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5 Kills. One Round. :O

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Oh yes people.

Highrise. Team Deathmatch. A Barrett .50cal With FMJ and Blue Tiger Camo. One cross map shot at the very bginning of a game and.... "Your Predator Missile is ready for deployment" :O Cue lots and lots of girlish screaming as I realised that I had got FIVE OUT OF THE SIX MEMBERS OF THE ENEMY TEAM IN ONE ROUND. There is no way to write down the feelings I had that moment. I went to to be on the winning team with 37-6 and a streak of 27. The Predator got one, then I shot a guy, then the harriers got me to 13 then the AC to 23 then I ran around, quick scoping with the beauty of Slieght of Hand Pro until I dies on 27.

Unbelievable, I was frankly gobsmacked. It'll never happen again, and it was a fluke as it is, but by christ, what a fluke!

Modern Warfare 2 Online.... WOW

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Need I say any more? In the entire blog?

Seriously, I feel so sorry for any other game that I might have liked that came out at a similar time, as I wont be playing anything but this until March. Or April. Or whenever it is that Gran Turismo 5 FINALLY comes out. Can't wait for that one :D

But back to the present. I am now rank 49 online, but I have prestiged once, so that has took some time. I loved Call of Duty 4, but my total playtime on that was about 6 days I think. I have already hit 3 days online with this one and I have had it just over a month now. That doesnt sound like a lot, but for me that is a vast amount.

Everything about it online is simply mind boggling, and I dont care if any of you think otherwise, because to me, it is perfect. The only thing there to ruin it for me is my (still) abysmal internet, which has still not been upgraded -.- Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoy playing this true masterpiece of a game, and for £26 I frankly cannot believe it!

Apart from Will, who is mentally impared (jokes ;)), is anyone out there bored of it yet? I have just started sniping a lot more again (it was practically all I did on CoD4) and I love the Intervention. I'm hoping to get 500 kills with it before I prestige again so I get the title with it, and out of that 500 hopefully a meagre 40 will be with bullet penetration with FMJ, which seems to be blind luck. I have had it equiped on the Inty for ages and I only have 10 with it so far *sigh*.

I love the ACR, I love the M4A1 and I really love the M16A4, which, to be perfectly honest, is a smidge over powered. But that still makes it as an incredibly effective weapon, groups of people simply fall as you wipe them out with the control of a 3-burst fire rate simply owns.

The M21, although I don't have it at the moment, is also a great weapon. Its a sniper rifle, for the people that don't know, but it has no recoil at all, so even if you miss the first shot, you've got another 11 to kill your target.

I could go on and on and on, as I have already done a little too much already, but suffice to say MW2 is the reason it's been ages since I last blogged. I fully intend to prestige all the way to 10, and I predict that I'll have about 14-15 days playtime by the time I hit prestige 10, at which point I will endeavour to do as many challenges as I can.

Thanks for reading folks ;)

Modern Warfare 2 - The Verdict

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Campaign? Mezmerising.
Special Ops? An amazingly good addition.
Online Competitive multiplayer? Abysmal.

I am, of course, joking. Infinity Ward really has given the two fingered salute to Treyarch, all the time while patting them on the back and whispering "THIS is how you make a Call of Duty game." The graphics are incredibly good, I couldn't believe the difference when I flicked CoD4 back in for a comparison. Its mainly the subtle things, as CoD4 was a good looker too. The audio is ten fold better. Better voiceovers. Better guns. Better explosions. The story accelerates to full speed and then stays there 'till the end, and all the better for it in my opinion. Every mission of the campaign is a complete blast, and it is a testament to Infinty Ward that the only thing I can pick out against the game after (ahem..) 18 and a half hours of total gameplay (averages more than 4 hours a day since I got it. Woops!) is the fact that unless you go over a jump, the snomobiles kinda waterplane along the ice, no movement at all. But they still handled well, and while I'm writing that I cant even remember if it made much of a difference.

