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Bought Supreme Commander

Just got supreme commander, and it was definately worth the money.  It really takes RTS gaming to the next level and is a blast to play, perticularly online.  I recommend this to anyone who enjoys RTS at all.

Supreme Commander?

I have been playing the Supreme commander demo a bit and it looks pretty good. They didn't create anything all that new like Battle for Middle Earth did, but the futuristic RTS is rarely done well, and it looks like this might be the exception to that.  With a good graphics card things look amazing, with great effects much improved over RTS games now-a-days. 

Joined Battlefield 2 Clan

I just joined the battlefield 2 clan called lethal grunts =LG=  Its a great clan, i admit a small one, but the people in it are great and the clan server is almost always a blast to play on.  If anyone in the battlefield 2 community is at all interested check out the clan at and post in an application for =LG= section for possible membership, if you are 18 or over.

Battlefield 2142

I just purchased Battlefield 2142.  For the most part it was a great use of money.  The new titan gameplay mode makes things even more fun, adding in some different action.  Plus the ranking system is a litttle easier and better for people to quickly access the unlocks--dispite what the gamespot review says.  I was really dissapointed however with all of the technical difficulties in the game, that can for certain people like me for a while make gameplay downright impossible.  EA has now administered a series of patches, hotfixes and updates with all of them greatly helping,  making Battlefield 2142 now almost entirely operational and a blast to play.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I have had The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the whole summer and it is still a fabulous game that is constantely provided new intertainment.  I recommend this to anyone perticularly for the 360 it is well worth the $60.  Even if you dont play anything over it has at least 250 hours of gameplay and if you get it for the PC you can get downloadible content to extend the hours even more.

Just Got Battlefield 2 Euro Force

I thoughth this would be a cool adition with the three new maps one new faction seven new weapons and 5 new vehicles, but it really isnt that great.  All of the levels are really vehicle oriented because they have like two tanks or so at every control point.  If you want to do well you have to play as anti-tank which really isnt my favorite.  Also nobody seems to ever get a score past 40 because you are just constantely getting killed by tanks.  The last problem is that the new faction (the Eruopean Union) never loses, all of the people on the server always try to get onto that team and it always win mainly do to its really cheap helicopter which is almost impossible to destroy without using anti-air rockets.  If you do like new maps and new stuff to look at you might like it though, its only 10 bucks after all.

Just got Battlefield 2 Special Forces

I just got battlefield 2 special forces.  I hadnt been playing battlefield much lately only over the summer but then i decided to buy this and it got me right back into it.  It definately worth the $30 it takes to buy it.

Just got The Lord of the Rings the Battle for Middle Earth 2.

I just go battle for middle earth two which is a really fun RTS game and i would highly recommend it to anyone.  I have played it quite a bit and it hardly has any problems at all (a few very minor bugs, that dont really impact the gameplay or anything or importance).  The only problem is that if you dont have a fiarly new computer and a pretty good video card it wont look good at all nor will it run very well.  But if you have a good computer like myself then there is no reason for you not to buy it and head online.

downloaded the Battle for Middle-Earth 2 Demo

I just downloaded the Battle for Middle-Earth 2 demo and its a lot of fun for a demo especially if you get it with the multiplayer part intact.  I have heard that a lot of poeple dont get the multiplayer part when they download the demo but i guese i got lucky becuae mine came with it.  My only problem with the game is that they improved the graphics so much that if you dont have a gaming computer with a really good videocard then it dosent look nearly as good as it could.  Still i have a fairly basic windows XP 2003 with a decent videocard.  But it dosent look incrediable good, dont get me wrong you should still buy the game its a lot of fun and still will look decent but if you can get a good graphics card at a good price it will definately pay off for you.

I Just Got Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I just got Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the PS2.  It is a really fun game, the only thing that is bad about it is that in splitscreen mode you cant ever have the cops involved which is bad because the cops (in my opinion) are the best part of the game.  Also the PS2 version does not support an online feature while the PC version does.