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KC is going to Japan

Dreams come true.

Yeah. I still want to dream with belief.

KC has applied for a scholarship to study music creation (midi, game/soundtrack music) in Japan since 2007.

KC tried for the scholarship twice. Failed the first time, succeeded at the second. And so, KC is going to Japan in April to make her dream come true.

This is exactly the reason why KC quitted GS and resigned from the unions (my dear beloved FFFU).

On this quest to fulfil a dream, KC has also spent less time on games, and KC is trying very hard to get back into games. However, before all else, KC will study in Japan with all concentration and effort.

KC wants to be successful. KC believes she will succeed.

There was a time when I couldn't live without GS... but bye now...

And here comes the time for me to leave GS...

I would say it's for absolutely personal reasons that i do not wish to disclose here.

The most painful decision i had to make was regarding the Final Fantasy Fans Union. I still remember the day i asked for charter officers to start the union, the day it was formed, the people that made it happen, and the union it is today.

FFFU aside, the worse part is having to say goodbye to all the friends here. Sure, now, we can all keep in contact with Facebook, MSN, Yahoo or other means, but the part that i'll be missing is the posting in forums with everyone.

Apparently, i've been irresponsible with all the unions i'm involved with. The Square Enix Experience, The Breathing Effigy and of course the FFFU. I sincerely apologize for my abrupt resignation from my leadership duties and would like to express my sincerest thanks to all the officers involved in these unions for your great understanding.

Dear friends... This is probably goodbye from KC here. I won't be active on the forums, except i'll still be here to check games out, and post some blogs with regards to my gaming life. :) I've managed to keep in contact with a lot of friends here via other means.

As such, if you wish to keep in contact with me, and still like to talk with me, and visit my personal blogs (Blogger, mixi) , please just send me a PM. I'll appreciate it, thanks alot. I regularly (if not daily :o ) use Google Talk, Skype, Facebook, mixi, and MSN.

Keep in touch folks!

Games Convention Asia 2008 - boring~ ?

Ok, it's nothing as big as E3 or TGS, and probably because of its small scale, i managed to try out games i wanted to without having to queue up a long time.

I didn't actually have the intention to go to that exhibition, but it was held at the same building as the HospiMedica, so i just dropped by after visiting the medical convention.

I tried out one mini game in Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party , and it was really really 'FUNny' (funny and fun) . My arse could have been too large, it was hard to balance my ski in that game. I hope i can get a Raving Rabbid soft toy... it's so awesomely adorable!! Now, i just wanna get a Wii. But i know my priority still lies with Advent Children Complete and the PS3.

Tried to play Devil May Cry 4 on the 360, but i got stuck somewhere in a chapel like thing, maybe because there was this photographer that wouldn't stop taking pictures of me playing DMC4, i felt so uneasy.

Some games i already own and played, but i just wanted to play them at the convention. Games like Trauma Center 2 and Guitar Hero III. I failed abyssmally at GH3, at Hard Mode. Ok, it's not because i'm THAT lousy, i had no problem at home. But it's simply because the demo stage for Rock Band was just behind me while i was trying to strain my ears to listen to GH3's audio. And also partly i'm totally distracted at how amazing Rock Band is...

Either ways, i didn't manage to get too many freebies (the exhibitors are totally stingy!!), just some trash posters and post-it. I wanted that giant Panda Hammer, but i couldn't be bothered to find out the answer to the stage quiz. So, i went home with a few more enriching gaming experiences and a few photos with some mascots and Wall-E. :D

A note from my previous blog
To friends who are still tracking this profile of mine as my blog:

I've created a new blog on Blogger. If i hadn't informed you via email or PM, please drop me a note, i'll give you a link. :D

I'll be updating all 3 blogs regularly, can either add a link to my new blog or just leave it as it is. But if you wanna know EVERYTHING about me... I'll give you access to my new blogs lol.

HanaDan !

HANa Yori DANgo : Final

Hanadan = Hana Yori Dango... I swear i was banging my head when Mai enlightened the fact that it was actually the abbreviation for "Hana Yori Dango". But SERIOUSLY! Japanese people abbreviate words faaaaaaaar tooooo much! *snarls at Mai* Ok, if they do it to English words... but they're doing it to their own language even! Can't believe it...

