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Basically did the mission and grabbed the Dawnguard before exploring the room and was teleported out back to the statue. I went back through to go back into the room I wanted to explore but it was locked and when I went to activate the pedistol nothing happened. Is this a glitch or am I not getting back in there since I get killed Malkoran? 

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Basically bought a used game from an online auction the other day and finally got it, when I looked at the disc it has a couple small little nicks around the outside, only on that little outer ring, not on the inner part. I tried it out and played fine for the 20 minutes I tried it I was just wondering if it will be able to play all the way through. Normally I would just return it but it is a very hard to find game and I got a great deal on it. Here is a link to one of the nicks, there like 3 that all look like this.

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I have been trying to farm legendaries since the game has been out and so far I have not been able to get anything too amazing. I am currently trying to beat Pete the invincible solo with my commando but can't kill him fast enough. I have a couple decent weapons/mods for trade if anyone wants, if anyone is able to pop in my game and maybe unload some stuff you would be my personal hero, not to mention if you ever need help with a raid boss I got you 

I have the following Legendaries;

Bulets go fasterifed slagga 3108x3 damage 115mag
Social Conference Call Slag 5382x5 damage
Crammed Unkempt Harold 15578 damage 26 mag
Win-Win Logan's Gun 7888 damage
Jam Packed Gunerang 9340 damage 43 mag
Puissant Pyrophobia 170529 damage 
Sledge's Shotgun 5013x12 damage 12 mag
Doc's Striker 6823x7
Acuminous Hellfire 4394 damage 31 mag
The Bee 38114 amp damage
Slayer of Terramorphous Commando mod
Sticky Homing Bonus Package 63284x10 damage with 10 children 

Let me know if you need anymore information.

GT: Rambinho5

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I just picked up a brand new Star Wars limited edition Xbox 360 and when I transfered all of my data from my old xbox I booted it up and tried playing a round of Call of Duty and noticed that I was having connection problems every 20 seconds or so, it was real bad. I didnt notice anyone else having similar issues and assumed it might have been the server. I went to test out netflix and I can't even get past the title scree, it seems the wi-fi on this one is really weak. I thought it was supposed to be faster than the wireless adapter one I had on my old xbox. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Just beat the game for the second time and I was looking forward to playing through again as a level 50. Is that possible?

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I have been playing and my character is a pretty high level but my buddy wants to play and I wanted to start another character. Can you do that without erasing your current playthrough?

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I was on my way to the go through the Foundry dungeon last night and I had to save and quit (right after speaking with the construct and being told Karn was going to accompany me through the dungeon). I come back to my save later and Karn is gone. He is not on my map, at the beginning of the bridge to the foundry or in the foundry. After ready the guide its clear I need him to complete the quest. Anyone know any fixes? I don't want to have to start over, I think I was about 8 hours in. 

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I just bought the GOTY edition and installed the content from disc 2 and was wondering if someone who had the original game could just use my disc to install the DLC? Anyone tried this?

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If you killed her before you got the quest you cannot complete it. I had the same issue and after reading some forums people had the same issue andfor some reason the quest will not progress any further. You can attempt it again on the second playthrough and this time do not kill the friendly cyclops :-)

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The drake respawns every few days, i think it is 3 or 4. The Griffin needs to be killed quickly. Use fire and attack the head. I am not sure if he retreats to the bluemoon tower everytime or if it is just during that quest.