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one more dragon

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i kicked the water and wind cryesse draons butt's all thats left is the fire dragon the rockagon and to find requim in tales of graces f but man evan a leavel 83 the three dragons and rockagon can oneshot me i maen yaa the rockagons like lv 112 or more but still i beat the last boss in the main story at lv 50 yhe seendary sory linges and lagacys i cant realy get into anless i fell like ive goten as good as i can

and whats with fradrick if he's this powerful how he get coght by some lv 5 weaklings in the start of the game he cant one shot me but his atack speed let him takeout at least one of my party before long

new union

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well im thinking of makeing a unoin devoted to bandinamco and xseed but i dont want anther failure so once it starts i wll step down but first i need a good idea of who wants to make this union so it can start

i miss being able to go online

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wean ever i felt like my net i down still so i go on wean i can now it is super lame im out of the loop on handreads of things i like

games koncor dosent recamend plying

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lets say i have been playing alot of games i once had high hopes for or thoght looked fun

in the top spot i wish it was never made is x-blades it offened my evey second i played it i never thoght a worse game than dmc 2 would end up in my group of games

second dmc 2 it made me sick to play the 1st and 3rd wear fun but it felt like dmc died in part 2

thired rage it had a huge hump of bordem at first in fact it only realy stated geting fun near the end but the last misson sucked and the ending left a bad taest in my moth

no ofance if you liked thesase 3 games but it made me want to die

sigh alone

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most of the pepole who i talked to wean i joined gs are gone my 2 favort uinons are prety much dead

why am i here still not sure

its not like i wana quit gs i mean i thoght about it but i really dont want to

again i am not grit miles

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i gave the acont to a frind hes finaly geting a pc so be nice and remaber its not me and if talk to the acont its not me dfifting into madness

is this the end

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most likely

im going to stop bloging not that anyone is going to read this

so later

(or at leasat till i want to do this once more)