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This is my first blog post in a while.

I have been playing wow lately which i picked up. I am lel 47 almost 48 on icecrown with my gnome mage kimick. Wow is a fun game. My house was robbed so i got a new laptop, psp and games etc. on my ps2 to replace the old games i got RE:4 and guitar hero with two controllers, only 3 games were stolen. I was pretty annoyed they stole my memory card for ps2 so i lost my GoW save and i was right near the end! My new games for psp are Ridge racer 2 (i wanted to get one and cause i wans't paying for it, i figured i'd let the insurance people suffer paying twice as much for 5 new cars lol) Field commander (O.K a pretty good game but i am a bit stuck) Syphon filter (Pure ownage, awesome game) Tekken 5 DR (awesome game again) and also Fifea world cup (the world cup was on at taht time so i got this, kinda regret it but it's a fun game)

More new games

I picked up some more games-
Devil may cry 3
God of war
Metal gear solid 2
burnout legends
-i am hoping to start playing world of warcraft and cs:s soon.

new psp games :)

For my birthday i got SFAM3 which i love to he max.
i have since traded in my nintendo ds and pre ordered daxter nd socom for the psp and am now counting down those days till they arrive


Hi my b day is ext week hoping to get some money,
i got dynasty warriors but found it too easy so then i got MGA which i finished and then i got thug 2 remix which is fantastik so now i am looking to buy either SFAM3 or MK:U and probably an RPG like tales of eternia OR wait and get another game coming out alter, deep thought this requires


For christmas i got my psp
now i have both a psp and a ds
i got wipeout pure. now i am looking to buy a 1 gb memory stick and probably dynasty warriors.