The thing is, I thought Call of Duty 3 was a good game. I thought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was an excellent game. I thought Call of Duty: World at War was better than 3, but not on the same level as 4. But Modern Warfare 2 simply blows them all out of the water. With an amazing storyline (which if you havn't finished and care deeply about every slight thing, (there will be no major spoilers here) I would suggest not reading the bit under "Campaign"), MW2 just keeps on giving, and the fact Gamespot gave it a 9 is, again in my opinion, ludicrous. I dont think I have ever played a game that has this much variety of things to do. Co-op modes? Tick. 23 different and challenging Special Ops missions. Online multiplayer? You better believe it. It's better than CoD4, and THAT is saying something quite tremendous.


Once again, as is the theme with CoD games, you play as a trio of different people throughout the campaign. Private Allen, a US Army Ranger, is told to try out "The Pit". This is like the training section of MW1 when you are told to go around the mock up of a boat and destroy targets. I must say, I think I prefer the pit. Although simpler in layout, there are a lot more targets, and with civillians in the mix to, its a lot more challenging. With a trophy/achievement available for completing it in under 30 seconds (my current best is 32.4), its also a challenging little blighter. Once you have done this with Allen, General Shepard assigns you to a very important task. I won't say what it is, or what happens, but if you google "Modern Warfare 2 Controversy" you'll find out soon enough!

Then we have Roach. He is the first person you control within the lucrative Task Force 141, an elite group of soldiers from around the world, led by our old friend Soap, or as he is now known, Captain MacTavish.

Next up is the Army Ranger you play as after Allen buggers off to 141, Rameirez. You and Sergeant Foley along with Corporal Dunn is certainly a great trio, and the Rangers get up to some of the most entertaining "chatter" on the game.

Last but not least is a cameo appearance as having Mr. MacTavish back as a playable character.

The story itself takes place in a variety of stunningly beautiful locales, my personal favourite of which being the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. With seemingly every hut open and useable as cover or a path up through the hillside town, on veteran mode this is an extremely challenging, but intensly rewarding pair of levels. Siberia too plays host to some amazing stuff, and Afganistan. Actually, I may as well sit here and name every location, as they are all absolutely stunning and fantastic to play.

My personal view on the now infamous airport mission is kinda torn. On one side it gives the game the edgy feel that any 18 rated, FPS should, but on the ohter it is inviting you to mow down civilians... I'm absolutely certain that the majority of comments will be about people not caring and killing as many as they could, and that is all well and good. People and opinions differ. I do not think it was deserved of all the hoo-har that it got in the press. At the end of the day, you have been able to mercilessly kill civilians in lots of games, GTA being the main culpret, the only difference here is that you are invited to do it to people who are fleeing, while you play as part of a terrorist organisation and there are a LOT of people. By the end of the massacre your character seems to be walking a few inches higher as your "team" trudges across the swathes of dead or dying bodies. I suppose that is quite a difference...

There is a fantastic twist nearing the end of the story, and I don't think many will have been expecting it. The last 2 missions are simply incredible, as you and he-who-shall-not-be-named-for-IMMENSE-spoiler-reasons storm an entire base by yourselves on what you had both thought would be a suicide mission. After promptly wiping out the base, then next missions is just as incredible, as you are in an inflatable dingy chasing, err, "someone" down a river, while avoiding gunfire from helicopters and being overturned by rapids. I am running out of superlatives and fast here.

I don't really want to discuss the campaign much more here for fear of ruining it for someone, no doubt a few weeks down the line more of this will come to light to everyone. The last point I will make is the fact that the difficulty is very well balanced. Regular is harder than it was before, Hardened is still a stern challenge, but, my most "Phew!" moment was realising that Veteran is no longer simply every enemy infantry lobbing 3 frags at you at a time, forcing you out of cover so they kill you. They certainly still use their grenades, and effectively too, but not to the frankly ridiculous extent of MW1, and WaW was just a joke.

Special Ops

Special Ops was clearly a brainstorming flash of genius in the Infinity Ward offices in the early development. I can imagine much back slapping, hi-fiveing and "Hooah"ing going on that day! Although, on the face of it, a simple idea, it is simply executed so perfectly, as we have come to expect with IW, that it perfectly complements the Campaign and the Multiplayer.

