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New job at GAME

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Howdy doody gamers. It's been hella time since I last posted in here. I've been super busy with work and university. I recently got a new job... a supervisor position at GAME in Birmingham Selfridges. The discount is immense and the people are amazing. We have spent the last week testing out DJ Hero, I LOOVE IT.

I've already started to abuse my 30% discount, I've purchased Tekken 6 and Borderlands. As well as getting free Modern Warfare 2 T-shirts and Tekken 6 move set cards we also get free Krispy Kreme donuts YUMMMMMY!

Little Kings Story

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So, i just got this game today. I haven't played much of it yet, but from the few hours I have played, I can say that this game is wonderful. Its such a pretty and charming experience, and really makes the Wii shine. This is definitely the game Wii owners have been waiting for.

Update soon.

Resident Evil 5 - My First Impressions

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So, I got the game today through a pre order I placed like a zillion years ago with GAME.

I've managed to play the first four sub chapters, and I can honestly say that this game is SPLENDID!!!

I was a little worried after the demo, and while some of the controls do seemed to have aged a little, the graphics, gameplay and story are immense. Sheva adds to the game greatly and does not completely detract from the tension.

I agree that the game is a little more action orientated than its predecessor, but this is no problem, as it all comes together nicely. This is the first game in a long long time that has captivated me in this way and made me look forward to continue playing.

Sheva kicks major ass, I'm struggling on veteran though, I'm such a n00b


Beneath The Ashes. Lara Isn't Cheap!

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So, I bought this about 2 hours ago, literally the second it arrived on the XBL market place. I can honestly say, that while enjoyable, it is not worth the 800 point price tag. Its a nice reason to play TRU again, but with another release following early March, costing the same... it makes me think they are milking it a little. In the time between downloading it and writing this blog I have successfully completed the extra mission with most of the hidden secrets!

Oh well... I should have bought Braid!

Good Ol' Fashioned TV

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I've been a bit lazy as of late, and spent a lot of my time watching tv shows on DVD. It made me realise how much I miss the tv from my childhood. I never really classed myself as a sci fi fan, but looking through my collection (and my faves) there is deffintely a strong correlation. Is it just me or is TV not as good these days?

The shows I've been watching are

Buffy (Oh How I Adore Thee)




X Files


Jonathan Creek

Family guy (series 3 and earlier)

The Simpsons (series 10 and earlier)

Sex & The City (ok, maybe not so old)

Futurama (original 4 series)

Absolutely Fabulous

Theres plenty of others I would watch if I had them on dvd... I miss shows like these.

Im having major problems with Street Fighter IV

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Ok, so Im not the best gamer in the world, but I would never consider myself an amateur. Maybe I am at a disadvantage having never played a Street Fighter game properly before... but I am really really bad at this, like easiest setting and loosing on stage 3 bad. Im also finding it hard to wrap my head around all these super powered versions of other moves which can be stopped halfway through to be turned into a counter and then something else and so on...

any tips from anyone?

Marilyn Manson: The High End of Low [UPDATED]

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It has been announced that we should expect the new album by May.

Im extremley excited, a big fany anyway, this was always going to be on my list, but it also marks his reunion with Twiggy Ramirez, who has not played with the band since 2001, a time when their music was better. So heres hoping that this can be a return to form. It has been said that this is the heaviest music he has ever created, so original fans of Antichrist Superstar should feel right at home.



The new album title has been confirmed to be "The High End of Low", which is more mature than a lot of Mansons previous titles. The first single, I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies is having its video shot this month, and is apparently 9 minutes long =]

Resident Evil 5.

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I've spent a good hour or so blasting through this demo, and I have to say my reactions are mixed.

Visually the game is stunning, It dropkicks and then stomps on any other game for the 360 right now, no joke I think you will be hard struck to find any game that beats this! The audio is also darn good, typically resi right down to the eerie man saying "Resident Evil 5" at the start menu. The controls are another issue entirely. Resident Evil 4 redefined the control scheme for the better and allowed this game to be much more action packed while still being atmospheric, and had it remained that way this might be ok. The problem is, since the release of that game things have changed, and so has Reseident Evil. The recent semi update of 4 on the Wii implemented an even tighter control scheme, one which, im affraid, if you have tested will affect your opinions on this... because to me this now feels like a step back. The lack of being able to move whilst aiming makes things even harder, and while it adds to the tension sometimes, others it proves frustrating and rather unrealistic if you think about it. Its saving grace is Shiva and with her the online play. Even on the demo it is a blast and having a useful companion around makes the game feel a little more exciting. We have yet to see if her inclusion makes it less scary or not.