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It's always worth a second chance

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Soo there are plenty of games that we have tried for 10 minutes and thought "Don't like it" then it's banged back on the shelf where it gathers dust or gets traded in. I've done it and and most of you will have done it. Now how many of you have ever went back to a game and had a second go and thought "Wow this is actually better than i originally thought" then you continue to play for a few hours and get really drawn into the game? Which turns out to be 10 times better than you assumed it was.

Well this recently happened to me regarding Enslaved Odyssey to the west. I had previously played it about 3 months ago and only got onto chapter 2 before i Declared to myself "I'm not enjoying this". I can't remember why , maybe i was playing other games that was more appealing to me at the time. Anyway i gave it another go this week and actually played it properly for a few hours, i loved it! I just found it a lot more fun and exciting compared to the first time round. So the moral of the story is that you should always give everything a second chance despite first impressions.

what games have won you over after giving them the "Second Chance " Treatment? :)