The 23 different missions, all available in two player co-op, both on and offline, are taken from the settings of the MW1 and MW2 campaigns. Chernobyl from "All Ghillied Up" in MW1 is there, with a brilliant take on it and the best bit, short of blowing Zakaev's head off.Some of them are really cleverly thought out too, with a few seeing one player on the ground and the other in the skies, either as the gunner on a Black Hawk using an M-134 Minigun or, even more pleasingly, the return of the AC-130, bombing the living shoite out of the ground supporting your partner down below. All of the missions that I have played are pleasing and fun to do, and offer a lot of challenge when you decide to plump for the Veteran option.

I am very, very happy with the inclusion of this, and I would take Spec Ops over no Spec Ops with a fully co-op campaign any day of the week. It works better than trying to put two people into a campaign that was so fantastically designed for one person.

Last, but definitely not least...

After the good fun campaign, it was the online component of MW1 that people played. And played. And played. Incredibly, I highly doubt that on loading up your CoD4 disc you would be unable to get into a game, and I can 100% see the exact same thing happening with MW2.

Combining all the things that were incredible about the online of MW1 (that'll be everything then) and adding literally hundreds more challenges through at least 10 for every weapon, MW2's online will have people playing well into 2011, and yes I meant to put "11" not 10. I seriously think that Treyarchs efforts are simply games to fill the void between the next uber-game that IW continues to pump out at a simply mind boggling 2 year turnaround.

Despite the online having a few issues with servers and whatnot on PS3 in its very early days after release, now its up and running, it really is up and running. With 16 maps (correct me if that figure is wrong. Its either 14, 16 or 18!) and all of them beauts, it looks set to keep my attention for an awful long time. At present, I have made the decision in my mind to not actually prestige, but to focus on doing EVERY weapon challenge and stay at rank 70. But I can't see that happening once I get bored of getting XP for no reason but scoreboards!

What more can I say. The online is incredible too. Which bit isn't? Well, I'm not the biggest fan of the twirly activison logo, they've had that a while, I think it's due a change. Umm... that'll be it.

I'm looking forawrd to hearing your opinions! Oh and sorry this took a while coming, I've been a bit busy (playing MW2 obviously :D).

Overall verdict? I'd say a not-too-shabby 11/10.

Modern Warfare 2 in 3 days, and I have a dilema...

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Hi all,

First off, I'd like to say welcome back to Will, or ODST-Helljumper as he is now known. Having been banned quite a while back he is now well and truly back on the ye olde radare, but for how long no one knows :/

Now, onwards with the dilema.

Seeing as MW2 is being priced with an RRP of a frankly ludicrous £55 (about $90 US equivalent), I can barely afford to purchase it. However, I have a £10 voucher for GAME from Will still kept safe in my wallet, so maybe is GAME price it in store the same as online (£45 as opposed to £55) then I can get it with no fuss.

The catch is that GAME are offering people to trade in CoD4: MW to get half price off of MW2, which is very tempting, especially if the game is indeed £55 at launch.

What is everyone's opinions on this? I'd rather not get rid of CoD4 if I could so avoid it, but if these things have to be done, then... :/


Regards, Matt

Birthday on Friday + I'm back!

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Ok, to start with, I've put the title in the wrong way around, but I'll keep it for now ;)

Well, its been quitea few months! And I've also seemed to be off school awaiting exam results for twice as long. I hope I do well in these, without some good results I wont get into the next level of education (but I pretty much know I've got there really.. ;))

I hope everyone is a-ok, I havn't "spoke" with you all in ages and I hope all your families are well :)

Now, my birthday! I'm excited about this more than last year because (hopefully) I'm getting some Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 4's, a.k.a. computer speakers for my laptop :D

They are very high quality, and I'm looking forwards to pumping out some choons with them! :P I'm hoping to add a separate Bose subwoofer for some extra "oomph" if they are not that bassy.

Anyway, a bit of catching up in short then i guess.

I visited some realtives in Canada over the summer, which has to have been one of my all time favourite holidays, it was magic meeting my two older cousins again, and we had such a laugh, including a drunken poker escapde in which I won in my first ever game of poker, netting $40 Canadian!

