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DJ Boy

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I don't think I ever made a blog about my GS level. So here it is:

I'm level 38, DJ Boy.

I'm super awesome. Or "super toll" as the germans would say. :P


O yeah, I went to the Czech Republic for a nice little vacation. One week that I really needed.

Here some pics:

Here's me in Prague in the city park at the memorial to the victims of communism.


do I like like a tourist? Yeah, I kinda do..meh, whatever.


Beautifull city (right-click open it to get a better view).


Yeah, I'm not fooling anyone, I actually took a pic of that blond girl in the front with the green shirt.

Prague 4

Last one, more site-seeing.


So what else is new?

I've been working my butt off again..Today is my first free day in weeks.. 60 hour workweeks am a pain...:(

Well, I have more monies to spend, that's a plus.

Yeah, that's it for now. Nothing else needs to be said.