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Fair reviewing, 5 rules that need to be told.

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Now I'm not going to say my reviews are perfect, they're not. My vocab is severely lacking and I often either tend to ramble on or be way too brief with making points, so sorry if even just the idea of making this comes off as egotistical or self promoting. Its come to my attention however that reviews are becoming less and less of what they should be, and more and more just stupid, controversial or a sad attempt at comedy. So without further attempts to justify myself, lets get into it, 5 rules every reviewer should realize.


1. Every fantasy universe has the right to set their own rules, whether it takes place in the real world or not. Don't complain about recharging health because it's unrealistic, don't complain about how people should die in 1 shot to the face from any gun, and don't you dare bring up the scientific effects of what radiation does to a man. Most of the time this directly applies to people demanding realism, but it can also apply to other stuff. Example, people complain about the anime style "power of heart and friendship" in kingdom hearts and other such stuff. So what? In their universe it's a mysterious physical power, let them make it that way. If the street fighter devs want their characters to be bullet proof, so be it. Fantasy is fantasy and a game designer can be given whatever rights to the rules of the universe as they want. Otherwise we don't have a fantasy world, we just have world number 2.

2. Balance the good and the bad in what you write. If you write a review purely to address how much you think it sucked, you will definitely overlook what some people actually play the game for. If you write a review raving about how amazing the game is, you're most likely overlooking an very brutal flaw just to tell us about all the features we already know. In this respect, I don't mean your reviews should be 50/50, but just try to address the other side. People looking for bad, try to understand what the maker was actually trying to accomplish and give it a small shot before ripping it a new one, and goody goodys should try to admit a flaw here or there at the very least and continue the good act talking about how you got over it or how it wasn't that big a deal in the end.

3. Don't give in to hype, no matter what side you take. Many people take this advice the wrong way and these people are some of the most obnoxious reviewers I have ever met. Not giving into the hype doesn't mean yelling at the fanbase about how wrong they are and arbitrarily hating a game, it's about not giving into heaven or hell on this scale. You should always be out to give an honest review, not just out to rip the game to shreds in an attempt to balance out all the people who are giving the game a perfect 10. outside influence shouldn't play a part and the game should be reviewed as if you just got it as a birthday present and had no prior knowledge about the game.

4. Play a game as far as you can before you decide to review it. I don't care if the game just came out and you're eager to tell everyone about it. Your love of it should build up over the time you play it and shouldn't be just a blinding light in your face. further more you also shouldn't quit a game you got frustrated with and just dub it not worth playing half way in. Let the hate or love of the game build up over time so you actually get the full experience of it. The only reason you should ever review before you finish is if there is a game stopping moment that happens on multiple occasions which is literally almost impossible to get past, or if you've beaten the game, little extras excluded, and seen the end credits of all it has to offer the average player. Until then, keep your comments and criticism to what you tell people in your IM buddy list.

5. Play the game to enjoy the game. What is a videogame? A videogame is a interactive experience made with computers to bring pleasure to the user. If you walk into every game with this mindset, your reviews become a lot better. This isn't to say you're supposed to enjoy every game the same way. Some games are enlightening and others are just about delivering a punch to someone's face. This also doesn't mean you're going to like every game either, there are good and bad games in this world and that's why we do what we do. I just say this because a lot of people walk in with the wrong mindset when turning on a game and that immediately sabotage the review one way or the other. This is just the way to walk into it without any problems and with reaching the most people.


Take my opinion as the opinion it is, even if it's an opinion on how to form proper opinions, but these are rules to keep in mind. Can you never ever break a rule? No, otherwise I'd be calling them laws of reviewing. Are these the only rules? No, there's probably more, but I just felt like addressing whats in the media today. Reviews are becoming a joke and it's almost saddening. People say never to take their advice, but we have the good intentions of just trying to guide you into what's worth your money and not. People are also making reviews almost a complete parody. Rather than giving a structured review, we're fed a reviewer trying to be a character while throwing trash on a game to be funny. As entertainment, I won't question whether it's funny or not, but as these becoming real reviews, we're entering a dark age of reviewing here.