Actually, whatever i'm gonna say next has got nothing to do with the movie... :roll:

Anyway, apparently, got a new face too, if you GS hoggers hadn't noticed... I just wanted to write a new post after seeing's new face. CNET is working hard to update its pages, i should work hard in updating my blog too! :D hahaha~

In any case, if this blog post doesn't display properly, blame it on There's no text editor, i'm purely using HTML. But it's not that difficult to write a blog in HTML, is it? (OK!! certainly doesn't want to publish this blog... i'm now doing it via .. seems like the old faces are more stable than the new faces... And with the nice same-old-conventional text editor too. )

Hanadan: Final was a nice movie overall, especially for fans of Hanadan like me! :D (pssst...Hanazawa Rui!! Kakkoii!) Caught the movie with one of my colleagues and my ever-so-incorrigible cousins who couldn't stop teasing my height....

To friends who are still tracking this profile of mine as my blog:
I've created a new blog on Blogger. If i hadn't informed you via email or PM, please drop me a note, i'll give you a link. :D

I'll be updating all 3 blogs regularly, can either add a link to my new blog or just leave it as it is. But if you wanna know EVERYTHING about me... I'll give you access to my new blogs lol.


My Longest Months...

One life, one family, one future, one chance.

Jan 2007 : Started preparation for MEXT scholarship application

May 2007 : Applied for MEXT scholarship

July 2007 : Took and passed MEXT scholarship exams

Mid-July 2007 : Application rejected due to documentation faults

Aug 2007: MEXT opens up policies regarding foreign students

April 2008 : Graduates from SP with Diploma in Bioelectronics

June 2008 : Applied for MEXT scholarships

7 - 11 Aug 2008 : Took and passed MEXT Scholarships exams and college entrance exams

14 Aug 2008 : Interview by embassy officials

19 Aug 2008 : Official recommendation made to MEXT for secondary screening process in Tokyo

At present: Still waiting for approval/rejection notice from MEXT. *Keeping fingers crossed, but expecting the worst*

Just a little timeline... insert overwhelming emotions, insert unnecessary worries, insert pacing back-and-forth, insert family rejection, insert family support, insert friends' kindness, insert unrelenting studying time, insert everything else not stated in the timeline... you get my depressed little past 30 days.

:) I'm no longer too stunned or depressed to do anything... i'm looking forward no matter what happens. :)

YAY! I'm just looking forward to Mooncake festival now, too. :P

Even more confused than ever...

Ho ho ho~

I was crumbling alone, i didn't want to let anyone know about how i was feeling. I managed to open up to Quistis (Symon), but i still couldn't tell her my full story. I couldn't open up to anyone at all. I tried to look alright, at home, at work, everywhere.

NOT that i dont' have any friends or anything, i'm not anti-social lol. Just that, i realize i couldn't talk to anyone about it. After near to a month of pacing back and forth, i finally had an answer to all my own questions.

I made a decision, and that decision will remain made.

I thought i was confused enough when i wasn't able to keep myself organized for the past month. But now, i am actually more confused than ever, even after making a decision.

And it just strike myself, i am still unable to tell anyone about things, yet... *sighs*

The unions i'm currently involved in, i'm absolutely very very sorry for being a selfish prick and didn't participate as actively. But I will work on the double now, for all the unions i'm an officer in.

I'll be honest, the unions i'm currently involved in are not 100% strong yet, and things just keep happening. Officers leaving, lack of activity, etc. All these seem to be common problems for all unions. But when i lump all the troubles together, it's going to be quite a headache. I am not sure if i can pull it off. But i'm hoping all the officers i know will all stand together, and we'll overcome anything.

A big sorry to all my friends. And a big thank you to my friends for bearing my self-centered actions. :) *kisses*

I'm back.

Just fell from the Mi'ihen Highroad down to the Old Road...

Just how i feel...

Ironic how i can relate my real life to a game... Anyway, this is how i'm feeling now.

I know i've actually abandoned my post and neglected some unions and other internet activities.
(I actually haven't switched on my computer for the past 5 days)

But it's because of personal matters i don't wish to talk about. I'm sorry i had been gone, and i will still be, until i straighten out my life (or my thinking) again.

I'm still trying to fix things at my end, and am trying to keep focused ahead. Fix? Hmm.. i dont' think it can be fixed. I think i just have to change my thinking...

I just hope I can get over it soon. I want to go back to my old self too, on that point. I don't like how i'm behaving now either. I want to get back to post on GS again and i want to... just... return.

