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EA's monopoly (Rant 2)

On the eve of the Madden release I cannot but help to remember the game that was NFL 2k. I enjoyed that game very much and am still wondering what could have been. Ever since EA bought the exclusive rights to the NFL I have been concerned for a few reasons. First I am worried about what this will do for the NFL franchise in video games. Second what this will do for the future of video games. 
I feel that last years Madden 07 for the 360 was a sub par game that still did well sales wise because it is the only game being offered from the NFL. It hasn't been fun since they took over the at the helm of the 360. I feel that without competition they can create a game that doesn't meet the standards of the gaming community. Competition brings out the best in most of us, it lets us know that we are not the best and that we need to constantly improve. 
As for the future of video games, I am concerned that since EA bought the rights to the NFL that any company can come along and buy the rights to a genre of games. I know that EA has the Nascar liscence and no access to the MLB one. I don't want one of a specific game, I want choices and I want to decide which is better. End Rant      


Resident Evil 5 Racism (Laughs)

I for one am fed up hearing about how racist this game is. Like most of you I read the news about this game and all of the negative blogs that have been posted about how racist this game is and how "We really can't afford this kind of step back. We need to find ways to humanize Africans, not dehumanize them" or how "That could be a parallel to Africa's ongoing AIDS and HIV crisis". How can any reasonable person read so much into a game. No one cared when white zombies were being killed, no one said anything about when Spainish people got their dose either. Understand that this a game whose whole premise has been killing zombies of all colors, genders and age for the last 10 years. I am sick of minorities whinning about everything. You can't kill black zombies in AFRICA (where a majority of its population is indeed black), yet for the last 8 games the majority of the zombies were white. If i went around occusing Capcom about being racist to white people I would have been laughed at. This needs to stop, I am at a point where I don't care about people's color, I live my life and don't get hung up on petty crap.