Now I've gone on way too long of a rant on this. Thank you anyone who read all that, and as for personal life, nothing much other than continual progress of my own game and college which is a drag. I'll brief you more on the game when I can get a tiny bit further, art is hard to make when you're no artist.

Why I love this industry.

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First of all, I usually save this til the end of my blogs, but I'd like to apologize to nintendo dream. Last time I said I was back, I got pulled away instantly and disappeared all summer. I feel terrible about that, sorry. I'll have that "I got owned" video up asap about failing the bet as soon as I get this new fangled camera working, also, pictures of rooster hat then as well.

Now, onto the blogish parts of my blog! Highschool came and went like a horrible speed bump in the road, but that's school for ya, what's new? I recently got asked an odd question, what do I love about the gaming industry? Why is this odd you may probably not have asked? Good question! This is odd because up until now, I have heard nothing bug rage from questions like there. They're always questions about what I hate or want different in the industry. For a world of delivering enjoyment, some comically harsh but too seriously taken reviewers have made it quite a fad to bash it with a hammer and call everything new a failure that just wishes it were as good as the old. Ok, I'll stop being around the bush about it, YAHTZEE FANS, SHUT UP AND FORM YOUR OWN DAMN OPINION ON THINGS FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!

Ahem, anyways, there are many things I love about the game design industry in comparison to say books movies and tv. Game designers care about their fanbase, they try to keep up to date, ambitious ideas are rewarded more than punished. However, what I love most is that indy devs get a chance. Anyone can get into the industry with some hard work and a good idea. TV and movies have their indy films but they're seen at mostly bad things that end up on the sci fi channel. There are thousands of books getting released every year but only 1 or 2 turn out to be good. The gaming industry, indy games are something people love and respect as long as you know what you're doing.

World of Goo was literally just a two man team in the end and they produced an award winning puzzle game. La-Mulana was made by about 5 guys in spare time hanging out in a basement and its gathered a good cult following for not having a single commercial or advertisement, and Nifilas has actually moved amazingly high up the road, going for free adventure game maker to now a big musician in the industry and a maker of a couple retail wiiware games. maybe this shouldn't shock me, maybe this happens every day, but as a person starting my own adventures into the industry, this gives me a massive ray of hope.

These games usually are only successful though by word of mouth, so I'll do my part and say you should do yours. Indy games I've played recently and recommend:


World of Goo (Not free though)


Mondo Medicals (Though only play if you want to be massively confused)


Cave Story

Within a Deep Forest.

By the way, I have the greatest college schedule ever. I only have to go to school on tuesday and thursday, leaving the rest as a huge weekend outside of homework and more attempts to find a job.

The most annoying people in the world.

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So gamespot? Anyone from my school? Good. I'm an overly nice guy. Basically, I'll talk with anyone without being a jerk to their face. The problem in that? I get a load of annoying people relying on me for conversation, and it just so happens in my school, I must have the most annoying stupid people in the world following me.

First one I'll just call Jimmy. Jimmyis a kid who is probably the biggest lier I've ever met. He is full of stories to tell you, but problem is that none of them are even remotely true. He's even aware that everyone knows his stories are bull having to confirm us as to what's reality and not (though now what he confirms as reality is starting to head into the bull section). He tells me all about how much of a badass he is, beating people up, breakin the law, shovin it to the man, but you take one look at this kid and it's just obvious, he's nothing like what he pictures himself as. Why does he do this? Attention. As long as he remains the center of attention, he'll keep telling stories, even if it's the bad center of attention. How does he get these stories out? He inturupts everyone just to tell us of a story he knows.

