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Family Games Found!! (spoliers)

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After looking and getting over the ratings some games have been given I have finally found some "family friendly" games for my PS3. Now I wouldn't recommend some of them for young kids, the kids I have are ages 11 and 15, so they are fine for them.

The list:

Assassin's Creed - some blood, but not gory. The kids liked the high dives and finding all the flags.

Conflict: Denied Ops - love the death-match options it was the best family fun we have had in a long time and my 11 year old is the best shot in our house!!

Ratchet & Clank - No explanation needed

Burnout - They love the crashes and the races keep them biting their nails and cheering!

Motor-storm - Just like burnout for them, they really get into it, which is surprising for girls!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Just like playing a comic book, we have had hours of family fun with this one.

And like so many others we are waiting for Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman along with Star Wars! It looks like the ps3 is coming around and starting to get a more diverse library. I look forward to seeing what will come next.

Family Friendly Games - Where are they?

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Okay, let me start off by saying I do not consider my self a hard core gamer. In fact I have been playing for little over two years now. My first system was a PlayStation 2. When I was in High School my then boyfriend (I'm a girl..) had the system that had Mario and I watched him play that but never played it myself.

I am a now a mother of two girls, & I understand there are lot more guy gamers then girl gamers (I think) but mine really enjoy it. It wasn't until my pre-teen daughter got a game system for present that I even became interested, mostly to make sure the games were something we would approve of and not expose them to subject matters that were to old for them or hard to understand. I ended up enjoying the system and the games, especially the co-op ones that I can play with my kids. So when we decided to buy a system for the family room we went with the PlayStation 2.

The PlayStation had several great titles like Balder's Gate 1 & 2, Champions 1 & 2, even Ratchet Dead locked. I like them because

1) I can play them and

2) I can play them with my kids...

which allowed me to look like a cool Mom and they really are fun. Even me and my Hubby have played all through night laughing and having a good time together. It turned out to be a great family fun investment.

This Christmas I surprised the family with a new PS3 system and several games to go along with it. To my surprise I am finding the Kid-friendly PlayStation of the past gone and seeing a more adult based system, with harder controls, more mature story lines and some of the language in the games themselves are worse then cable tv!

Don't get me wrong I am loving the advance graphics and as an Adult I am loving the harder games, but as a mother I am disappointed in the lack of children/family friendly games that I had grown to love with the PS2. We chose the PS3 because of it's reliability and ease of use based on the previous versions we owned, we also chose it because we felt we got the most from the system for our dollar. I know the Wii has tons of "kid friendly" games but they are difficult to find and my kids are getting older not younger and some of the games available looked to kiddy, for my now 11 & 15 year old. Because we got the 80gb system we can still play out PS2 games on the new system, so that is a bonus.

I am hoping that developers of games do not loose sight that some of their fan base is family oriented, and I am hoping that Sony starts releasing less mature games for its new system. I don't think the lack of family games will stop me being a fan but as a parent I am loosing faith in company that had a good thing going. I am not bashing the system, so don't bash me, I am just a concerned parent who cares about the content that my children are exposed to.