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The Fool

Well, after The Witcher and The Prince, this one had to follow, didn't it?

Back to playing Prince of Persia with keyboard and mouse, gamepad doesn't seem to make it any easier. Did I overestimate myself?? It seems I bloody well did. The game also seems to be harder than I fathomed, so I downloaded an enormous big FAQ and printed it out...98 pages! Hells bells, surely it can't be that hard, can it?!

So goodnight folks, I leave you at that. Got a lot of reading and gaming to do toninght. Tomorrow morning its horsey-riding again. And that's still the greatest game in my life. Comparing to control a horse, everything else in life just seems trifle.



The Prince

Well, guess what?! My good old Logitech Rumble Pad does work in Prince of Persia! Had to make some adjustments, but it works just fine. Only thing is...it doesn't seem to make the game play much easier. So either this game is pretty tough after all, or I'm just a pretty lousy gamer. I vote for the last option, and of course, I have to get familiar with the new found controls first.

In my opinion, each game has a "twist", as I call it somewhere, and it's up tothe gamer to find it. What I mean by this is, that as you finally find out what a game wants from you, it isn't that tough at all. After all, it's just pushing buttons or keys to get binary codes in motion...what it all comes down to at the end of the day is just 1's and 0's being pushed around. Pretty two dimensional come to think of it after all. Might even be one dimensional, I'm no mathematics wonder.

Pretty un sobering thought no? After all the eye candy and beatiful settings, music score and all, you're still looking at binary code...just 1 and 0 folks. Keep that in mind, and every game is just a peach!

Well, have a good gaming night or day, whatever.



The Witcher

Hi there, folks!

Just finished The Witcher for the second time (actually the third, with some overlaps) yesterday, and I must say; it feels a little empty. What to do now, play again? I just can't bring myself to side with the Order, although I now I should, to get a new angle on this game, but it just don't feel ritght, now what I'm saying? I just seem to simpathyse with the Scoia'tell too much, I can really grasp and understandtheir need for freedom. Ah, choises, choises, it's almost real life, isn't it?

So I started up Prince of Persia, but man, is this one dissapointing! And I don't mean in graphics, music or whatnot, but the gameplay just really sucks bigtime! Ooh, maybe I forgot to mention, that I'm a real PC Aficionado, and this game is apparently not ment to be played on one. Not only that, but the game only supports one game pad, surprise: the 360 controller. Man, do I hate Bill Gates!

Well, maybe I'm gonna give it another try tomorow....

Oh, for those of you, who are actually reading this, and wonder who the *bleep* I am: I am a overgrown adolescent in his fourties from The Netherlands. That's right folks, I'm Dutch, and sometimes talking Double Dutch!