If you couldn't guess, these people will grow gradually worse. Second one is the second most annoying kid I know. I'll just call her Tori.Tori you see is actually a random friends request I got on facebook one day who happens to go to my school. Why does she annoy me? She is the embodiment of everything I hate about girly girls, and she is attracted to me (good to note she's 2 grades lower than me). I think her last boyfriend of the 6 she had since I met her 5 months ago said it best. She's clingy. However, not only is she clingy but parasitic as well. My general talks with her goes as follows. She says what's up, I say I'm playing some game, and she proceeds to complain to me about her problems, and as soon as I stop talking politly about thus said problems, keeps prodding at me to say more, despite that there is nothing to say. Why is there nothing to say? Because that "what's up" was only a formality, she doesn't care about anything in my world, she just wants to complain about her boyfriend troubles to me as if that's all she does. Hell, from what I know of her, that IS all she does. Putridly enough, she asked me to a dance once, and it was the first time I've ever been asked out, and the first time I've rejected an asking out. The funny part comes up when a day later she tries to make me jelous with this boyfriend she's bragging to me about online in the silliest attempt to attract me I've seen of her yet. How do I know she was trying to attract me? Because this guy didn't evist and she's not very subtle about anything she does.

Wew, that turned into quite a large paragraph. Luckly the last one doesn't need much explanation at all, but being aorund makes me wish I was trapped on a desserted island with the above 2. This guy I'll just call Alec. How does Alec annoy me? He talks to me. Talking with him though, is like grinding your head on a chalkboard. You see, when Alec talks to you, he gets right up close to you, way too close for comfort. You take a step back, he takes 2 steps closer, with everyone he talks to. Oblivious to all my shimmying, back stepping, and person dodging I do, he's always in my face. Further more, he's always doing this. Like the above 2, a moment of silence is a terrible thing and he must talk. What's different from the above 2 is that he has nothing to talk about. Constantly brining up stuff he already brought up, or just talking non-sense in general, he will never let it be quiet. Further more, I didn't want to bring it up because I don't hate people for how they were born, but he has an annoying voice. A speech impediment with braces and a naturally loud voice, he has the voice of an airhorn. I wouldn't mind this on a normal person, but that airhorn is in your face sprewing nothing of any importance at all at any given time.

So there, these are what I'll hate about school the rest of the year. You know more annoying people? Would like to hear em. I just had to get that off my chest. Until next time, this is 3 dawg! Umm, I mean kittykatz5k. Also need to stop being addicted to fallout 3.

A review of several animes.

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Over the pastone year, I have watched a lot of animes. Seeing as I was visiting and having an amazing time at anime conventions, might as well, right? So five animes I'm just gonna write about. Agree, disagree, whatever. I just need somewhere to write stuff. And no, I do not read mangas.

Death Note: 4/5
The general idea: Death gods overwatch the world, able to write down who they want dead and how. Being bored one day, one deathgod drops his book down into the human world. From there, a guynamed Lightpicks it up and reads the rules of the book called the Death Note. All he needs to do is to write the name and see the face of who he wants dead, and they're dead how he wants. Trying it out a bit, he decides to embrace the power of it, and to use it to kill those who deserve it. The spike in death of criminals around the world however gets police involved, and a detective only known as "L" with no name or face to the public begins his attempts to catch the killer.

This has been an anime that has gotten a lot of discussion, mostly due to the shock it has on the common public. When people think of animes, they think of Pokemon or Dragonball Z. What they don't expect is an inteligent well though out story. Going from beam throwing and friendship speeches to a tale about murder, justice, and corruption is a bit of a jump. Being one of the deeper animes out there, it held a lot of responsibuility. It had to be darker, it had to be well thought out, and it had to be every bit as intense as it's more action packed retarded cousins. I would say it succeded. The entire idea is amazingly thought out and many parts will keep you on the edge of your seat, problem is, like many animes, it drags on and on. If I was reviewing the first season alone, I would give this an easy 5/5, but when you get to Light not even being involved in the story anymore, you start to get confused what anime it was you were watching. The last season changed pretty much all the characters but Light, drastically increasing the scale of all the things Light does til you can't even follow a single "master plan" he came up with because they're so absurd. Overall a great anime I will recommend, but the other seasons don't keep their quality and given it's amazing first season, you'll be forced into watching the other seasons, no doubt about it. It's just too good for it's own good at cliffhangers.

