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I'm on Raptr!

Hey guys, I signed up on Raptr to further my progress into getting back into gaming as I once was. If you would like to maybe play along with me for old times sake or make a new gaming friend, hit me up and/or check me out!

Back!! Well....Maybe!!

So I know I haven't been active on GameSpot is a long long long long time, but....I would like to try to be again. With the new WoW expansion coming out on Tuesday, I feel like I can have a lot to post about with my new adventures going on. Lets see if I can keep up with it....

Thinking about making a new union, anyone in?

I've been wanting to form a new union for quite some time. Was thinking about making a union for Magic: The Gathering, since the only one on this site I could find is kinda dead, I would like to work on one and keep it fresh and moving.
I know that N247 kinda fell off the deep end, but I tried to keep it afloat, participation just kinda dwindled. Anyway, if anyone is interested in being a charter member, just leave a comment and I'll get back to ya.

Good Ending to the Trilogy

Well I went to see Saw 3 on opening night last night, and I have to say that I liked it just as much as the other two movies of the series.

It was gory, well thought out, and had that certain twist at the end that Jigsaw always pulls out. Even some of the traps were pretty original compared to the earlier movies.

I highly recommend that people go and see this movie, it was worth the $7.00 for a ticket in a crowded theater.

Oh Noe's!! A Delay!!

So Burning Crusade is delayed to Jan. 2007 huh? Well, maybe I can get my parents to pay off the rest of the Collecter's Edition for my birthday for me, yeah that should work.... :)

Also, what the hell Sony? More and more everyday I have a reason to hate your business decisions. Just lost some more respect for your company. I like Lik-Sang, now it is no more....

So, Where Will You Be on Nov. 19?

I, hopefully will be in line for my Nintendo Wii!! Probably going to go and try to put it on preorder next week.

Just bought a new game for my DS, it's called Lost Magic. It's a pretty cool RPG game from Ubisoft, go check it out.

Also, I'm in the midst of programming at my college, me and the rest of my team are programming two games at once! One is a game similar to a simplified Final Fantasy Tactics, which we will be trying to port from the PC to Xbox. The other game we are programming for our A.I. class is the tried and true Intellegence game of Chess. Both games are turning out good so far, hopefully they will live up to the expectations we have set.

Holy Crap,.... Where Have I Been?

Hmm, well I haven't really participated on GameSpot much in a while. The reason for that was WarCrack & College, lol. Got my Paladin to level 60 finally, that's a huge relief for me, so now I'm starting to slow down and enjoy the game even more than I already have.

There are 4 new servers that just started this past week. Me and a bunch of friends decided to start up a Horde guild on the PVP server Onyxia. My new character on the way to level 60 is a Undead Mage, named Meroc.

Our guild even has a website, hosted by GuildPortal. Check us out.

Wow.... WoW is addictive....

I got World of Warcraft last Friday and have been playing it ever since.

Dwarven Paladin on the Balnazzar server, goes by the name Darold. Hope to see you soon.

Made a new banner!!

I decided that I needed to spice up the place, it was getting a little boring. So I invited some of my favs to hang out in my banner space.

This includes:

Mario & Luigi, Professor Chaos a.k.a. Butters (South Park), Invader Zim, Bender (Futurama), Spider-Man, Mewtwo (Pokemon), and the Raging Goblin (Magic: The Gathering).

If you would like to leave any comments than go ahead, I just love criticism.