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Long time since I blogged, nearly a year It seems, same'ol stuff happening, I do music at College, I have problems with girls, its just the usual crap that goes on in my life :P

Nout really to report in 11 months XD

Ummm... Well

I've not written a blog for ages, so here it is, my life has been okay in general recently, despite relationship troubles and now a new course at college where i am starting a Music course in performing.

Tis all i gotta say really, nout special

F1PU Crisis

As i write this the Formula One Passion Union is in the middle of its biggest crisis ever, the leader has been absent for many months, without notice, and many of the officers including have had enough, as our leader has made a recent comeback promising all sorts of new things, nothing has happened as of yet.

We are all very dissapointed in this, and we have asked for the concedeing of leadership, we have voiced our opinions very strongly and yet he does not take us seriously.

If anyone who reads this and is a F1PU memeber, i urge you to voice your opinion on this matter.

Lewis Hamilton

Hmmmm, What to say about this guy, his Agressive driving, his calm approach to driving and his abilty to ignore everything that goes on around him. to me that makes a driver more than a driver.

he is also claiming that, if things carry on the way they are going, there is no reason for him to fight for the title. well, i agree with him, Jacques Villneuve, tried in his first season with Williams in 1996 and fought with Damon Hill all the way to Japan, last race of the season.

In all cases, i believe Lewis has a realistic chance to do this.


Season over

I know season ended a month ago. but Still. It was a season to Remember. Fernando Alonso Scoring a 2nd world title in sucession. and Michael Schumacher Retiring. I wonder what 2007 holds :?

Wrapped Up?

With Michael Schumacher failing to finish this morning japanese Grand prix, Fernando alonso wins the Japanese Grand prix, by doing this, he now has a 10pt lead in the drivers title, he only needs 1pt to seal the title in his name.
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