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Rage - A disappointment to PC

Rage was one my highly anticipated game of 2011. As I am a pc fan , i was expecting on PC. But i was highly disappointed the day i installed the game. It is one of the most poorly optimised game i ever played . I have a pretty good rigg but still the frame rate is very poor. Ever the textures takes a lot of time to get loaded. Even with the latest drivers the game dosen't work properly. Its like the game wasn't tested before release and i really suspect whether the company has any any testers . I accept that the gameplay is really nice but the game itself is very poorly designed . Though i may be disappointed i haven't lost my hope. I expect there will be a patch soon and iam waiting for that.

More Cricket Games

I am one great fan of cricket and i do like to play cricket video games and have one good PC in my home . If u see now a days there has been downfall in cricket games . EA has stopped making cricket games and even Codemasters din release its latest game on PC . I mean Why is it like this , there many people who love cricket and wanna play cric video games. Now there is not even a single news about any upcoming cricket games. I know that most of the cricket games have not been rated very well ,But still they are a big hit in cricket playing countries. I hope one day some company would make a good cricket game and release it on PC and consoles