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The reason why COD is so successful...

It's a new year, and here in Brazil it's 2 Am... the first day of the year.

"Seven Reasons Why"

Here are my thoughts about why Cod makes big numbers every year.

I'm not going to argue if it is good or not, this is simply my way to explain the sales.

1. It is accessible, it is easy to play - unlike other shooters you can pick it up and get some kills in your first run, which is addictive. Im not saying there is no skill to it, but that the basics are not hard to get.

2.They do loads of adds, this one is easy right? Resistance 3 fell into oblivion because of the lack of adds, cod makes sure it is remembered.

3."Free advertising", well is safe to say that due to its enormous success that cod has become part of the western culture, and because of that it is shown in lots of Tv shows, magazines and newspapers.

4.The "controversial scene" - this one is the smart one, and partially the reason they get the "free advertising". For example, in MW2 there was a level where you could kill lots of civilians in an airport. Controversial no doubt. It got shown on many mainstream news channels, no doubt. Analogy - Ozzy Osbourne would not be as famous if he had not bitten that bat's head off.

5.They don't change much, "If it's not broken don't fix it.". Many are complaining about how the new MGS is crap because it changed so much, many complain that cod sucks because it doesn't change. Well, it's not up to me to decide, to everyone their own thinking. The great thing about not changing is that if you were good in MW chances are that you are good in MW2 and 3. For example a small change can make a huge difference, Halo's ability system completely changed the gameplay, and it was a minor update to the game, which, I believe made some people stick to Halo 3.

6.One player can decide a match. Yeah, one guy can win alone, remember Counter Strike? The reason many people are drawn to game like BF is because of the team play, and many are drawn to cod because you can to it all by yourself.

7.And to end this post with the magical number 7. Haters, no not lovers, haters. Here is an analogy to why - let's say you have never heard of Iron Maiden, and that you visit many websites daily. There will be no articles about Iron Maiden unless you enter a metal focused website, so you won't probably ever hear about it. Now, let's say you have never heard of justin bieber, and that you visit many websites daily. I bet in at least one of them you will see posts ,articles and videos about justin bieber, and i also bet 95% will be bashing him. That's more free advertising for you. Be sure that some people will like it even if it's being bashed, you can't control what others like, and even if you could you shouldn't.

To all a good year, if one kind soul like's what i wrote I will probably do more of these lists.

And the year comes to an end...and we can smile.

Yeah, the year is almost over and I've got to say that it has a pretty good year game-wise.

We got Gears and Forza on the 360, not to mention the new old halo.

Uncharted, LBP2, Resistance 3 ( among others) on the Ps3.

And the long awaited new Zelda.

PC did super well too, Witcher 2, Shogun...

Every gamer had a game that could suit their style: fighting games seem to be back, we got a couple of lovely rtss, shooter are as strong as they could be and rpgs seem to have stolen the scene. Not forgetting that action games are getting many AAA titles, and that platformers are getting back to its roots...

Maybe Adventurer games are the only a little forgotten...Telltales recent games have not been as good as last years...

It seems that every year the Industry struggles... and it always comes stronger the following year. It has been an awesome year with not only great exclusives, but also, great "regular" games. We have a lot to look forward, next year we will see some more exclusives and the long awaited Diablo 3, which has been under development since god knows when. Not to mention the launch of Wii U! (horrible name by the way, but oh well)

All in all, every gamer of every platform is happy, that's good, fanboysm is just kids being silly, time to be mature and be happy for the happiness of others. Even the Ipad got a great tittle with epic's Infinity Blade 2!

This year we got a little mad with some reviews, we got happy with others, we complained and praised. And believe me, we will do it again next year, so sit back relax and enjoy the ride.