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Im Back!

ya im not suspended anymore!

i got suspended for talking about downloading CS2 photoshop

so im bck now

wats up evryone


Okay the price for the Adobe Photoshop CS2 v.9.0 is Expensive

soooo i went on ebay and still exoensive

someone told me i can download the software

anyone know where u can download for free?

plz help

the making of a union(plz read)

hello, every1..okay this is the deal, i've been looking really foward to making a union..but im going to need support. I think i have the potential to be a great leader thnx to my friend juliaryder. She has her own union which she just started a couple of days ago.. Its really kewl u should check it out..heres the link

the name of the union is The United Gamers Universe Union.. so hurry and check it out. okay back on subject. heres wat i think

 Union Type:RPG's and Platforms

Union Features:, latest news, help threads, hot topics, fun threads, request threads

Officers Needed: 2 PC Games Experts, 2 RPG Experts, 2 FPS Experts, 2 Platformers Experts, 2 Designers

This is what is needed at first. Are any of you interested? Do you think this sounds good? Does this interest you at all? Do any of you think that I would make a good Union Leader?

Please let me know everybody. I truly want to give everyone some place fun and special place to chat and talk about some of the hottest games. I would like your honest feedback, and thanks.

thnx juliaryder.:)

NEW- Avatar, Banner, Blog, And Sig, special thnx to (fa,x,ottsell)

1.  New Avatar- wat do u think of it ? i love it. Phenomanol work done by Finalalchemist. its the BEST FA:D

2. New Banner-wat do u think of it.? i mean who doesn't like 5 soras in 1 picture. Excellent work done by x_factor. its perfect. Keep up the great work x:)

3. New Blog - Wat do u think? Its Kick A**. All of Soras best forms!:P ITs Perfect,the best! Excellent work done by ottsell. its wat i dreamed of!

4. New Sig- Wat do u think? *drool* I fantisize it. *wipe mouth* I absolutly love it. I ...Worship :D Phenomanol and creative work done by ottsell...keep up the excellent work.

ok everyone im so speechless for al the help..

keep up the GREAT work!!!!!:lol:

cloud vs. sephiroth

i f u had to choose who would u think would win.

i know how good sephiroth is ...but if i had to choose i would picl cloud..just because hes mysterious

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