All sorts has happened basically, and there are 3 games squarely, completely glueded onto my radar:

a) Gran Turismo 5
b) Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2
c) God of War III

I hope all you guys see this, and thanksfor reading as always, Matt

Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel + KZ2 Map pack + MS: PR + GCSE's very close

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As you might well have guessed from the title, this is going to be a busy blog. Settle down, folks...

First off, my new piece of awesome-ness :D

This is my Logitech Driving Force GT, a PS3 (and particularly Gran Turismo) compatible steering wheel. I had never used and Steering Wheel peripheral before "The Gadget Show Live" where I tried the big brother of this, the Logi' G25.

Well having got the wheel on Wednesday, I can safely say that it is absolutely awesome. Combines with the vehicle interior view of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, this wheel is just amazing. The thing that takes this wheel and the G25 apart from most other wheels is that they have Force Feedback. This is where, say for example, you go across some grass the wheel vibrates furiosly, and wheel powersliding it feels like the front wheels are fighting you when you opposite lock it and correct it our of the curve.

This is now the reason that my PS3 comment has changed to "I Can't Wait for GT5!" because I reall, really can't. I own nearly all of the cars that Prologue has to offer now, so it is beginning to get a bit boring, hence two new purchases that I have actually paid for :P

The first piece of DLC for Killzone 2, one of my favourite games of all time, was always going to be a purchase option. There are two new online maps for the fairl extortionate price of near-enough £5. I do think they could give them away for about £3 because 5 is a tad steep, but nonetheless it was worth it in the end.

There was also an update for it, which provides new ranks. Oh yes. Seeeing as nearly everyone was a General, the highest atttainable rank, Guerilla Games have upped the amount of XP for the highest rank from 2800 to an incredible 100,000! This will surely take nigh-on forever, and only 87 people in the world currently have that rank. I like to think that one day I'll reach the heady height of that rank, and maybe I shall!

The maps, though are both great, and one of them is based on the Cruiser level of the Story mode, which I always personally thought would make a good map. So I shall be playing Killzone 2 more and more again soon, along with...

...that, which I bought brand new for the budget price of £20 (about... $32)! I was very happy with this because I was a big fan of the origional Motorstorm. Well, for me at least it has certainly delivered. It has the same great gameplay as the origional with Monster Trucks and elemental effects thrown in!

The graphics, if anything, have been improved, and after I have played it a bit more I will fully review it for anyone who fancies a read of that.

Yup, its exam time.

The GCSE's are some of the most important bit's or writing I'll do in my life, so naturally over the next week (which is all I've got until my first exam! A FEGGING WEEK!) games will be taking a backseat, along with eating, drinking and sleeping. I have some good grades already, such as an A in the table I made in Woodwork, alongwith an A for the accompanying folder, an A in English Language and an A* in my Geography coursework.

I'm really hoping to do OK in all my final exams, but I am beginning to feel the pressure, especially from my Brother's result page - at GCSE there were 8 A*'s, 2 A's and a B and then at A level he got 5 A's... Hmm...

Also, a sorry for all the blogs that I have missed in the past week or so and that I will be missing in the foreseeable month.

Hope you all enjoy the warm ish weather that'll be rolling in over the next through months!


I'm back from Barcalona + Report on The Gadget Show Live!

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Hi everyone, first off I hope that everyone is ok and enjoyed their Easter period (no, not that period...).

Part 1: The Holiday

Well, from Easter Sunday to Thursday I enjoyed myself thoroughly inBarcalona, the second largest City in Spain, and often mistake for the capital. The city is alive seemingly 24/7, and our Hotel, the Avenida Palace (seen here if you want a look: ) certainly made the stay all the better.

It was located on one of Barcalona's main boulevards, of which there are about 8. These massive, dead straight roads are tree-lined and simply huge, it was really nice to be so central. We were also on one of the cities most expensive streets by the looks of the shops we saw, with Gucci, Marlboro Cl@ssics, Levi's, Prada, Emporio Armani, Dolche and Gabana, I could go on - there were litterally hundreds of the overpriced buggers!

