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5 Years already?

Damn does time fly. hard to believe ive been here for 5 years.

i have been a member since January 30, 2008.

forgot to make my blog for last years anniversary.

since my last blog ive gone up considerably in post count. am now at: 18146. getting ever so closer to 20k. i should hit that before the years done.

am now level 56=Mr. X. have gone up 19 levels since my last blog. holy crap thats alot. part is due to the level glitch(turned out to be intentional) and other part is due to the new leveling system.

My TMR has also gone up quite a bit, now at: 30,735,003

the year 2012 marked an important time for me here. it was the year that i started posting regularly in OT, making a name for myself. and i must say, its been fun.

i have enjoyed my stay here at GS. made some geat friends, some unexpected friends. have had a great time and will continue to do so.also really enjoy the new ToU, even though i was still able to get modded under it:P

GS has pretty much become a part of my life and has let me open up a bit. i dont know what id be doing without this site.

Heres to another year!

1,109 Days and still posting :D

So as of about 14 days ago, i have been a member here at Gamespot for 3 years. wow thats a long time lol. ive finally hit 10k posts a couple months ago. my post count now is: 10193, although it should be higher but GS seems to have S*** the bed. not sure ill ever get 20k:P ive gone up a whole whopping 6 levels since last year:P. now im level 37 (84%) and my TMR is even higher now at: 19,498,515. thats like 6million more than last year. and yes im still an avid lurker:P

i have enjoyed my stat here at gamespot, and will continue to enjoy it...well depending on whether or not all the glitches/bugs get resolved. Unions have a server fail thing and posting elsewhere makes you double post then have to reload entire page, its just extremely anoying to post. i hope these problems get fixed soon.

like i said last year, im surprised ive been a member this long. 3 years is quite a long time to be a member for a website:P

well heres to another year:D

My top 5's

so there is nothing on tv, nothing to do, so i figured ill make some top five lists.

NOTE- these are not necessarily things that came out in 2010, just things i liked throughout the year

Top 5 Bands/singers of 2010:

1. Tool

2. Breaking Benjamin

3. Jason Derulo

4. Disturbed

5. tied with couple others


Top 5 games of 2010

1. Left 4 Dead 2

2. God of War III

3. Fable III

4. Mass Effect 2

5. Left 4 Dead


Top 5 movies of 2010

1. Kick-Ass

2. The Hangover (oldie but goodie.)

3. Avatar

4.Boondock Saints

5. Cop Out

there was other movies ive seen this year but cant remember the names.

thats it for now.

'Tis been a while

so my last blog was like 4 months ago. it really doesnt seem like its been four months. time seems to be flying by.

well my posting is gonna be down a little bit, my Laptops HDD is f***ed so now i have to wait for my dad to decide to call Dell and get a new one. fun fun. so now im restricted to the Desktop, which my parents use alot, so i have to find time to get online. on top of that, our Router also s*** the bed so i have no xbox live. im going crazy :P. hopefully my dad sets up the router today like he said.

hmm, what else. oh i guess ill make a list of my upcoming purchases for no reason at all, im bored:P

next paycheck i should be getting more money. my sister is working two jobs now.

my parents are making us move all the consoles to the basement, so im gonna have to invest in a wireless adapter for my 360.

i plan on buying A perfect Circle, im gonna start with Mer de Noms

also got to get Disturbeds new album.

umm i thought there was more but i cant think of them.

well i guess thats it for this random blog:P

About my hiatus(kinda taking a break)

So as some of you have noticed, ive kinda disappeared or havent posted much lately.

i guess ive kinda gotten bored of GS for now, so im kinda gonna take a break from GS for a while, might get on every once in a while. ive got alot going on right now, with job searching, and planning for my sisters wedding(i get to be a Groomsmen:D. i could haven been Best Man, but i hate giving speeches so i opted out:P). then i gotta find time to play vidya games:P might finally finish my insanity run in Mass Effect, im still at the Disabled Collector ship(actually havent played that file for months, got pissed off and gave up:P). then more job searching, which is a pain, no one is hiring:x

so just letting you guys know.

Woop Woop!!. Ive done it:D

so today woke up at 7am and went to the school for graduation practice.

came home and played some GoWIII, and was in awe. i fell in love with a certain soul stealing pair of claws. i prefer those over the blades of exile.

then from around 1pm to 5pm i was cleaning and getting ready for the night. left the house at 6pm to go to my graduation ceremony.

Finally Graduated. feels awesome. dont have to deal with high school and the stupid rules.:D

got home at round 11:30pm. gonna go to bed soon.

then tomarow is another busy day, we are having my graduation party with family. gonna be fun but tiring.

its just awesome though to be graduated, and to think i was extremely close to dropping out. once i got into trouble, i got sent to juvy and my parents asked me if i wanted to just drop out and get my GED. i almost said yes, but decided to finish out school. im extremely glad i did. i have no regrets.

Yay Class of 2010!!!!!!:D

Its been a long road, buts finally just about over.

So next tuesday is my last real day of school, we have our senior banquet on wednesday but we dont really go to school for long. then after that im done until Friday where i have to go to school at 8am for graduation practice, which is held at a college(SWIC) nearby. so ill go to school then get bused to SWIC for practice. then go home and return to SWIC at 6:15. then the actual Graduation Ceremony begins at 7pm. after that day, im offically done with high school:D I can and cant wait for it.:P i enjoy being with my friends at school but at the same time i dont like school:P

what i find funny is while the freshman, sophomore, and juniors will be waking up early and going to school, ill be in my nice cozy bed sleeping. the seniors get out like two weeks earlier than everyone else:D

then that following saturday we are having lots of family over for a graduation party. i cant wait.

it just feels kinda weird knowing that im graduating and not just on summer vacation, idk its just a weird feeling i cant describe.


also depending on how much graduation money i get, im planning on buying a PS3 and GoW3. ive already, technically got half of a 20gb PS3 paid off. my mom is giving me 150 towards the PS3 for my grad present.:D

so hopefully in the near future(couple weeks from now) ill have a PS3 and GoW3(which is something i never thought id have):D

Taking a break

Im taking a break from gamespot, not sure how long it will be. i need to try to focus on school(not really though, i only need to pass one class) and am having some personal problems with me and my family that i need to sort out before it gets too far out of hand and before more rumors or w/e are spread. my grandma started some drama and pissed me off. she is real religious along with most of my family and she now thinks im athiest and im sure she has told everyone she knows about it. thats just one of the problems im dealing with. so ill post when everything is taken care of.

Another year under my belt :D

So as of 3 days ago, ive been a GS member for 2 years:D not sure if tha is a good or bad thing:P i stil havent hit the 10k mark but im getting close. only about 2k more to go:D i will say i have not been posting much lately due to school work and stuff like that but i will post as much as i can. ive accumulated 8230 posts and have a TMR of 13447876. i tend to be a bit of a lurker:P and am now level 31:D never thought id be a member for this long honestly but im still here. anyway heres to another year:D