Yu Yu Hakusho: 3/5
The general idea: A smart mouth'd punk known as one of the toughest guys around school is killed oddly while saving a little kid from a reckless driver. Introduced to a weird version of the afterlife, he find out he wasn't supposed to die, and gets the chance to come back to life. After finally getting back to life, he's hired as a spirit detective to basically act as a police for the heads of spirit world. This includes learning how to control spirit power, beating up demons running loose around town, and... well that's about it.

Yu Yu Hakusho is deceivingly well written in the first few parts of the story. Enough so to make you think it might have a lot to it. His solutions to problems can often be clever and work arounds for just brute forcing a situation, there are many episodes without so much as a single real fight scene, and Yusuke, our main character, is set up as a pretty likable guy, neither being too heroic or overly anti hero but rather set up as just a punk in school. The problem comes in that this stuff doesn't hold it's own beyond the first set of episodes. Yusuke quickly becomes more of a hero than anything when there's a danzel in distress, he quickly learns how to be the most powerful in the world, and the only thing that stays the same about him is his smart mouth. All of the plot pretty much boils down to who Yusuke needs to beat up next. As an action anime though, it's pretty good. I don't hold a grudge against animes for not being deep enough, I just didn't like it pretending to be something completely different at first. Fight scenes are well animated for a while, they exploit each character's powers well, and it's not so clear at times who the winner of the fight will be. Just don't expect too much from this anime after they enter demon world, and don't expect anything but what you can find in DBZ durring way later episodes.

Naruto: 4/5
The general idea: A loud mouthed kid named Naruto was fused as a baby with the soul of a demonish 9 tailed foxin order to get rid of it. As such, people hate him in general and blame him for a lot of what happened. The anime generally follows him and his attempt to rise through the ranks and become a respected ninja in a town of ninjas. Eventually though, his powers get him dragged into far bigger things.

I really am shocked I'm calling this a good anime, but it is. It's not the deepest of animes, and it has it's problems, but it really does a lot well for being more focused on the action. The fights actually take place for the most part, having only a couple character able to do that "too fast for the eye" thing that has made DBZ so lazly drawn. The characters all are very well developed and are unique, main character or not, all having their own abuilities and stories. Naruto and the gang remains through the course of the anime unable to take on his masters in power, and most amazingly, characters actually age. Looking back on the first few episodes, it was just a subtle change from episode to episode how much the crew grew up in general. Having not many animes do that it took me by surprise. Generally, it's just a well written anime with good twist and turns. The point off however, is fortwo reasons. One being that the main characters are the least likable of the characters they made. Naruto being comic relief, Sasuke being an impossible to understand prick and Sakura having absolutely no moment that justifies her main character status. Two being that there really is basically 200 episodes of filler after the main story is done. It's like if pokemon cut out everything but the gym battles and elite four, but then went back to do all the episodes they missed inbetween.

Paranoia Agent: 5/5
The general idea: A city is full of many people all with their own story. Their stories however all get linked at the end as they all end with a kid on rollerblades bonking them in the head with a bat.

This is the best of the animes I've seen. Like deathnote, it's a deeper darker anime. For it's rediculous description, it's all really not out of this world. Each character introduces a completely different set of characters. This ranges from a kid who is being overshadowed as the big shot at school to a woman getting married but whose second personality is basically a hooker on the street. They're all thought provoking mini stories amusing in their own way, but as you get later into the anime, themain story gradually becomes clear and the overall idea presents itself. The series however might be more along the lines of a mini series though, being only 13 episodes long. It's refreshing to find an anime that knows when to stop, and I don't feel left wanting more out of it, but it's hard to define this with the others for that reason. Overall, I cannot find a flaw in this though, and there's no tale told throught the series that I did not like. This is an anime to reccomend to anyone.

