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Need help creating a banner

Hi i really need help in creating a banner of my own with my name written on it. is there anyone who could do it for me coz i dont kno how to do it.

hi Guys

wow its been a long time i havent done a blog i was very busy with my school so npw its my summer vacation and i am busy with many games lol

1. dead space 2

2.yakuza 3


now i am confused which one to play first i just completed infamous so i dont need a game whose gameplay is same like infamous

fable 3 dissapointment

i was excited about this game and so i went out and bought it but now i feel like i am ripped off pretty bad lol. its filled with stupid bugs and i has thought of buying fallout new vegas but even thats filled with bugs lol all the games i had high expectations has turned me down. fingers crossed for black ops and ac brotherhood

Game expert medal wohoo!!

i cant beleive that i got this medal wow. but i really didnt understand the meaning of the medal properly lol can anyone explain in detail

guys i am sorry

my school has started so i wont have time to play xbox. i will only be able to play it on thursdays,and fridays. i kno it sucks

i am alive

hi guys i just bought halo reach and i feel alive coz before i was really getting bored of games and i really needed a good online so i guess i got one. but i am sad coz i didnt get the recon armor code maybe its coz i live in europe. so if any of u guys dont need that code it would be really kind enough if u could give it to me. i would trade it for a 4 day trial.

message to all my friends

life can be tough and u might get frustrated and crazy and u would just wanna kill yourself. but remember this for your whole life ----> There will be many obstacles and problems in your life and u cannot control the outcome of it. Dont lose hope everything that happens in your life is for a reason and keep moving forward for your goal!!

alan awake problem

hi guys i traded alan awake from an unknown guy and it has no scraches and works like a charm the problem is that i really require code to download the dlc the signal. if there is anyone who has a code and has not used it plez send me a message.

games i am playing

Well i have just finished palying nfs shift and i was satisfied with the game. even though it is boring doing all events and leveling up is pretty time consuming. now that i have finished the game i am now playing saboteur which is a very good game and i haven to say that its better than gta 4 coz the missions are all different and even though its not a perfect game but its really fun to play. maybe bu next week i might get some games to get busy till 14th for halo reach man i cant wait for halo reach lol

AND i am very excited about dead rising case zero and i might get it coz for 400 ms points its a steal offer

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