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What there will be played the next few weeks

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So me and my girl frind just finished Halo 3 ODST and it took a bit, since there where one thing we couldn't finde :) stupid us..

So next in line is Halo 3 to be completed I'm looking forward to this since The ODST wasn't that good, it didn't keep around like Reach did and we will return to the online part together as soon as we've completet Halo 3, hope it won't take long.

This is what there will happen on the xbox360.

On the PC I'm slowly moving through F1 2010 a 7 years contract, started at Virgin racers. Grerat game I realy like it, playing full lenght weekend with wheel and pedal from Logitech/MOMO and it works just great, Beside of that I'm playing the single part of COD BO, looks like the best game in this series, can't see it's missing anything.

Oh, I almosdt forgot, Fallout 3 GOTY Edition, a great game too and I have spent a few hours on already.

But I'm not using that much time on the PC.. but in the start of the new year I hope to, cuz I'll bee upgrading the last few things in it, that is, HDD, blue-ray, some new cooler for the CPU and RAM and a PSU and moving on to a 64bit w7 Home Premium edition and some other smal stuff, just to make it look right :D

fifa 2011 (pc/x360)

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Why is it when I play the Demo on xbox360, feels like I'm playing another game, the gameplay is so different from pc both versions looks great, but the xbox360 win on the cut scenes, on pc it's just the same over and over, so bored watching on the demo I've seen alot more different.

Do they make a pc version and a consol? or is it just bad converted?

But I like the xbox360 version so I might get that also.

Fifa 2011

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This time I didn't follow the game or anything, so I didn't know what to expect but at first site it looks great and it works great, the animations of the batle for the ball is great watching, but I still hate that your team is so damn stupid time and time again a ball is passed right in front of them and they don't take it, just let it pass for the other team.

But I belive that EA is on the right path again with the FIFA games and I will be playing this gamemany times and working my way in the manager campaign mode, I really never been a fan of "be a pro"

I'll start in abig Danish Team and then work my way to thebigger teams outside of Denmark.

Halo : Reach

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Finally, Last night I got my girlfriend to play HALO : REACH with me :D

I haven't played the campaign that much be myself, but now the CO-OP is started, I like the game a lot, the last HALO I played was the first on PC :D

I have tried to get a hang on the fast going online part and I'm getting it now, little by little. I'm more a MWF2 guy and that type with a more slow movement, were I sneak around the corner, aim and kill.

This is more like jump, jump, jump around, spree and kill:D I find it a bit hard and I use a lot of bullets to kill one guy, some times I'm a little lucky and get the nice kill, like when I through a grenade and it hit the guy in the head and he died just from the impact, after that it blow. I had a smile on my face.

All in all, right now I'm just having fun with it, both online and in CO-OP with my girl :D

Play nice out there.

Formula 1

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Now there's not long before a new F1 game hits the stores and I'm looking forward for this one the last great F1 game I remember is GP4 and did I play that alot, yse I did, driving a full weekend race, with practice and a full lenght race.

I do hope this is as good or better and that I can use my wheel and pedal from logitech as well.

the only problem I had with GP3 was, it from time to time crashed and I never found out why.

Mafia 2

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Just got it with the mail yesterday, and I can't wait to play it.

I loved the first game and from what I've heard and seen from the demo and so on, it looks great.

I run a benchmark with it all on and on max I couldn't run it at all :) that damn apex physx, I turned only that off and it played well, I couldn't see the damn different :)

but I might come with a review when I'm done.

Play nice.

fifa 10

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so the FIFA 10 is on it's way... I'm looking forward for this one, it looks great and they might made the best soccer game ever and listened to the gamer..

but lets see, they allways say some thing and when we play it it's something els.

Guitar Hero : WT

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so...... hmmm.... GH WT is here and cost around 1600 DK I have to finde a way to get this money, I love the GH games, is there someone out there who has it and can give some feedback on the game, how it is and does it work well...

fifa 09

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I just got the FIFA 09, and played 1 match, when I'm in the middle of the 2th match, the game crashes, I'm playing in the Danish league, it looks like I have to wait for a update to play the game or try another league.

hit by a drumstick

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So the Rock band has hit my x360, I just had to have it, so I did, and I will be having GH4.

Rock band is so nice playing, the singing, druming and guitaring, it's wird tho ther's no "click" when you strum the guitar, tha's a part to get used to, but the drums works nicely and there's allot of houres in this game, maybe years, if you don't know anything about druming then that can take awhile to learn.

there's some of the best song in this game "Enter Sandman" by Metallica so nice to song.

but I will returne to the game now, so stay rockin' and have fun out there

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