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5k Posts and some CES thoughts.

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I am so surprised I got to 5,000 posts on Gamespot. Post counts just seem to fly upwards.

My thoughts on Consumer Electronics Show. First off I wish I was there, its like Disney Land to me. It's been awhile since I've been and miss it a lot, not to mention Las Vegas. I watched the Gamespot live feed last night and some of the items made me drool. Even though I got a Sharp LCD TV, I want that Gamer's Edition. It looks great. I really liked those Curved Monitors for driving games. The guitar that works for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band seems like a great idea. Some things are decent but worth mentioning are the wireless nun chucks for the wii and the rumble controller for PS3. I wonder what they will unveil today.

Currently Playing

Forza Motorsport 2 (X360): Getting close to finishing the game. Need to just accumulate the required cash to buy all the cars and do the online part.

Call Of Duty 4 (PS3): Finish Single Player (not the hardest setting yet)

Level 37 on Online Multi-player. I just can't seem to find a match instantly. I have to wait like 5 to 10 minutes to find one.

Simpsons (PS3): Finished 2nd Episode. The comments are funny.

Pokemon Diamond (NDS): 9 Hours in and found 24 of those little guys. This game could use speech

Star Wars Renegade Squadron (PSP): I hate the non animated cut scenes. But it's a worthwhile upgrade from previous versions.

1st Game and 1st DVD of 2008

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The honor gets to go to my Wii. 1st game has to be a good game right? So I chose Super Mario Galaxy. 1st DVD I chose was stars the lovely Milla Jojovich in Resident Evil Extinction.

My 1st thoughts on Super Mario Galaxy. I was thinking how much more can they add to previous versions of Super Mario? What surprises can they add that would make it interesting? The initial few moments were slow and a bit of cut scenes to set the tone were decent but nothing spectacular. But once I started going after the stars it got a lot more fun and enjoyable. The controls are not only easy to mange but fun to do the moves. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was so into the game I was happy but I didn't realize the time and had to stop because I had to run out and do a couple of errands. I really have to set aside some quality alone time with this game.

A few notes on a couple of other games I've played this weekend.

Call of Duty 4 on both X360 and PS3. For some reason I am still having a hard time getting into rooms with other people. I wait long periods of time in the lobby with only my name posted. I wish they fix this problem soon.

Pokemon Diamond on DS. Why is this game so addictive to me. I played over 5 hours now and so into leveling my pokemons. My best one is only level 20 and I am hooked on it.

Dance Dance Revolution for Wii. On Saturday night it was Wii night again at my friends place. Seems like the females were doing better and better the more alcohol they consumed. They guys after awhile just sat back and watched.

2007 FInal Roundup

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2007 Year Roundup

Important Personal Dates and/or Milestones

January 28 : Purchased Sony Playstation 2 black slim. My 1st console (not portable) in over 10 Years.

July 28 : Purchased an Onyx Nintendo DS Lite

August 7: Reached Level 20 On Gamespot.

September 27 : Purchased Playstation 3 80GB version. Spent the following weekend with very little sleep playing with it.

November 21: Purchased Microsoft Xbox 360. To be honest it was to for the live part. I started like multiplayer shooter games a lot this year.

November 27: Reached my 2007 goal of having 1000 DVDs

November 28: Completed my triple crown of nextgen gaming by purchasing the Wii

December 1: Purchased a Gold Version of the Nintendo DS Lite with Link Silkscreen.

December 21: Purchased White Sony PSP Slim with Darth Vader silkscreen.

December 22: Finally after months drooling at Best Buy, I got my 46" Sharp Aquos LCD

DVD Purchased :

Please Look at my picks of 2007

194 (Surprisingly down from 2006 where I got 244)

3 Box Sets (Down from 8 in 2006)

26 TV Sets (Up from 23 in 2006)

7 UMD Movies (0 in 2006)

5 Blu Ray (0 in 2006)


Please Look at my picks of 2007

136 PC Games (0 in 2006) Was playing an online game for 4+ Years. Was so hooked that I didn't play PC or any other Console Games.

70 PSP Games (7 in 2006)

The other systems I got this year so its 0 for all of them in 2006

10 Playstation 3

19 Xbox 360

20 Nintendo DS

9 Nintendo Wii

Best Of 2007 DVD

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Only from the DVD's I have purchased this year.

Best Movie: Departed

Best Animated: Ratatouille

Best Action: Live Free Or Die Hard

Best Suspense: Mind Hunters

Best Drama: Departed

Pure Eye Candy: Transformers

Most Disappointing: Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 At World End

Gaming Awards 2007

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Yearly Awards (From my collection only)


PC: World In Conflict

Xbox 360: Call Of Duty 4

Playstation 2: God Of War II

Playstation 3: Assassin's Creed

PSP : Jeanne D'Arc

Nintendo DS : Phantom Hourglass

Wii: : Mario Party 8


Action: Call Of Duty 4

Adventure: Assassin's Creed

Driving: Forza Motorsport 2

Arcade Driving: Motorstorm

Strategy: World In Conflict

Multiplayer: Call Of Duty 4 on Xbox Live

Role Playing : Jeanne D'arc

Over Hyped: Burnout Dominator

Under Hyped: Jeanne D'arc

Misc Categories

Game most played. Rogue Galaxy on PS2

Game barely used: Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire on ps3

Game still wrapped: Virtua Tennis 3 on PSP. Only when I finish #1

Game that annoys everyone else but the person playing: WTF! On PSP

Game with most annoying music. Platinum Sudoku on DS

New Years Eve Party and Boxing Sales Week.