Bleach: 1/5
The general idea: A guy named Ichigo was born with the odd abuility to see ghost. However, he never understood the inner workings of the afterlife. One day however, a deathgod fighting a demon outside his house causes him to rush out to try and protect his family. One thing leads to another and he ends up taking the deathgod's power, becoming one himself and ends up with a duty to protect the people around him from demons and to save the deathgod he ended up stealing the powers from.

Unlike Naruto, I really wanted to like this anime. I just wanted something simple to watch at the time, and did like it for a bit, but Bleach becomes nothing more than Dragonball Z with swords VERY fast.Who are the characters? Well, there's ichigo whostands as the most generic main character ever, and that's about it. Why do I stop there, you watched the intro, you saw all those characters? Well I stopped there because outside of maybe 2 episdoes of the hundereds, they are ALL unimportant. Like Krillin inDBZ, they're too weak to contribute anything to combat, and they're given worthless backstories that are deserving of no more than 1 episode of screen time. This is all about Ichigo really. So there's no real depth I guess, but this is an action anime, right? So then where's the action? I don't know. Most of the fights are rediculous to say the least. Let me sum up one for you guys, man with chain sword turns chainsword into giant dragon capapable of leveling entire buildings. Other man however in the blink of an eye nearly kills man with now giant dragon sword with nothing more than pedels around the screen for animations and art. That's the main problem with this anime really. Following Ichigo and his fights against all the other people in this deathgod world for hundreds of episodes, it really boils down to everyone using the "too fast to see" trick in what I can only assume is the drawers of this anime being too lazy to show even a simple colision of swords. All the hype I've heard about this anime, worthless. What's sad too is it looked like it had some slight potential when you see how they set everything up before they knock it all down.

Sorry for the bad spelling, late at night and gamespot apparently doesn't use the real spellcheck function for their blog. I'll fix it soon, and my game review I do next is going to be Henry Hatsworth, can't wait for it to come out tomarrow.

*Yawn* Good morning gamespot.

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Well that was quite a long nap, guess I'm back though. Gatta remember to check up on the NDU and how all things have been in my absense. Maybe review some of those games I've played and rant more on the forums about topics no one cares about. Lots going on, and I'll sum everything up in 1 giant run on sentence. If you don't care about my life, which I assume is not why you read this, skip the next paragraph.


I am doing well in school, I finally decided to go to college for game design, I found some amazing games to play including little big planet and world of goo, my costume for Julius Belmont at Anime Detour is almost done, I still suck at rock band... badly, my compy got a new graphy, I am still 360 and ps3-less but play them at friends houses a lot as they play wii at my place a lot, I made a Videlectrix shirt in my printing class just to have the biggest inside joke ever, I saw Coraline which is an awesome movie, and finally, I rejected a girl to the dance! Take that annoying prep who hated nerds but for some reason liked me.


I started working on a game finally so feel free to skip the next 3 bunches of text if you don't want to hear about it. I will release it for free eventually just to prove to some friends something. The project was started 3 months ago when I started critiquing mirror's edge and someone told me to make something better. I figure a side scroller is a very easy place to start, so basically I'm making a really weird mix between Mirror's Edge, Jet Set Radio, and Sonic. Mirror's Edge in the amazing capabilities of the character, to leap over and through obstacles in a realistic parkour like manner. Jet Set Radio in the enemies. Guns are an annoying addition to the kind of game mirror's edge was and so I've taken a sillier approach to it, making the enemies simply try to tackle and slam your character to the ground, not to say simple cops are your only enemy. Lastly, Sonic in the side scrolling sense of speed and momentum you have to keep up. A mission should rarely have to bring you to a halt if you know what you're doing.

My 3 main goals are:
1. Never to be called repetitive as each of the many levels will change gameplay drastically one way or another, or simply do things right.
2. To lack control issues. The character should control how you think it should and not be a chore so much as a joy to fly around the city with.
3. To be simply more fun than mirror's edge. It was an ok game, but seriously screwed up in too many places, as will be addressed in the next batch of text.

