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I Just Reviewed MHU...does this make me a fanboy!?

I just finished a good 500ish word essay on MHU, and they were not all positive points i made either, and yet i gave it 10/10!

my rampant fanboyness has suddenly become obvious to me...I must now prepare myself for a lifetime of waiting and disapointment, this saddens me...

AH WELL IM HAPPY BEING A FANBOY FOR MH! i can stand the heartache that comes from being a fanboy and well I cant exactly stop myself now =]

also - i changed the score to 9.0...for consistency

My first blog =]

Well I just became and Officer on the Monster hunter union and I noticed all the other officers had blogs so i thought "kiz you'd better get busy, even if nobody reads this!"

So right, I'd better just go with what im up to atm! I am currently held firm in the grasp of inpatient thumb twidling because my copy of monster hunter freedom Unite should already be on its way to my door! I know that My friends nor my brother are anywhere near me as far as progress in freedom 2 and i wont be able to do all the epic new quests for a while, but i am getting seriously impatient just to see something change in my little monster hunting world!!

Also i had to walk for 8 hours to earn the cash to play this game so i want it to turn up soon! I have recieved the depressing news that the game was dispached today - i pray we got next day delivery or something...i pray...