Not that i'm busy with something else, in fact, i don't even know what i'm doing. I spent the whole of my yesterday crouching in my bed thinking of what i'm supposed to do. I could have spent those time gaming or something, ya? hmm... What on EARTH am i doing? uuuuhhh...

haha~ I just laughed :P lol... It could be a good sign.

GHOSTS!! (caps)

My principle is "Stay away from them.."

It's the time of the year again, it's the 7th Lunar Month, it's the Hungry Ghost Festival starting this Friday (1st August).

A few things make this year's festival a little different.

Recently, i've stupidly engaged myself in a horror game by Square Enix (Nanashi no Geemu, "774" in short). 774 is not THAT scary... but I am a scaredy cat. So... yeah, dumb as i am, i've even stopped playing it for now, after i got caught by this stupid ghost in a book store (in the game).

Also, my parents are apparently obsessed with this Hong Kong variety show which interviews all sorts of people with horror experiences. And they're always watching that show in my presence, i WANT to ignore the show, BUT the TV volume is just so friggin loud!! *ugh*

Most of all, i now work in a hospital! Fun eh?! No. I think my hospital's going to hold some praying ceremony/session some time soon. To pray for the spirits' blessings? Or to protect ourselves from these spirits... hahaha~ Either way, the hospital is considered a "dirty" place for us superstitious beings. I think i have to watch what i do too. There are A LOT of do's and don'ts. I just have to be more "careful" than ever, i guess. The most common caution i got is to avoid coming in "close proximity" with the newly dead. But it's not like it's something i can avoid so easily. It's like a ... daily thing... for me that i get to see the newly-dead being transported to the mortuary.

Well... i should really take Symon's advice of tying my talisman around my neck. Just in case.

Ugh... just seems like i'm more afraid than previous years LOL :lol: hahaha~


FFXIII is still exclusive on the PS3...

For me... that is... :roll:


Ok, i've considered getting a PS3 because of FFXIII and MGS, but Infinite Undiscovery and other games were the stumbling blocks that made me decide i must get both the ps3 and the xbox 360.

And then WHAM! Msoft says FFXIII will also go on the 360!! YAY! For a moment, i swayed to buy a 360 immediately, what with the price drop and everything... but then, i checked my RSS feed from Square Enix. It says "FFXIII Official Site Opens". And i happily went to check out that site, oh sure there was a nice trailer there too... I saw something there... in font size 8. Then i finished the trailer and large bold words say:

" 対応機種 日本 PLAYSTATION 3 "
For PlayStation 3 ONLY in Japan

I say... Great... JUST great... Things remain the same for me... NOTHING ever changes! No way can i wait for a NA version of FFXIII. EVERYONE knows i always get the first release first hand, that's a definite answer for every single Final Fantasy game in my life. Unless SE decides on a worldwide release of FFXIII for the ps3 and the 360, which i highly doubt so, i would still have to get a ps3 for this fantastic game.

So much for a PS3 port for the 360... that's something unheard of yet... but SE is making it happen, eh?

(Insert 4-letter word) !! PISSED !

ugh... But I still love my job.

Am so totally pissed towards the end of my work day today. Some end-user just decided not to do something simply because "it" (i say it, because i refuse to think of them as respectable human beings) is unable to trust another department/section of the corporation.

And for some reason, me being totally greenhorn on this job and the ignoranceof things that i am supposed to and not supposed to do, "it" decided to lodge a complaint directly to my boss!

Of course, i wasn't in the wrong, nor was "it", and my boss didn't scold me or anything, just kindly advised me like how a mentor should do to a new girl at a new job. In fact, nobody was in the wrong.

I'm just FREAKING PISSED OFF at how someone can't trust someone else working in the same corporation to let them do things the RIGHT way. "It" is just being paranoid! And then, with me trying to reassure that "it" CAN trust "its" own coporation's colleagues, "it" takes it as something like "I didn't respect their wishes by doing what they want".

But hey, i'm going to take it as a real adult and will still do what "it" wants, after all, it is part of my job to make "it" happy. I respect my boss as well, and will do what he says which literally translates to "some people are like that... but our job is just to keep 'em happy! Good luck!"

But then, i SWEAR i won't let "it" get the better of me if "it" decides to do anything that belittles my pride or dignity as a human or a TRUSTED employee of the corporation. For "it", i am still not obliged to take "it" as a respectable being of the human species.

(just want to scream now, but i don't want to take my bad mood from work back to my home and family. AHHHHH!!! So i screamed here. Sorry for the rant. :cry: )