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Weekly Completion List 02/27/08

Bunout Paradise (X360) Working on the Online Sections

Puzzle Quest (PSP)

Call Of Duty 4 (PS3)

Forza Motorsports 2 (X360)

Working On

Pokemon Diamond (DS) 4 Badges and 87 Pokemon collected. 6 Pokemon over Level 40

Jeanne D'Arc (PSP) Chapter 2 level 24 for Jeanne. Up 5 levels.

Assassin's Creed (PS3) On 6th Assassin Mission. DNP this week

World Championship Poker 2007 (X360) DNP this week

Guitar Hero III (X360 & PS3) 9 songs passed on med. DNP this week

Total XBL points: 2830 (Up 85 Points)

DVDs Televison Series Progress.

Reviews on each episode on after watching each episdoe.

Sopranos Season 1 Episode 5

Space Above And Beyond Season 1 Episode 12

Battlestar Galactica Season One Episode 1

Have a great week gaming Everyone

Guess Where I Have Been

My digital gave me headaches so I don't have my weekend pictures :(

So I decided to make a game of it

Here are three sports teams logos and jerseys located in the three places I visited this weekend.

I am Back.

Sorry I had a business trip to do. I will try to post the pics of where I have been also I'll try to catch up on reading all your blogs as soon as I can.

Burnout Paradise Review

I figured completing a game is good as time as any to review it.

My review

One of the longest reviews I've done. I usually try to keep it brief and with no spoilers but this is a racing game not too many surprises.

More videos of me driving the streets of Paradise City soon.


Level 26 and Forza Tournament

Woohoo another level. This level I am hoping that I dont have to level twice.
Also I advanced in the Tournament due to the fact half of the people who signed up didnt show up. I was really looking forward to racing.
Short blog as I actually have stuff for work to do at home :(

Weekly Completion List 02/20/08 And Burnout Paradise

Its Wednesday and its that time again. Finished one game but getting closer to a few others.


Bunout Paradise (X360) All Single player stuff done. Review will be ready by the weekend :)

Puzzle Quest (PSP)

Call Of Duty 4 (PS3)

Forza Motorsports 2 (X360)

Working On

Pokemon Diamond (DS) 4 Badges and 87 Pokemon collected. Leveling a few to 40 before I continue.

Jeanne D'Arc (PSP) Chapter 2 level 18 for Jeanne

Assassin's Creed (PS3) On 6th Assassin Mission.

World Championship Poker 2007 (X360) Finally finished one casino , four more to go

Guitar Hero III (X360) 9 songs passed on med.

Total XBL points: 2745 (up 420 for the week)

More discounted games

Some more new Games I bought becuase they were on sale

Xbox 360

Lego Star Wars II

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Double Agent


Virtua Fighter 5

Burnout Paradise Update

I am surprised that I am already at 93%

I am enjoying this game immensely.

Here are other few stats.

73/75 Cars Owned

393/400 Smashes

120/120 Billboards

50/50 Super Jumps

110/120 Events Completed

Only have 30 roads ruled L

Question : Do you feel you completed a game when you did everything but the online tasks? Or do you count the online stats as part of the completion?

Guitar Hero III and other Stuff

Seems like more games are needing this. I bought this for Burnout Paradise. Take me down and you'll see something very good :)

Xbox 360 Games

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

Hitman: Blood Money

Tomb Raider: Legend



Devil May Cry 4

PSP Game

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

I repurchaed Guitar Hero III for Xbox360 becuase I sold my other wired one to get a wireless one.

I also got the PS3 version becuase a co-worker been asking to play with me/against me.

Here is a good question Gum or Mints?

I prefer mints.

1st 360 recordings

a few Burnout Paradise vids




please let me know the quality