Ambitious, very much so yes, however, it's going smoothly so far. Not having a terribly high amount of experience in coding, I'll just be using game maker. Many will be turned away by that alone, and I will probably port it to real code a year or so from now. However, I'm putting a lot of detail into getting game maker to work for me, and it hasn't been as disobedient as I expected. Not that it's professional or anything, but it's certainly functioning. As soon as I get media I can actually show off, I'll be sure to show you guys here at gamespot first.


I am amazingly let down by one of the silliest games this year. Many of you have probably seen the advertisments for "Eat Lead" and I'm sad to report it's not what I hoped for. I was expecting crappy gameplay and most people were. What I was looking forward to this game for was it's sense of humor. It was advertised to be catered towards hardcore gamers, but sadly has about all the hilarity of a brain dead halo fan making fun of things for not being halo. It's comedy mostly comes off as cheesy 1 liners that can't even raise a chuckle, and jokes that essentially are about as clever as airline food jokes. Honestly, who in this world, even in the furthest back regions of your minds, hated ellipisis as much as this Matt Hazard guy does? Even their knowledge of games is limited to nothing more than your average halo fan's knowledge. No offence to halo fans on gamespot, I just use it as an example when talking about the public who has played maybe a total of 3 games really.


So thats been all I've been meaning to blog in these past few days. What should I review: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, No More Heroes, or World of Goo? Those have been games I've been dying to write stuff on.

Oh also, manditory new picture of myself, now featuring my stylish 3d goggles! The red and blue will never die:

November already? What a dull month to start.

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Well, it seems halloween is over. Before I start, picture of me and my zombie costume:

So yeah, that's over, and i'm happy to be off of halloween movies. Few people have requested me to name the best I've seen, so here:

Best zombie movie:
Dawn of the Dead. It was a tough call between this and 28 Days Later, I really do recomend both, but 28 days later involves a lot more other factors. When you get right down to the zombie action, Dawn of the Dead wins it! With it's great setting for an intro, it's set up of survivors, and the twist and turns the story takes, this is what defined zombie movies. Sorry Night of the Living Dead, these zombies are powered by something better than cosmic rays from Venus.

Best Stephen King:
The Mist. I had a lot to choose from, and many wont like my choice here, but oh well. Anyone can make a ghost movie, I was pissed that IT turned out to be nothing but a giant spider in the end (though I loved everything up to that). This however kept a consistant nice feeling of suspense and what's next. It was a monster movie, so not as deep as other stephen king works, but damnit, it was well done.

Best slasher:
Nightmare on Elm Street. Slashers will always be generic, but this man could strike fear into the one place you're supposed to be safe. To be honest, it's slashers that weigh down horror movies as "crap not worth seeing". I really didn't like many of them at all, but of the pile, this one was at least decent. It didn't break trends, it just made something good out of trends.

Best old film:
Psycho. I once heard any argument over what psycho was worse, the Jason kind or the Micheal Myers kind. I jumped in and said "The Norman Bates kind". Is there anything worse than getting stabbed by a believeably psycho man (not just some man who wears a mask and acts crazy) dressed like his mother stabbing the people paying him to be at his motel?

Best misc:
Shaun of the Dead. This is a hillarious take on the zombie apocolypse that in some ways, is even more believable than most of them. Best part about it is, the zombies aren't changed to be funny, the situation is set up just like dawn of the dead, what's hillarious is the witty set up of characters.

Favorite movie I saw:
Sweeney Todd. Getting together with my brother, he and I agreed, this was the best. All the random musicals, the crazy theme, the beautiful art. This isn't a movie for everyone, but it was definetly a movie for me. People have turned a lot of things into scary people, but now even going to shave is a flash back to horror. Now if you don't mind, I'm sick of horror movies. I need some good action in my diet.

On a side note, I'm hating gamespot more and more each day. Where's the reviews? Why is cl&ssic and stile banned words? Why is my blog and my signature options so laggy?

31 days for 31 movies! Welcome to October!