We took in some awesome sights while on the holiday as well. Park Guell, with all its Architecture done by a bloke called "Gaudi" who seemingly designs a lot of stuff in Barcalona. We also visited his most famous work - The Sagrada Familia - or "Holy Family" in english.

One of the tallest buildings in the entire city and still under construction despite Gaudi's death nearly a century ago, the Cathedral is so finely detailed that it isn't a suprise that it isn't going to be completed until(an estimated) 2022. You can take a lift up one of the spires as well to have an epic view over the city, which we took, despite most of us feeling a little odd to be so darn high.

The last thing I'll tell you about so as not to bore you is this:

That is, of course, the Nou Camp, or "Camp Now" as thelocals say it. Seating nearly 100,000 and with a Capacity of over 122,000 when standing room was still allowed, the Stadium is a truly epic piece of work. The size of it can't really be described until your there, so I'm not going to try and explain, Ill just leave that picture up there ;)

Part 2: The Gadget Show Live

The Gadget Show is a program on Channel 5 here in the UK which is all about technology and stuff! It's a really good program, with all the presenters matching up and gelling really well with one another and making a really good program that is very enjoyable to watch.

So, naturally, when I got a ticket to it, and so did my dad and my brother all from my tech-loving Uncle, I was very happy to slog all the way up to Birmingham to see it (no sarcasm, but it was a long drive...).

Well boy was it worth the drive. The main show was like an expo, with all sorts of comsumer stands with rows and rows of stuff to buy, it was so tempting at every corner! I really liked seeing the little dancing robot things, and some of the TV's had a simply incredible picture.

It was then that I noticed a stand that stood out to me. What with my new found obsession with Gran Turismo back in full swing, I noticed the "Vision Racer" stand. This family run business have made a matel frame with a racing bucket seat, and a logitech-built steering wheel/gearstick/foot pedals combo, along with a TV mounted right infront of your with a PS3 rigged up behind.

And they had a competition. The prizes were ran daily over the three-day event, and the overall fastest time won a different prize. The daily winner won this (,en) and the overall winner won this (,en). So even though it was the seats that the company made, you could still win either of the brilliant Logitech Driving wheels.

The person who sets the fastest time of that day wins the daily winner prize (see link) and the daily winner with the best time of everyone over the whole 3-day event won the overall winner prize, worth £270!

Now I like to think that I'm good at shooting games, and I'm not bad, but racing games - especially GT - are my real forte. I have never raced someone and lost at Gran Turismo, which says something. Anyway, seeing GT5 there I promtly queued up for my turn. I suppose the queue took about 20 minutes to get through. It was the Ferrari F1 2007 which I would be driving, a car that I have not yet unlocked on GT5, and I'd be using the wheel, which sadly I've never had the chance to use.

The best time of the day so far was 1:55.72. Not bad for 2 laps of the High Speed ring, and at that point I thought "Hmm. I don't think this'll go well." And it didn't go brilliantly, my first go was a 1:56.56, and then I realised that I could do this. Me and my brother are both avid GT fans, and we both kept queueing up, knowing that is one of us got the fastest time we'd have won it and it would be in out house. The next go my brother, Rob, did a 1:54.6, with me (racing alongside slightly after he started) hitting a 1:54.7. We'd done it, and if for the remaining 3 and a half hours of the show that stayed the same we'd have the daily prize.

Well, I didn't like that "3 and a half hours for someone to come along and beat you" bit, so I queued up twice more, the first was a 2:02 disaster but then - I did a 1:53.7! YES! I have the prize secured! Didn't I? I headed into the live how area where lots of very impressive stuff was done on stage by the team, and some clever competitions involving ringing a number before everyone else was there.

