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Can't wait until my exams finish !

I really cannot wait until iv'e finishedmy exams in June. I havent playednew games for so long and need to catch up. Once here over i'm going to get:

Assassain's Creed 2, Borderlands, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Crackdown, Crackdown 2. Batman Arkham Asyulm, Resident Evil 5, Metro 2033, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Red Dead Redemption.

Then i'll have finally caught up. I know there's old games there but i either did'nt have the cash then or the time.

Can't wait ! ! ! ! ! !

Rage Against the Machine

Everyone please buy 'Killing in the name' by Rage Against the Machine, to stop x-factor getting to number on this Christmas. You can buy it from Itunes, Amazon, and many others, lets get a real band in to the top spot!

New Xbox

That was amazing, i love E3! In Fall Microsoft are completly changing the xbox dashboard and its so cool + there are so many brilliant games being realised . Xbox 4 Life :)

E3 is here

E3 is here and i'm staying up to watch it. There is going to be some great stuff anounced. I hope Bungie realises something!

Battlfield Bad Company

Battlefield Bad Company is so good, i've been playing the demo non-stop and i've pre-ordered it. Can't wait for it to come out i think it's almost better than Call of Duty 4!

Indiana Jones movie

Iv'e just come back from seeing the new Indiana Jones movie (the kingdom of the crystal skull), it was preety good, probably the best Indy movie so far.

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