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I'm so happy! For one, since last blog post, I dumped that math class. I didn't need it, it wasn't giving me anything but a good lesson. I only took it for my love of math. However, that's not what you clicked on this blogpost to hear! Today it the start of my campaign to watch some freakin horror movies before halloween! 1 every day! I'm not the kinda guy who sits back and talks about how bored he is, I only say that once or twice. After that, I find something to do and freakin do it!!!

So I have a massive pile of movies down stairs. Some may find it hard to scrap 31 horror movies, but I find it hard to knock down some til I'm at 31. I'm also taking suggestions! And before I go on a huge rant, guess, what was the first horror movie I watched today? It's not too old, not too new either. It's a classic, you never go a halloween without thinking about it. Begin guessing now!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. For one night, not day! Night makes things 20 times better, love christmas eve far more than christmas day. Oh where was I, right, for one night, everyone gets in costume, gets a lot of candy (I get candy without trick or treating) and everyone host some kickin rad parties. I also get to scare small children without going to jail. Religion is no longer linked to it, it's not a day to be with your family, no eggs go bad from being hidden, and houses around here always have the most awesome decorations.

So without further delay, here's my list, including number 1 that you should have been guessing at, last chance to make a guess! Give me suggestions in the comments, this list isn't final, just my general plan. I want veriety! Zombies, Ghost, Slashers, Old, New! You name it, I want it! BTW, I haven't seen most of these before, I'm not a person who was ever into horror movies. I just feel like getting in the halloween mood.





Anyone know why the hell spoiler tags don't like to work?




1. Scream (Do you ever go a halloween without seeing that mask?)

2.Dawn of the Dead

3.The Invisable Man

4.The Fog (New one, I've already seen the old one)

5. Psycho


7. IT

8.The Exorsist

9. Childs Play

10. Shawn of the Dead

11. Wolfman

12. Christine

13. Alien

14. The Grudge

15. Friday the 13th 2

16. The Omen

17. 28 Days Later

18. Cujo

19. Frankenstein

20. The Ring

21. Silence of the Lambs

22. Jack the Ripper

23. The Shinning

24. The Thing

25. Carrie

26. Poltergeist

27. Halloween

28. Night of the Living Dead

29. The 6th Sense

30. 1408

31. The Rocky Horror Picture Show/Sweeney Todd/Ghost Hunters Live/Probably a lot of other stuff.

Senior year is a curse.

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I'm sure a lot of people will tell you senior year is awesome, and in some ways I guess it should really be. You got the basics out of the way and are free to take a lot of classes you just want to. I thought it would be all sunshine and rainbows to, but now I have a religious nut and an annoying hardass that's going to ruin it.

Enter teacher 1, the psych teacher. She discusses more politics than she ever does psych, which actually had me checking the door day 1 to make sure I was in the right class room. I'm assuming she's also fairly religious with how this discussion went. I'm not a religious person, I thought we seperated church and state years ago, but apparently saying "Jesus Christ" got me into listening to a speach about the commandments and how offensive that is and blah blah blah. That's not enough to bug me though, what bugged me was when she brought up the abortion issue. She said there's probably not a single person who supports abortion obvious, and I am actually a strong supporter of it. It's a touchy subject, but when I brought this up, she made me out as something of an evil person. She argued the topic to the point that I didn't even get to say a word and that the class just glared at me. It was uncomfterble, but the annoying part about it is that I couldn't even say 2 words on my views.

But she's nothing compared to teacher 2. My old math teacher, he's tough on people and in his hard approach to things, gets fairly high test scores around the class and a very obidiant class. The dark side of him though is one I've just been slaughtered by. He makes examples of kids and picks on people (even though he will constantly try to assure you he's not picking on anyone) to get his points across. His point to make today, that our note taking needed to be perfect. He notices me not doing anything one day as he told us to finish this chart as fast as we could, I finished it in less than 10 seconds. He refuses to believe it though and yells at me for it. Stike one I guess, I should pretend I'm writting something so I look slower than I actually am, something odd seeming when he seems so persistant on telling us to speed up. Strike 2 came at today, as I let go of my pencil and looked up at the overhead to see there's a few more sentences that need writting, he sees me without the pencil in my hand and yells at me. Strike 2, never let go of my pencil and never let the pencil leave the paper.