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Here is pics of my last purchases of 2007. What a great year it was for gaming and for me as a gamer.

EBgames did a few good deals and surprisingly they were in stock.

got my 1st ever Pokemon game. Didnt realize it was a TBS type game. Might get the others now.

My New Years Eve

It started out slow and long. Dinner was at 8:00 at Italian Restaurant a friend choose. The service was decent. The food was OK, i've had better but what can you expect from staff that looked like they didnt want to be there. As Al Pacinosaid inScent Of A Woman. "The Alochol is flowing like mud around here" I wanted more drinks but the waitress didnt comearound enough so I didnt drink alot. That wasnt the worst part. The "live" entertainment consisted of a couple that sang reading off a laptop the lyrics.They sounded like rejects from both Wedding Singer and any Idol type show.

I was so happy we left the restaurant and hit the bar/club lounge. It was only a few minutes away so we got there 1 hour before midnight. Bypassed the line becuase we had VIP tickets. I was so delighted my friend wasa barmaid at the main bar. We didnt have to wait long for drinks. In the 1st 30 minuted we already had about 6-8 rounds of drinks or shots. By midnight I lost count. My barmiad friend was giving shot after shot after midnight. I had a great time. Dunno what time I got home.

I woke up the next morning with no headache :) I guess I was still wired.

Boxing Week Sales (or Lack Of)

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When shopping this so called Box Week Sales I've noticed that there wasn't much of a sale at all. Sure there was the occasional deal to be had but you had to have been shopping when the stores first opened on December 26 or you had to settle with what they had left. The best deal I had was HDMI cables for ½ the price. Other than that it was a matter of saving a dollar or two now. For some reason I was irritated at the line ups at EB Games and Best Buy. I would have to have waited awhile to save few dollars in most cases. One of the purchases I did make was for the PSP. It wasn't even on sale but it was the 1st I've seen of it in the last month so I bought it. It was Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops. I decided against buying the Plus because I didn't like what Konami did to have multi player on it.

Speaking of PSPs. I regretfully announce the semi retirement of my PSP-1000. I will not sell it and it will only serve as a backup to my white PSP-2000 (or PSP Slim). It had served me well; in the brief one year period I had it brought me plenty of amusement and joy. Last year PSP brought me back into non PC gaming and I am thankful of that.

What I played today:

Call Of Duty 4 on PS3. Multiplayer is a blast. I am only level 23 but it loads of fun. I find myself getting better and better ever match. I might write a review before I finish the single player campaign.

Wii Play: Ping Pong is so addictive.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots. Even though I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, I can appreciate what it takes to go 16-0 in football. See you in Arizona at the Super Bowl.

Less than 48 hours till New Years.

Stuff Underneath The Tree

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Here is a quick blog my brother wanted me to post so he can start playing with some of my gifts. No pictures of the clothes and other non gaming/entertainment gifts.

Not going to say which is my favorite or least favorite gift, just incase the person who gave me the gift reads this.

More impressions on the PSP Slim: I wish there was a patch or something that makes it full screen on TV output. But then again its an added feature not the main reason to have a PSP.

4 Days till New Year Cant wait. Party Time!!!!!!!!!

Was It a Merry Christmas or a so so one?

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I have to say I am happy Christmas has passed. I don't think I can eat anymore. Wherever I went there was lots of great food being served. I hope everyone ate as well as I did. I hope you had a safe and wonderful time with friends and family.

Now 11 days still left on my vacation, I started playing a couple of the games I've be amassing.

Here is a couple of 1st impressions :

PSP Slim: I needed a few minutes to adjust but the controls get easy after awhile. The fast load times are great and the TV out is amazing.

Star Wars Renegade Squadron (PSP): Slightly better than its predecessors. Full review forth coming.

Wii Play (wii) : very additive.

Ghost Squad (wii) : hard to be accurate while shooting.

Link Crossbow Training (wii) : Interesting spin with use of the Zapper. Glorified Duck Hunt.

After one week of trying to setup my wii internet connection I gave up a few days ago. For fun I tried to connect and to my surprise it worked on the same setting I had last week. Add me to mii if you like.

I bought this steering wheel on Sunday while Christmas shopping. I'll let you guys know how well it works with Forza 2. And when I saw the Transformers Gift I knew I had to have it. :)

Final Words

Bring On Boxing Day.