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PS4: When the smoke is clear, there's always a catch

Sony announced that PS+ is required for multiplayer on the PS4. Though many of us are happy to pay the annual fee of $50, that is not the problem.


Our first issue is how the PSN structure works, allowing only one user on the system to enjoy PS plus. Whether it's avatars, or soon the ability to play online. Does this mean for each PS4, we'll pay $50 a year per account so we can play online? If so, why don't you do what Xbox live are doing and offer a family pack? Except this time, the secondary accounts don't have to redeem anything. You basically pay to instantly make another user a PS+ user. I will update this blog entry soon with a link to a suggestion page on the PSN blog website. It'd be wonderful if you could all upvote the suggestion.


The second and more important issue is the fact that there are still many countries out there without a PSN store. I've been trying to get the message across for days.

Country not supported error

I know most of the users here are from the US, and may not care much, but this is a huge deal. It would be nice to get some support because otherwise, PS4 will be single player only in our countries. I just spoke to a Sony chat support agent and he informed me that it is against the user agreement policy to create an account with a false country/region. If you're not adding a store, or not allowing us to subscribe to PS+, why are you going to sell PS4 in our countries?


Can all countries have some sort of a regional store? Can we change location? Can we move trophies and details to another account? Can we have a family pack? Can PS+ users download a free online pass rather than check for plus subscription mid-game? All of these suggestions are techincally feasible. Just go ahead with them, or announce that you will.


In the end, is PS4 really the perfect console? Everything seemed so perfect. The games, the hardware, the design, the lack of spying features, etc. I have been extremely frustrated with this announcement. Assuming I do have PS plus account, I still want to play online with my other accounts as well but that'll require an extra fee.


I hope we don't have to move back from consoles to PC.