Strike 3 was unavoidable though, I dunno what I was supposed to do and still don't. I was told to finish this problem and I'm sitting there for 3 seconds trying to figure out the answer, all of a sudden he yells at me and comes marching over. What? I didn't stop working on the problem, I dunno when my pencil left the paper, all I did was look away for 3 seconds and he starts stomping over and snatches my notebook, he says I'm missing a load of stuff which in actually looking at it, I just left out a couple words and demands all my notes all year be fixed up to match his perfectly. This guy always talks about old students of his he calls idiots, and we laugh at his story, but now that I've become one of his stories, I have to wonder if they all got as unfair picked on of treatment as I did.

In other news, Magic the Gathering is a growing fad at sibley, the homecoming game is tomarrow, and I get to meet an old friend this weekend for this year's renfest!

Rock failure...

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Uggg, I hate this. My parents bought Rock Band and because of that price, I feel I need to play it. Problem is, I'm a complete failure at this! I've gotten no higher than 75% on the easiest difficulty while most of my friends don't even touch the easy difficulty. Rock Band is composed of 3 parts, and I'm a failure at every single one of them!

My voice is monotoned beyond belief, so no matter how hard I try, I will always fail vocals. Doesn't help also that I don't know the lyrics to any of the songs, but something tells me it wouldn't help with my real problem at all if I did. True I can use the words at the bottom of the screen, but they scroll by so fast and I misread it a lot.

Guitar I can't get the strums and the frets timing right at all! I always end up missing every other note! Holy crap, I can't even finish the tutorial, god forbid I every try a real song. The tutorials are extremely simplified!

There's also bass, but I need to buy another guitar for that.

Lastly, drums! I just can't keep up with 3 beats going on at once. As soon as I get a hand on any of the beats, it changes up just to piss me off. This however is the best chance I ever have of doing something in this game... Just wish there wasn't that damn foot pedal, it always throws me off.

Once again, I have to play it. My parents spent a lot on it after all and they don't be playing very much of it, so they expect me and my bro to. All my friends are like pro at these kinds of games, so I also feel the need to keep up with them...

Only I could end up depressed over a videogame like this, but take a dying family member perfectly fine. In other news, oh crap, school starts tomarrow! Grrrrrr.

Oh, also I suggest you buy the 360 verison of Rock Band if you're not a failure like me. The Wii version is very stripped and bare. The band in the background is just a video form the 360 version, because apparently the solution to too much 3d is no 3d at all! As result, there's no play customization and you're people don't react to how you do at all!

It's a disese!

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So here I am getting spam off of a lot of my MSN friends. Yes Kansas, this means you, and Jake too! Why are they spamming me? Because their account was handed to the cons like a silver platter dinner. I never thought people could fall for this stuff, but I guess it still exsist because it's working. So you get sent a link by a friends, and I think "Oh, must be something cool to see". I click on the link and it ask me for your MSN password and email. I gave them some bull account.

Luckly they don't seem to control the entire account, they just log on to spam everyone to go to the same place, then log off real quick before you can ask about it. Sadly, it's slowly become more vulgar stuff. Used to just be "Oh, put your email and password here! You'll get more features!" but now it's starting to link to porn or your average million doller winner pop up ad. The advice you get not to hand your account out to anyone is serious, hell my sister had her account stolen by one of her old friends over a fight they had.

In other news, I really hate this redesign. The entire sight is laggy, and even this blog post took a while to write out becuase it couldn't keep up with my typing. Profesional typing classes my ass, I type my own damn way whether I'm looking or not. It truly feels like a redesign for the sake of a redesign, not for the sake of functionality or anything. Also school starts soon. Wish it could be summer forever but then again, I get to see my old friends this wa... oh wait, they were seniors last year. Hope I meet new friends...