When we emerged from the stage it was 5pm, the time that the expo part closes, so we wern't allowed back in, but of course I'd "Left my wallet in the Vision Racer stand, please let me find it, all my money is in there *soppy eyes, sighing*". "Oh go on then - but be quick!" Step 1 complete! hey really keep security tight here :P

I arrived back at the stand and there two people left queueing, and one of them was a guy in a red-striped jumper who the people running the stand - who me and my brother were now quite friendly with -informed me that he keeps setting times very near to mine. I watched as he stepped into the seat and did a lapthat was eight-hundreths of a second slower than mine. It took a second, but then I realised, I'd actually WON!,en

That little baby should be here by Wednesday! I'll take some pictures of it when it arrives and try to put them up here, but if I can't figure that out then I'll tell you guys all about it.

Sorry that this has been so long, and good-bye!

I'm off on Holiday tomorrow!

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Hoo-ray! The 2 week period over easter has had its first week (nearly) and now roll on the second!

Me and my family are headed to Barcalona for 5 days, so that should be really fun. Whatsmore, I made a gaming purchase that is relavent to it!


This clever little thing cost me a mere £4, so I thought I just have to buy it. There is a guide in it which tells you good places to visit, and each attraction can be pinpointed with their "Interactive City Guide Map" which you use L to zoom out and R to zoom in, and the analogue stick to look around.

However the most important feature is the "Phrase Book", as that actually speaks the spanish for you! All you do is scroll through the menu - which must have well over 1000 phrases, seriously - and look for what you want it to say in english, then it converts it to spanish and plays it out of the speakers.

Sure, you'd feel like a bit of a spack walking up to a random Spaniard, shoving your PSP in their ear and hoping they can help, but for finding what you need and trying to say it yourself to them, I think its quite clever.

It is amazingly difficult to find an image of the map or even the menu's of this fairly unknown game, so sadly I can't.


The holiday itself starts at half past 3 tonight, as our flight is at 7 in the morning... *scrubs eyes in vague attempt to see*

We are going to fly from Stanstead Airport, which is nice as it is usually much less busy. Also, a flight to Spain from the UK, about 2 and a half hours, right? Well, I hope so, cba with a long flight...

My brother should be arriving back from Norwich soon and then we are off to Ipswich Town Football Club, not the best team in the world, but my dad's company has season tickets ina nice and plush room up there where you get a nice meal before the game and sit in the Directors box during it! Also, last time I went one of the other company owner's daughter went, called Sasha- completely clueless about football, but absolutely smokin' ;) Hopefully I'll be able to sit next to her again while distracting my brother with thoughts of his girlfriend lol. :P I think she's about a year older than me but she is large in all the right places and wears expensive silk low cut dresses... *starts imagining fuc..* ANYWAY Sorry about that...

So yeah after that I should be back by around 5 then I'll have some dinner and probably go on GT5: Prologue (for some reason I'm obsessed with it at the moment, I havn't played aything else all week and I absolutely CANNOT wait for GT5, hopefully with two ommisions, however - 1) No "Performance Point" system, its crap 2) None of them stupid penalties for putting half of one of your typres on the grass on the OUTSIDE and getting a 5 second no acceleration penalty, Polyphony - THEIR BOLLOCKS!) for a little while and then I'll go bed nice and early.

However going to bed nice and early will require me to be tired or else I won't sleep... How could I get tired during the day... Oh Sasha....... :lol:

Anyway, sorry that its a bit long (thats what she said :P) and I hope you had time to read it all,

See you all soon, and I hope all have a very Happy Easter! Hopefully she intends on making mine perfect :lol:

I'm back!

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Sorry about that guys, I got banned for a week for apparent "racism".

I called the Section 8 team "dirty b*stards", but apparently by using the word "dirty" I was saying that they were Black or Asian.

Whatever, I'm back now anyway, so sorry if I missed blogs, and sorry for not replying to your comments on my last blog. Also, I hope that you enjoyed my Review :)

See ya, Matt

My Killzone 2 MAMMOTH Review is up! Please Read, Rate & Comment!

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A big thank you to anyone already reading this :)

I've took blooy ages writing this one, far, far longer than with any other reviews I've written.

I'd just like to say as a prior warning to reading the review, make sure you've got a bit of time on your hands because its 3,700 words ish.

Apart from that, sit back, read and enjoy (+ agree if you too own the game :P)!

Thanks again; Matt.