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I saw the movie Earth with my family. To be honest it was a pretty good movie.

Platinum Guide

It's $20 at gamestop, has 624 pages, includes a map of sinnoh and underground, and a sticker sheet

I recomend it if your really stuck on Platinum but I don't recomend it for people who don't like spoilers

Brawl review

I've decided to put my revews on a blog so I can get coments. I'm not saying you have to.

This is the best game ever! The characters are awesome! My personal fave is of course Kirby. There are even characters outside the Nintendo Universe! The Subspace Emissary has a great story. It is pretty fun, but not worth playing through again. My fave boss is probably Rayquaza. The stages are awesome. They have melee stages they even have this thing where you can make your own stage. My fave is spear pillar. The music in this game is just spectacular. The best is the Pokemon music. My fave is Team Galactic Battle. Classic Mode is pretty cool. especially when you get to battle Master Hand. The All stars trophies are really cool. All stars its self is really cool. Special Brawl is amazing there are thousands of combinatons. But the tourney is the best in the whole game. And the Wi-fi helps. So if you don't have a wii make it your first game on your shopping list. Make Brawl your second. Anyways, I give this game 100,000,000,000,000,000 stars. And that concludes Kirbyrox21's Brawl review.

Find this and more in my reviews section.

Back 2 Boring

Well I'm back at dumb ol' school:cry:. So I'l probobly be inactive alot..... again:( *sigh* Won't be playing Video Games that much either. :cry: But I'll get thhe person who invented school someday:twisted: