created Header,I know I have got a long ways before I am as good as some of you Designers:),Please rate.Hope yall like it:D.Cya8)

GIMP questions

Hey everybody I have been doing a lot of GIMP work but there are a few things that I just can't figure out,so plz help me if you can:D.

1.How do I add graphics like that clouds or faded stuff you see?.

2.after I make a sig how do I get it to gamespot?,I have tried to copy and paste,and I tried properties,but neither worked:(.

3where is the best place to find naruto pics?(besides Photobucket:P).

And anything other tips you could give me would be appreciated:D.Cya8)

I am now a GIMP user.

Well thanks to your comments I went and downloaded GIMP,but I mostly picked GIMP because it's free (I am cheap:P),so right now I am still trying to figure out how to use it,it is COMPLICATED!!,well it's complicated to me:P(I am not as smart as some:P).So I will see y'all later I am still learning:D:P.

GIMP or Photoshop?

Well I was considering making sigs banners and other stuff but I don't know witch software is better GIMP or Photoshop.so tell me witch is better?

Movie's to see list.

Well here is a list of movies I plan on seeing.

1.You don't mess with the Zohan.


3.The incredible Hulk.

4.Get smart.

those look like really good movies so I shall see them ALL!!!!!!:D.What about y'all?,what movies are you planing on seeing?.Cya8)

Answer to the riddle

Well I guess there aren't that many smart people here on gamespot:lol::P,Except one,Kidflash2000 congratulations dude,you have won.....um....the title of being the least stupid:lol:,(kidding).But here is the answer.

Q:What is more powerful than God?,more evil than the Devil?,the rich need it,the poor have it,and if you drink it you will die.

A : (Nothing)is more powerful than God,(Nothing)is more evil than the Devil,the rich need (Nothing),the poor have (Nothing),and if you drink(Nothing) you will die.

I hope y'all enjoyed my little game.Cya8)

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