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New Crash Game!?

I was surfing the internet and I was looking through some search results when, what's this? A new Crash game slated for release this fall on ALL major platforms?! (This includes the PS3). The title? Crash: Invasion of the Bandicoot Snatchers!

If you could make a video game....

To make things interesting in this blog, I decided to start something new. In this topic, just make your imagination soar and think of a game you would make if you were in the developers' feet. An action-platformer, FPS, RPG, kart racer, you name it!I'll do itat least once a month.Here's an example:

Game Title: Daymon the Raven

Genre: 3D side-scroller

ESRB rating: E

Story: Dr. Rok McClaw; an evil feline scientist, is conducting a new experiment to make birds do his evil say, taking over the world. His first test subject: A wise-cracking, smart-alleck crow named Daymon, who knows a thing or two about pop-culture. Lucky for him, he escaped before any twisted experiments could be tested on him. However Rok McClaw's island is full of many dangers, and poor Daymon ain't sure if he can get off without your help...


*Run through 25 levels of classic side scrolling action. Stomp, peck or whip your foes with your abnormally large tail feathers to get past obstacles.

*Battle 4 big bosses and 5 mini-bosses as you help Daymon get back home in time for a nap.

*Witness some of the best looking next-gen graphics to date on any next-gen system; Background design, to the gorgeous FMVs, it'll blow you away!

*Use three different power-ups: Volcanoe sauce to burn enemies, an ice ray, and spring boots for extra height and distance!

So do something like that, just explain the story and title, rating, and (Optional)what systems it would be on.And at least two features that'll make your game stand out of the pack. (P.S: You don't have to do all of that, simply write a quick summary or just explain the story...)


It's time! The time of year in which all of those kick-ass games arrive on US shores. Raving Rabbids 2, Smash Brothers Brawl, Crash of the Titans is looking good, Halo 3, Naruto Rise of a Ninja, the first game developed in the US (Just about every Naruto game was made in Japan) looks great, Super Mario many titles to try and play, so little time!!! *sigh* There I'm done. My first month in High schoolhas come and gone (I'm a freshman) so I won't have much time to worry about all those games (However I do plan on renting Titans for PS2 to see if it lives up to my expectations...:P

2007...Best Year for video games?

Do you think 2007 is the best year for video games? We have a ton of sequels and newbies being released. There's the new  Smash Bros. Brawl, Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4. Fans of the orginal Raving Rabbids will be pleased to know that a sequel is in the works( Nintendo-Exclusive this time, sorry Sony and Microsoft owners). Fans who still love the orange marsupial Crash should know that new owners Radical Entertaiment are working on a new game featuring the fuzzy marsupial. And soon to be released in another month (Or even in a few weeks). Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 and a few other titles. Microsoft owners who are also big fans of Naruto will love a new Xbox or Xbox360 exclusive Naruto game set out to be released in October. Yeah that's all the games I know about thus far.




The Rabbids make their return once more on Wii and DS



The Orange Marsupial gets a new look and will appear in a new game this fall


Sorry if I couldn't find much other images of the games (But some of them you already know) You can surf the site for images and videos of these upcoming games.




Sonic News

A few things you should know about Sonic and co.

1) A new Sonic game featuring Mario called Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is being released for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Featuring...well olympic games. You'll be able to play as Sonic, Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and others, though it is not confirmed what other characters you can play as yet...

2) Sonic fans rejoice. Nintendo is contacting Sega to see if their spiny blue hedgehog will appear in the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Keep those fingers of yours crossed! If we're lucky, the blue blur will appear as a playable character( This isn't a joke guys, not like the April Fools joke to unlock Sonic and Tails in Smash Bros. Melee....)



Movies for 2007

Looks like 2007 is year of the movies based on a cartoon or comic book. We have TMNT, the Simpsons', Transformers, and let's not forget the most anticipated movie of 2007...Spider-Man 3!!!

Sonic Rush

I'm getting Sonic Rush for my second game on DS. Kirby Squeak Squad was the first, but it was too easy. you find Sonic's latest title a bit underappreciated? I mean, I think it looks pretty good, but when I saw that it got a 4.2 out of 10, I was shocked. Anyone who's played it....was it honestly that bad?

I've made my decision!

For Christmas, I'm getting a DS lite! I had to choose between PSP or the DS lite, and being a lover of Nintendo handhelds, I couldn't refuse. No offense, PSP owners, but I just didn't want the PSP for one many ports. I mean games out there on PSP for $50 you can get on PS2 for $20 even less. Hardly any new games out for PSP that aren't ports...

PS3...worth the money?

I just saw a news report today. I learned that the PS3 was being bought then sold on EBay for double the original price!( Those greedy little bastards!) Then I hear two people got shot for their money to buy the PS3. Are these people serious!?! Never have I heard so much chaos and greediness over one system! Plus people got injured by the rushing crowds for the system, and only 40,000 units were released.