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Who was watching the FFXIII Live Stream?

So I guess there was a leak of the Final Fantasy XIII demo today and some guy got a hold of it and has been playing it. I don't know if it'll still be up by the time you read this, but I'll post the link just in case:

I've been sleeping of this game because I expected it to be a let-down, but after watching this I'm extremely impressed. The graphics, and just the whole atmosphere looks amazing The music is epic, and the gameplay itself looks like it's pretty simple, but to me that's a good thing. They should make it fun, but not so complex that it's hard to get used to.

I'll keep my eye out for more on this game now that this live stream has got me interested.

2009 NBA Awards

ESPN released their awards ealier, and you can see themhere. I've decided to come up with my own award winners:

Rookie of the Year:

Derrick Rose

Most Improved:

Nate Robinson

6th Man:

Jason Terry

Coach of the Year:

Mike Brown

Defensive Player of the Year:*

Ron Artest


LeBron James

* I really hate this award. It seems like they always give this award to the popular player who gets the most rebounds, blocks, steals, and even sometimes points are factored in. They don't care about how well the player plays off the ball, or about things he does that don't have stats.

22222 (c)

22222.jpg picture by ldsmithson

I didn't even know I was close to this, but I looked over and noticed my post count was at 22222 so I took a screenshot real quick. Enjoy...

2 Bobbleheads, 23 hacked terminals to go

I started playing Fallout 3 once again to try working towards that Platinum, and I now only need 2 bobbleheads (Small Guns and Endurance) and 23 hacked terminals before I get my first ever Platinum trophy.

I traveled many places and got 3 more bobbleheads today: Luck, Repair, and Science. It took a while to get a few of these, especially the one where I had to go through the Dunwich building. Finding bobbleheads is a lot easier now though, because with the laptop I can just search for guides on the bobbleheads.

I've been putting off hacking the terminals for a while now, because for one it's pretty boring, and the other thing is that for some reason I have a really hard time finding terminals to hack. My highest character at 41 hours has only 27 terminals hacked. I may have to start a new save with that character and turn evil and hack every terminal in Megaton, Rivet City, and Tennpenny that I can find.

So that's it. I'm getting very close to having my first Platinum. It shouldn't be too difficult, as long as everything goes as planned.

And the streak continues

Ever since getting this new computer I have been posting a lot. This may not sound like much to a lot of the most active GS users, but I've gone 4 straight days with over 100 posts. I didn't think I'd get it today, but I posted a lot in the Cafe Lounge's OT thread, and before I knew it I had over 100 posts on the day. I doubt I'll still have this going tomorrow.

Now listening to...

I've been listening to a lot of the Last.FM radios, and a few albums/mixtapes I don't mention in this blog, but here's a few pictures of three mixtapes I'm currently listening to.

Top 25 List almost complete

From earlier blog:

A New Challenger Appears...Top 25 Updates

"I offered to help keep the Top 25 Updates updated, and Fastesttruck has challenged me to make an entirely new list: Top 25 Membership Unions. This is a list of the Top 25 Unions with the most members. You can play a part in helping get the list started by naming some unions you think could possibly make the list. Hopefully it will be complete in a day or so."


After doing quite a bit of research I have compiled a list of the Top 25 Union Memberships. I still need to make some refinements, like adding links, and since I'm tired after looking up all of those unions I'm going to take a break. You can expect the update to be posted by around 5:00 P.M. CT tomorrow.

NBA Rumor Central 4/13/09

Will Nash Remain with Phoenix?

"I still want to make it work in Phoenix," Steve Nash said.

For the first time since returning in 2004, Nash's place with the Suns is no sure thing. He will be entering the final year of his contract, a $13,125,000 team option with about $8 million in guaranteed money. General Manager Steve Kerr told Nash during the season that he wants to talk about a contract extension after the season.

Even that does not guarantee Nash's future with the Suns. After missing the playoffs, Nash could decline an extension if he is unhappy with the offer or the off-season plan. He wants to play four more seasons.

"My first priority is to sit down and listen to Steve and (Suns Managing Partner) Robert (Sarver) and hear what their wish is and what their plan is for the team," Nash said. "I can be a part of us revamping here.

"I'm under the impression they want to talk an extension, and I do, too. Hopefully we can find ourselves in a position where we can revamp and be back in the playoffs and hopefully be a contender. Hopefully I'll be a part of the plan."

Ariza to play for Domican Republic?

Trevor Ariza is considering applying to switch his sports citizenship so he can play for the Dominican Republic at the Americas World Championship Qualifying Tournament in Mexico from Aug. 19 to 30.

Since his grandfather is a native of the Dominican Republic, Ariza said Milwaukee's Charlie Villanueva and Sacramento's Francisco Garcia have been lobbying for him to join the team.

"They've been on me for three or four years now," Ariza said. "I'm thinking about it."

VC still wants to play for Nets

Vince Carter knows what's coming, to an extent. He knows this summer will be filled with talk of his contract being moved. There will be theories floated about how he could be the final piece for any number of teams. Carter pretty much will relive the days leading up to the trading deadline.

And he hopes it has the same result: that he stays a Net.

"Absolutely," Carter said. "Like I said, I'd love to finish what we started. I think we've built some good things together."

Bost won't talk 2010

With free agency looming in 2010, does Chris Bosh want to be here? And if he has decided against remaining in Toronto, will he let Bryan Colangelo know that this summer?

"Oh, y'all are trying to starting to get something started now," Bosh said after the game when he was asked about his intentions. "My employer right now is who it is. If rumours get started, I can't get involved. I just know that right now, this is who I work for. This is who I play for.

"I've been doing the same thing that I've done since I've been here. Day one, since I signed my contract, since I signed my rookie deal, that's how I go about it: as a Raptor." -- National Post

Bosh will sit down with GM Bryan Colangelo at the end of the season as will all the Raptors. He said last night he's not prepared to indicate what his intentions are after the 2009-10 season.

"I'm not indicating anything,' Bosh said. "It will be routine stuff. We will go over the season, assess the season. See how we can get better, see how I can get better."

But rest assured the time will come this off-season that Colangelo will come to Bosh looking for some form of commitment beyond 2010. Only then will the Raptors GM be able to proceed with a sound off-season strategy.

Jackson: There Will Be Change

As far as Golden State's captain has been told, not everyone will be back when the team reconvenes next season.

"There will be change, things will be shifted," Stephen Jackson said this past week, "but I think the core will be here. I think as a team and an organization, we know the steps that we have to take to correct a lot of these wrongs that we had this season."

Jackson said that between Monta Ellis starting at the point, C.J. Watson as a backup, Anthony Randolph being nurtured as a point forward, and Jackson himself handling at times, Golden State has the pieces to run its offense.

What it lacks is an impact starter. "A lot of places, we have everything we need, but with the role of Corey Maggette as a sixth man, I think we're missing one more guy in the starting lineup who can take that pressure off of me and Monta at times," Jackson said.


A New Challenger Appears...Top 25 Updates

I offered to help keep the Top 25 Updates updated, and Fastesttruck has challenged me to make an entirely new list: Top 25 Membership Unions. This is a list of the Top 25 Unions with the most members. You can play a part in helping get the list started by naming some unions you think could possibly make the list. Hopefully it will be complete in a day or so.